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During the Qingming Festival, listen to books and meditate at Fanshu (formerly known as Fan Deng Reading), and look at life correctly.

During the Qingming Festival, listen to books and meditate at Fanshu (formerly known as Fan Deng Reading), and look at life correctly.

“It rains heavily during the Qingming Festival, and people on the road feel like they are dying.” Qingming Festival, as one of my country’s traditional festivals, is an important day for people to remember their ancestors and pay homage to their deceased relatives. On this day, people will visit graves and burn paper money to express their condolences for their deceased relatives. At the same time, people should also learn to view life and death in a more positive and mature attitude in today’s era, so that they can live more calmly and calmly on the journey of life. Fanshu (formerly Fan Deng Shushu) has many related good books, which are very suitable for listening during the Qingming Festival.

  “What is Life”

From ancient times to the present, people have been exploring the meaning of life and wondering what life is. In this book, Nobel Prize winner Schrödinger explains why life can exist from a completely unexpected perspective, leading everyone to view life from the perspective of a world-famous physicist, and triggering deeper thinking.

In the Fanshu Extraordinary Reading Center, Mr. Cao Zexian, a researcher at the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, explained this book to everyone, satisfying everyone’s thirst for knowledge. As a professional physicist, Mr. Cao Zexian transformed scientific principles into easy-to-understand “vernacular” in life during the explanation process. He introduced knowledge from junior high school physics books and explained it in simple terms, allowing people to experience the fun of “brain-burning” , and can understand the meaning of life and know that life has energy!

  “The Gift of Life”

It is difficult for everyone to bear the death of a loved one. Even Irving Yalom, a master of existential psychotherapy who is famous for treating death anxiety, could not accept it for a while when he learned that his beloved wife was suffering from cancer and her time was running out. So, how does he fight against despair?

In the book, Teacher Fan Deng explains this book to everyone. At the beginning, he introduces that this book was co-written by Mr. Irving and his wife when they were about to separate. He also said that different people have different interpretations of the title of the book, but the author actually wants to use this book to explore unavoidable life issues and use his story to bring some comfort to people who are suffering. He then began to explain important theories in existential psychology. In this way, stories and principles are told, allowing people to explore the ultimate meaning of existence and death while listening to the 65-year life song of the Irwins.

After listening to this book explained by Teacher Fan Deng, many book friends felt deeply. Teacher Fan Deng’s explanation allowed them to look at life from a new perspective, calmly face the bad news in life, and understand that “the more fulfilling you live, the more you live.” The more calm you die!”

When friends or family members around them are seriously ill or die, people will inevitably be immersed in sadness and begin to doubt the meaning of life. So, how should we cultivate a healthy concept of life and death? What is life? During the Qingming Festival, while looking at the patter of spring rain outside the window and listening to related good books on Fanshu (formerly Fan Dengshu), you may be able to find the answer.

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