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During Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month, the second phase of AIA Tianjin’s “AIA Friendly Elderly Plan” home aging-friendly renovation was officially launched – Times Finance – Northern Net

During Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month, the second phase of AIA Tianjin’s “AIA Friendly Elderly Plan” home aging-friendly renovation was officially launched – Times Finance – Northern Net

In order to actively respond to the “Five Entry” work requirements of the “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” of 2023 by the regulatory authorities, strengthen the publicity and education of public financial knowledge, and enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security, September 2023 On the 26th, AIA Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Tianjin Branch (referred to as “AIA Tianjin”), under the guidance of the Heping District Civil Affairs Bureau, focused on the “one old, one young and one new” group, and worked with the United Front Work Department of the Heping District Committee, the Heping League District Committee, The Heping District Urban Management Committee, the Heping District Civil Affairs Bureau, and the Amity Foundation jointly organized the “Volunteer Inheritance of Celebrating the Family and the Country – ‘Old Lei Feng’ and ‘Flowing Flowers’ Celebrating the Holidays” event.

At the beginning of the event, the relevant leaders of the district committee sent sincere double festival blessings to all the guests, affirmed the gains of community volunteer services, and expressed their gratitude to AIA Life Insurance Tianjin Branch and Amity Foundation for their care and support for the volunteer services in Heping District. Since its launch in October 2022, the first phase of the senior citizen plan has successfully provided comprehensive services such as home environment modification, addition of barrier-free facilities, and home risk screening to 31 households in need of “Old Lei Feng” volunteers in Heping District. Chen Xudong, general manager of AIA Tianjin Branch, said that AIA Tianjin will continue to invest in this project in 2023 to serve more “Old Lei Feng” groups, and at the same time introduce the company’s volunteer team to build an “elderly community” and promote The whole society respects elderly volunteers and inherits the spirit of volunteer service. Next, Deputy Director He Cheng and General Manager Chen Xudong of the Heping District Civil Affairs Bureau unveiled the second phase of the “Friendship and Elderly Plan”. The two phases of renovation activities are expected to benefit 60 people from the “Old Lei Feng” group, reduce the risk of the elderly living at home, and improve the quality of the elderly. Improve people’s quality of life, allowing more distressed elders in the community to achieve worry-free retirement and enjoy a happy old age!

As Chinese society enters the age of aging, the importance of elderly care has received widespread attention. Domestic elderly care has shown a “9073” pattern, that is, 90% of the elderly choose to care for themselves at home. However, this most widespread method of elderly care faces many difficulties. AIA realizes that Chinese society is ushering in a boom in demand for elderly care services, and has begun to actively deploy the “third pillar of elderly care” industry to create elderly care projects that are rich in AIA characteristics and emphasize customization, and are unique to each individual. While continuously upgrading the “health and wellness ecosystem”, AIA also actively explores public welfare practices, relying on a strong professional team of comprehensive health professionals and a large number of excellent volunteer marketing staff to continue to provide professional and high-quality services to the elderly population, and bring AIA to the elderly care industry. The concept of enjoying old age has been extended to the general public.

In order to welcome this financial knowledge education publicity month, AIA Tianjin also created the sketch “”On behalf of” your happiness” with the theme of exposing the illegal content of “agency surrender”, and performed it in the Huayuan Road community, bringing laughter to the residents. At the same time, through the analysis of key contents in the play, prize-winning quizzes and other links, the public’s understanding of the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers and rational rights protection have been deepened. At the same time, anti-money laundering, anti-fraud and other financial knowledge brochures were also distributed to residents at the event, which strengthened the financial security awareness of citizens, especially the elderly.

For a long time, AIA Tianjin has always maintained consumer rights and interests while developing its business, putting corporate responsibilities first, and always integrating the “customer-centered” concept with the company’s development strategy. In the future, AIA Tianjin will continue to conscientiously implement financial service publicity measures, strive to improve the availability and convenience of financial services, enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security, effectively improve consumers’ financial literacy, and contribute to building a harmonious and profitable society. Contribute to the orderly financial consumption environment.

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