Eco Pacific | Cherish water resources and protect water ecology


The 2023 “World Water Day” and “China Water Week” are coming!


Water resources are an important basis for human life and the key to protecting the ecological environment and human health. China Pacific Insurance has always paid attention to the protection of water ecology, practicing the concept that green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains, giving full play to its professional advantages, and taking the responsibility of protecting the source of life to help realize the protection and sustainable use of water resources.

  “Worry-free water quality” makes life better

  On the insurance side,China Pacific Insurance has innovatively launched the “Water Quality Worry-Free” insurance project to provide environmental risk management services such as pre-warning and post-event compensation for the pain point of being unable to compensate for ecological and environmental losses caused by environmental pollution accidents. In recent years, the “Worry-free Water Quality” insurance has been launched in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other places. Participated in the water quality management of the Taipu River and created a new model of cross-border river and lake governance in the Yangtze River Delta; in January 2023, China Pacific Insurance signed the first green ecological environment rescue liability insurance in Jiangsu Province to solve the worries for the ecological construction and protection achievements of the Taihu Ecological Island; 2023 In February 2009, China Pacific Insurance issued Wuxi City’s first “Worry-Free Water Quality” insurance in the field of water ecology, providing insurance for the three rivers of Yuxiangbang, Zhongxiangbang and Xiawangbang. At the same time, China Pacific Insurance also regularly provides water quality testing reports issued by professional testing agencies to provide early warning. In addition, a river protection team for young employees of China Pacific Insurance was established to carry out regular voluntary patrols of the river to help the ecological protection of rivers and lakes.

  On the investment side,China Pacific Insurance issued a 3 billion yuan “Pacific-Guizhou Shuitou Jiayan Project Debt Investment Plan” to solve the water shortage problem in northwestern Guizhou; issued a debt investment plan for Hanjiang environmental resources infrastructure to protect the water environment of Xiangyang City; issued Henan Water Investment Luoyang Water Ecology Infrastructure debt investment plan to protect the water ecology of the Luo River.

  Afforestation of more than 2000 mu,Guard the Chinese Water Tower

Since 2020, China Pacific Insurance and its employees have donated a total of 33.3 million yuan to plant trees and afforestation on Deji Beach, Gonghe County, Qinghai Province, the east gateway of Sanjiangyuan National Park. Nearly 120,000 plants add a bright color “Taibao Green” to protect the Zhonghua Water Tower.

The thriving CPIC Sanjiangyuan Public Welfare Forest is becoming a forest of ecological development, enriching biodiversity. Seedlings of 16 varieties including Qinghai spruce, Hebei poplar, mountain apricot, and lilac took root in Deji Beach. Dozens of wild animals such as pheasants, tits, wild pigeons, magpies, doves, orioles, cuckoos and hares inhabit here, and the Zhonghua Water Tower is stronger and more abundant.

To support the dual-carbon goals, China Pacific Insurance will continue to explore new models of green finance, promote water resource protection and sustainable development, and jointly draw a beautiful blueprint for the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.


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