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During the Spring Festival, new high-end liquor products from China and Taiwan were unveiled.

During the Spring Festival, new high-end liquor products from China and Taiwan were unveiled.

Recently, the 110th National Spring Sugar and Wine Fair opened as scheduled. Chengdu, full of spring, ushered in a grand gathering of thousands of businessmen. Taking advantage of this “east wind”, Guotai Liquor Industry held three press conferences one after another. Not only did it launch the Guotai national standard wine of the new brewing year, but it also made a stunning debut of two new high-end wine products, which once again attracted widespread attention.

On March 15, the launch of Guotai Guobiao (brewed in 2019) and the third Guotai Guobiao Real Vintage Wine Tasting Festival were successfully held. 31 cities across the country jointly witnessed the release of new members of the Guotai Guobiao wine family. new. On the same day, the Guotai Spring Sugar Hotel Exhibition also kicked off at Chengdu Dacheng Hotel, presenting visitors with a feast overflowing with sauce. Immediately afterwards, on March 19, the launch conference of “Ten Perfect Golden Life” National Taiwan National Standard 10 was held in Sichuan Province. What is even more eye-catching is the “Great Country Maotai Fragrance Co-Creation and Sharing” high-end wine new product launch conference and vintage sauce banquet on March 20. In this grand event, National Taiwan officially released two Two new high-end wine products – Guotai·Zunpin Fifteen Years and Guotai·Zunzanglong Wine, demonstrate its strong strength in the field of Maotai-flavor liquor.

In addition, National Taiwan also made full use of the excellent platform of the Food and Drinks Fair. From March 20th to 22nd, it set up a booth in the core area of ​​the main exhibition, fully displaying its brand image and full product matrix, and warmly welcoming all parties. Visitors, appreciate the beauty of sauce aroma and join hands in the prosperity and development of the sauce wine market.

  New products are launched to boost China and TaiwanHigh-end wine fieldachieve new breakthroughs

Within a week, Guotai organized three brand activities, from the launch of Guotai Guobiao Liquor (brewed in 2019), to the launch of Guotai Guobiao 10 in Sichuan Province, to the launch of two Guotai high-end liquor products, the activities were continuous and highlighted. The brand momentum is constantly amplifying. Among them, the two high-end wine products released on March 20 show Taiwan’s larger plans in the high-end price range. During the event, Guotai released two new high-end wine products – Guotai Zunpin Fifteen Years and Guotai Zunzang Long Wine. This event is not only a feast for new product appreciation, but also an in-depth interpretation of the charm of Guotai’s new famous Chinese wines.

According to Tang Xu, executive deputy general manager of Guotai Sales Company, as the second largest sauce wine brewing enterprise in Maotai Town, Guotai has been rooted in Maotai Town for more than 20 years and brewed Maotai Town’s authentic sauce wine, based on more than 10 years of learning traditional brewing experience. On the other hand, scientific innovation promotes smart brewing, which makes product standards clearer, quality more constant, and batches more consistent. The two high-end new products launched this time, Guotai Zunpin Fifteen Years and Guotai Zunzang Long Liquor, are derivatives of Guotai Fifteen Years and Guotai Long Liquor respectively. They are Shangyan strategically cultivated products. The quality and packaging design are carefully planned and carefully crafted. It is an important product for China and Taiwan to develop the high-end sauce wine market.

It is understood that these two products released this time are the first time for the national market. The former is a product strategically cultivated as an extension of the 15-year-old standard product of Taiwan. The wine is specially blended in small batches by a team led by Xu Qiang, the master of Chinese sauce wine blending. Its brand positioning is “a high-end business wine that has been valued for 15 years.” Mainly targeting the high-end business banquet and gift market, the goal is to collaborate with China Taiwan in 15 years to create the second bottle of high-end sauce wine in Maotai Town.

Guotai Zunzang Long Wine is another strategically cultivated product of Guotai Long Wine. The wine is a high-quality old wine of high vintage, which is extremely scarce. The product packaging design brings together the traditional dragon totem elements, and the logo on the bottle cap “Three dragons gather together”, the Forbidden City elixir on the shoulder of the bottle, the blue dragon pattern on the bottle, etc. are all gathered together, creating a noble and oriental beauty. The Guotai Zunzang Longjiu brand is positioned as “Dragon Wine Zunzang, soaring to the top”, and its goal is to become a super substitute for the industry’s model products. It can be seen from the brand positioning that the two products released by Guotai this time are of high quality and high standing. They are important products for Guotai to open up the high-end price range of sauce wine and are conducive to promoting Guotai to achieve new goals in the field of high-end wine. breakthrough.

  Focusing on core goals, market blue ocean insights reveal development opportunities for China and Taiwan

This year, the core strategy of the National Taiwan High-end Liquor Operation Center is the “Thousands and Thousands” project, that is, thousands of merchants, thousands of restaurants, and tens of thousands of members. The National Taiwan High-end Liquor Operation Center will closely focus on one goal, build three major projects, improve three major guarantees, and achieve three major improvements to carry out market operations. Among them, it is an important goal to create a bottle of product that is easy to sell, tastes good and has a good reputation, so that dealers can make sustained profits. According to reports, the two products of Guotai·Zunpin Fifteen Years and Guotai·Zunzang Longjiu are sold in controlled quantities, and the market volume is not large. They will be mainly sold through group purchases at the Guotai Experience Center and will not enter the main market. Distribution channels, which give products a more scarce value. While Guotai provides consumers with a bottle of high-end sauce wine products, it will also increase the operating profits of Guotai Experience Center dealers and attract more people to join the Guotai Experience Center dealer team.

National Taiwan’s choice to release high-end new products in spring this year is inseparable from the current momentum of continuous sound and healthy development of National Taiwan. Since last year, National Taiwan has held nearly 100 “National Taiwan’s 15th Anniversary Premium Banquet”. This time, Chuntang took advantage of the opportunity to continue to upgrade Guotai’s high-end products, which not only demonstrated Guotai’s profound heritage and outstanding strength in the field of Maotai-flavor liquor, but also showed that it will be optimistic about the high-end price range of Maotai liquor and explore new opportunities in the new market cycle. Bigger market.

  borrowLi Chun Tang ZhangShowing strength, diversified activities jointly create upward momentum for the national and Taiwanese brands

During this spring candy period, National Taiwan made full efforts. In addition to releasing high-end wine products, National Taiwan also set up a hotel booth at Dacheng Hotel from March 15th to 19th, attracting the attention of countless professional audiences. Starting from March 20, a main booth was set up in the core area of ​​the main venue. Through product display, tasting experience, etc., it deeply interpreted the connotation of Guotai Liquor and won high praise from dealers and consumers present.

Outside the main exhibition area, Guotai has placed large-scale eye-catching advertisements for Guotai’s national brand wine and Guotai’s fifteen-year history. With highly visually impactful designs and deeply rooted advertising slogans, it has created a ubiquitous brand surrounding situation. . This move not only effectively enhances brand awareness, but also deeply imprints China Taiwan’s brand image in the hearts of every attendee. In addition, in various brand competitions held during the Spring Festival, China Television also gained a lot and won many awards. On the afternoon of March 18, Zunyi’s top ten famous wines were officially released in Chengdu. In this selection conducted by the Zunyi Municipal People’s Government and the China Liquor Industry Association, Guotai National Standard Wine was awarded the “Zunyi Outstanding Famous Wine”. During the same period, Guotai Guobiao (brewed in 2019) also won the “Flavor Innovation Award”, and Guotai Guobiao 10 won honors such as “Annual New Product Recommendation” and “2023 Excellent Quality Sauce Wine”. These honors bear witness to Guotai’s solid steps in continuously pursuing excellent quality on the basis of inheriting the sauce-flavor craftsmanship.

In addition, the Sichuan Province launch conference of the National Taiwan National Standard 10 was also held during the Spring Sugar Festival. Many outstanding dealer representatives came to the scene to share their experience in operating the National Taiwan National Standard 10. Guotai Guobiao 10 is one of Guotai’s strategic main products. It was launched in October last year. Together with Guotai Guobiao Liquor, Guotai Fifteen Years Old and Guotai Long Liquor, it constitutes Guotai’s four main products. The body of the National Taiwan National Standard 10 wine is based on the National Taiwan National Standard real vintage wine (5 years), and adds more than 10 years old wine. Above the National Standard, the age is longer, more old wines, the taste is better, and it is more popular. At the press conference, the Sichuan Provincial Dealer Alliance Platform Company also held an establishment ceremony. National Taiwan National Standard 10 gained the trust of many Sichuan dealers.

At this year’s Chengdu Sugar and Wine Fair, Guotai Liquor’s outstanding performance once again demonstrated its brand status in the sauce-flavor liquor market. Through a series of carefully planned press conferences and exhibitions, China Taiwan not only demonstrated its profound cultural heritage and strong product strength, but also conveyed its firm determination for future market development to the industry and consumers.

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