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Due to the need for shaping, products have no boundaries? Blue Medical Insurance 2024 newly released

Due to the need for shaping, products have no boundaries? Blue Medical Insurance 2024 newly released

  On December 19, “Demand-shaped products have no boundaries” – Blue Medical Insurance’s 2024 new product launch conference was held in Shanghai and was officially releasedOne-stop health protection solutionand 2 new products. Ma Xin, vice president of China Pacific Insurance Group and chairman of Pacific Health Insurance, and Shang Jiaoyan, general manager of Pacific Health Insurance, as well as many industry and media partners, were invited to attend.

Pacific Health Insurance General Manager Shang Jiaoyan and the guests launched the launch of new blue medical insurance products

Create a one-stop health protection solution based on needs

Survey data shows that in my country’s first-tier cities, the proportion of sub-healthy white-collar workers is as high as 76%, nearly 60% of white-collar workers are overworked, and the proportion of truly healthy people is less than 3%. For the two core risks of “accident” and “disease” that arise among young people and young families, Blue Medical Insurance’s long-term medical insurance breaks the traditional inpatient medical product form and pioneers the expansion of income compensation in millions of medical insurance liabilities. Guarantee, providing more stable and lasting support for young users and their families.

The new upgrade of Blue Medical Insurance Long-term Medical Insurance 2024 shows three major highlights:

  First, the hospitalization benefits are very considerate: Additional hospitalization allowance medical insurance, nutrition fees and income compensation during hospitalization, guaranteed to be renewed for 20 years;

  Second, income loss is guaranteed: Additional disability income loss insurance, guaranteed to be renewed for 20 years, with a variety of plans to choose from, covering 24 specific diseases, functional impairment, and accidental disability. Once the breadwinner of the family loses his ability to earn money, this responsibility can meet the basic expenses of personal or family life;

  Third, health services are more comprehensive: This service upgrade also pays attention to the health needs of “one old and one young” in the family, adding special services for teenagers and special services for the elderly, such as scoliosis assessment and rehabilitation for children, rehabilitation consultation for the elderly with mild cardio-cerebral diseases, and home care. , hospital nurses, etc. Health management services have been expanded to 34 items, the list of special drugs has been expanded to 162 types, and the fully human targeted BCMA and CAR-T product Fucosu have been added.

  Based on user needs and inpatient medical care as its core, Blue Medical Insurance gradually breaks the boundaries of million-dollar medical insurance and covers outpatient reimbursement, critical illness benefits, disability compensation, quality medical care, etc., extending the concept of medical insurance to meet the needs of endowment shape, products without boundaries, providing users with one-stop health protection solutions.

Benefit people’s livelihood, 0 deductible and 100% compensation ratio

This winter, epidemic diseases such as mycoplasma pneumonia and influenza A have shown a high incidence among children, and mid-to-high-end medical insurance products have once again become hot searches.

  In order to satisfy the public’s pursuit of high-end medical quality, Blue Medical Insurance·Mid-to-high-end medical insurance came into being.born:

  One isPromote access to high-end medical carethis product extends the coverage to domestic private hospitals and VIP departments and international special needs departments of tertiary hospitals; it provides many specialized services, such as critical illness project management, MDT multidisciplinary consultation, global drug search, etc., allowing more ordinary users to Have access to more advanced medical solutions and treatments at home and abroad;

  two isThe product design is more user-friendly, achieving 0 deductible and 100% compensation ratio.As one of the few high-end medical insurance products on the market that promises guaranteed renewal, this product not only provides6-year guaranteed renewaland at the same time, the user during the warranty renewal periodIf a critical illness is diagnosed, premiums will be waived for the remainder of the guaranteed renewal period..

Doudouhui compensates 2.0, and the fastest time to close the case is 1 minute.

  At the press conference, Pacific Health Insurance upgraded its claims service – Doudou Huipian. In response to customers’ pain points of troublesome and slow claims settlement and expensive and difficult medical treatment, we launched a claims + medical service system with the purpose of helping customers save their worries. The core is to do three things well for users:That is, housekeeping service, “medical” and “insurance” directions and smart quick compensation.

  In order to proactively provide medical services to users and solve users’ claims difficulties, Pacific Health Insurance has established a professionalMedical Butler + Claims Butler Teamusers can add corporate WeChat onlineGet dedicated project guidance and a one-stop service experience that integrates insurance and medical care;

  Second, the positioning of traditional claims is limited to “post-event compensation”, that is, the realization of insurance liability. In fact, users continue to have different medical and insurance needs at different stages during the entire disease process from illness to recovery. Pacific Health Insurance can The housekeeper provides users with the entire disease processThe “medical” and “insurance” roadmap provides detailed planning for the user’s entire disease course, realizing the full-link supply of “medical care + insurance”making users worry-free and comfortable;

  Third, users can submit claims applications on the mobile terminal to achieveSmart quick compensation. In the claim application process, the system can automatically classify and correct the image materials uploaded by users, and intelligently detect counterfeit materials; in the information entry process, the image materials are converted into structured data through intelligent text recognition and semantic recognition; in the claims review process link, based on the medical standard database and claims knowledge base, through the claims intelligent decision-making model and adjustment engine,The case can be settled in as fast as 1 minute, making claims no longer cumbersome.

Caring for rare disease groups and fulfilling responsibilities

At the event, the Little Blue Flower Children’s Rare Disease Charity Project reviewed its growth over the past year. Relevant leaders from Pacific Health Insurance, Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation, and Children’s Medical Center Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University Hospital attended the donation ceremony.

In November 2022, the “Little Blue Flower-Children’s Rare Disease Charity” project was officially launched. Pacific Health Insurance joint cooperation units continue to help the rare disease group through free clinics, donations, and dream fulfillment. In order to mobilize the public’s attention, the Blue Medical Insurance Mini Program launched the “Little Blue Flower” love rights and interests, motivating users to light up this rights and interests through the health sub-system, and Pacific Health Insurance initiated a donation to the Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation in the corresponding amount, providing targeted support for rare Sick children care for charity.

  Data Display,As of December 2023, a total of more than 35,000 “little blue flowers” have been lit up, which translates into a charity donation of approximately 350,000 yuan.. As a brave attempt to organically combine commercial products and public welfare, “Blue Medical Insurance” resonates with customers through the warmth of public welfare, showing the vitality of this model’s long-term operation and helping the little blue peanuts to take root and thrive.

There is a long way to go, but health insurance will continue to enhance the sense of gain.

  At this press conference,Blue Medical Insurance and Insurance Self-Media Molecular Laboratory jointly held a “Blue Friends Living Room” roundtable discussionShang Jiaoyan, general manager of Pacific Health Insurance, Liu Yang, founder of Molecular Laboratory, Li Yingying, partner of Baopinger, Cao Peng, cervical spine surgeon of Changzheng Hospital, Ma Yingfei, head of health insurance pricing of French Reinsurance Company, were invited to participate, and discussed how to provide Young people provide temperature insurance and services to discuss.

Shang Jiaoyan pointed out that the key to making insurance warm is to enhance the sense of gain. First of all, we inject more health consumption elements into blue medical insurance products to increase the frequency of insurance use among young people; secondly, we optimize existing claims services and preventive health management to provide users with more considerate services and enhance Finally, the sense of gain is not only for the policy holder, but also for the family behind it. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously expand the depth and breadth of services. For example, this time Blue Medical Insurance has expanded the “one old and one young” special service to focus on the needs of the family. Provide a sense of access to more health services. He emphasized again: Regarding products and services, Blue Medical Insurance is not a simple stack, but a chemical combination of “product as a service”.

Ma Xin said that since Blue Medical Insurance was launched in April 2022, it has served more than one million users. With each iteration and upgrade, it is hoped to escape the “involution” of the industry and use innovative and effective supply to provide customers with more choices. Better service. As a professional subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance, Pacific Health Insurance carries an important mission in the big health strategic blueprint. We will adhere to the vision of “building an open technology-based medical and health insurance company” and continue to create a full life cycle for customers. Comprehensive solutions for medical services and full-course disease management make life healthier and health simpler.

Ma Xin, Vice President of China Pacific Insurance Group and Chairman of Pacific Health Insurance, delivered a speech

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