Dripping Water Converges into Oceans and Builds a New Brand Height China Pacific Insurance Won Ten Brand Awards of the 2023 Golden Nobel Prize-Times Finance-Northern Network

Dripping Water Converges into Oceans and Builds a New Brand Height China Pacific Insurance Won Ten Brand Awards of the 2023 Golden Nobel Prize-Times Finance-Northern Network

On May 9th, hosted by China Bank Insurance Media2023 Jinnuo Financial Brand Influence ConferenceHeld in Xiamen, Fujian Province, nearly 200 people from regulatory authorities, representatives of various banks, insurance, and trust institutions, brand experts, and representatives of consulting agencies attended the meeting. The 7th “Jinnuo China Financial Brand Influence Communication Case”, “Top Ten Highlights of Chinese Financial Brands” and the list of brand influence were released at the conference.China Pacific Insurance won ten brand awards,It demonstrates China Pacific Insurance’s outstanding achievements in brand marketing communication, brand influence enhancement and ESG image building.

This time, the Gold Nobel Awards set up 8 categories including financial brand influence models and innovation models, covering banking, trust, asset management and other industries. in,China Pacific Insurance won the “China Financial Brand Influence Institution”, and was selected into the Top 10 list of China’s financial consumer brand influence and the TOP 10 list of new media influence in China’s insurance industry;China Pacific Insurance Sanjiangyuan Public Welfare Forest Construction was selected as one of the “Top Ten Highlights of Chinese Financial Brands”;“Asian Games Countdown 1st Anniversary Brand Marketing Communication Case” won the “China Financial Brand Influence Model”; “Brand Release Cases” were awarded the “Model of China’s Financial Brand Innovation”; the micro-video of Changjiang Pension’s “Guarding Shanghai’ Pension Security in the Storm” was awarded the “Model of Micro-video of China’s Financial Brands”; Communication Case” and CPIC Health Insurance’s “Blue Medical Insurance·Integrated Marketing Communication Case” were awarded the “Model of China’s Financial Product Communication”.

At the meeting, China Pacific Insurance was invited to shareBrand work experience with the theme of “The Road to Brand Exploration on “A Drop of Water””starting from the classic brand slogan of “injecting a drop of water in normal times, owning the Pacific Ocean in difficult times”, systematically introduced the brand of CPICStrategic planning, brand image, product industry ecosystem, reputation management, green communication and responsibility mapetc., showing the characteristics, highlights and achievements of CPIC’s brand building.

In recent years, China Pacific Insurance brand workGuided by “Building a New Highland for Brands”,Proactively respond to customer needs, business needs and communicate environmental changes,Adhere to the idea of ​​”live a tight life and take a new path”,Get benefits from integration, get benefits from lean, and get benefits from stock.current companyThe brand value ranks fifth in the world, and the compound growth rate of brand value in the past five years has reached 16%has gradually acquired strong brand characteristics.

  Systematic ongoing strategic planning.CPIC brand workTransforming to a strategic and empowering model,Focusing on sustainable development, aroundThe main brand strategy of “One Taibao”accumulate and precipitate brand value and assets, and strengthen its own brand strategic advantages;Create a strong brand trusted by customers and recognized by employees, so that the company can dance in the wind and take advantage of the wind to become a high-quality development booster. In terms of brand positioning, it vividly interprets the brand slogan of “injecting a drop of water in normal times, and owning the Pacific Ocean in times of difficulty”,Make CPIC brand persona more three-dimensional, visualized, and strengthenThe brand tone of “serving the great nation and protecting a better life” has been given the CPIC service label of “responsibility, wisdom, and warmth”.

  A brand image that keeps pace with the times.Times are changing, customers are changing, and the company’s brand image must also keep pace with the times. China Pacific Insurance continues to enrich the brand recognition system,Promote brand rejuvenation and sense of technology. In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the company, the brand mascot “Yangyang Baobao” was launched to find a new breakthrough for the rejuvenation of the brand image; in conjunction with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, the company created the song “Promise” and created a theme symphony to enrich the application scenarios of brand music. at the same time,Create an empathetic CPIC service brand image from the perspective of customers. With the idea of ​​storytelling and down-to-earth dissemination, we created the “New Concept of Service” and “Health Talk Show” columns with “Phoenix Satellite TV” to disseminate the series of CPIC service documentaries, so that CPIC’s services will be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

  Collaborative and symbiotic product industry ecosystem.The value-added effect of the brand is to help the business side break the circle and build the circle.China Pacific Insurance relies on sports, national exhibitions, culture and other carriersgiving the brand a higher position, greater kinetic energy, stronger vitality, and more contacts,Create a collaborative symbiosis and two-way industry ecosystem.In 2020, China Pacific Insurance will become the official partner of the Hangzhou Asian Games, step into the new field of sports events, plan a series of marketing activities of the CPIC Blue Team, and explore new models of sports marketing; cooperate with major exhibitions such as the China International Import Expo, the Service Trade Fair, and the Flower Expo Cooperate with insurance services + integrated marketing to enhance communication; cooperate with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra to create a national symphony tour of “Music in the World” to enhance the brand style and build a bridge of communication between the company and customers.

  The development of evergreen reputation is good word of mouth.In terms of reputation management, CPIC managesAdhering to the idea of ​​”seeing clearly, hearing clearly, smelling, touching, and thinking carefully”form management methodology and effective measures,With “Everlasting reputation” to help “Everlasting foundation”.Focusing on “one center” and exerting force on “two basic points”focusing on reputation risk management, do a good job in closed-loop management, system implementation and training drills, and form“Seven catches” characteristic work methoddevelop a series of management tools; build“Indomitable” communication matrixfocusing on the four major focuses of strategic priorities, business nodes, social hotspots, and company highlights, plan pre-planning, precise delivery, implement diversified communication, and continue to accumulate reputation capital.

  Comprehensive and three-dimensional green communication.Integrate the concept of sustainable development into the company’s strategy and endow the brand with “greenness”.Create a green branddesigned the visual identity system of “Green Pacific Insurance, You and I Go Together” to control green communication.do wellfocus on disseminationaffixed the label of “Zero Carbon Expo, Zero Plastic Expo” for the fifth CIIE; a series of green insurance reports on catastrophes, wetlands, forests, etc. formed a “CPIC sample” to deal with climate change.Implement node propagationreleased a sustainable development report, focusing on Arbor Day, Environment Day, Earth Day, Low Carbon Day, Biodiversity Day, etc.Important environmental protection festival nodesplanning and implementing green actions, green declarations, green results and other dissemination.

  Thick and colorful responsibility map.Public welfare is the most important brand in the brand, and it is also the carrier of brand communication that is most likely to resonate and empathize.by constructingCPIC Three-color Responsibility Mapmaking the CPIC brand more warm, humane and sentimental.“Taibao Red” supporting rural revitalization. Comprehensively create an insurance service model that helps rural revitalization and boosts “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”. By the end of 2022, the “Poverty Prevention Insurance” has been extended to 1,175 counties and districts.Caring for the old and the young “Taibao Blue”. Initiated the establishment of CPIC Blue Public Welfare Foundation, launched the “Caring for the Elderly with Cognitive Impairment” public welfare action, and established the “Xinganxin Autism Special Fund”.“Taibao Green” guarding a beautiful homeland. China Pacific Insurance donated 33.3 million yuan to build more than 2,000 mu of public welfare forests in Sanjiangyuan, Qinghai, and plant nearly 120,000 trees, painting a green picture for Xingfu Beach and building a green barrier for the Zhonghua Water Tower.

Keep going, and the future can be expected.China Pacific Insurance brand work willAdhering to the original intention of “believing in the long-term and sticking to the value”, we will build a new high ground for the brandwith a higher position, greater value and stronger energy level, to help China Pacific Insurance create a new leading position in the high-quality development of the new era.

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