Dreams call for new life丨Simmons? Simmons X Yang Wan art cross-border cooperation release

Dreams call for new life丨Simmons? Simmons X Yang Wan art cross-border cooperation release

On the occasion of World Sleep Day in 2023, Simmons® and contemporary independent artist Yang Wan launched the cross-border art collaboration “Dream Calls for New Life”, inviting the public to embark on a journey of seeking spring.

After a winter’s rest, everything wakes up with spring, and as far as the eye can see, it is a bright world of flowers—just like the scene in the painting jointly created by Simmons® Simmons and oil painting artist Yang Wan. The theme of this art cross-border cooperation is “Dream Calls for New Life”. Both parties have a romantic imagination of a good sleep in spring. Using oil painting art as a carrier, they intend to freeze the vitality and colorful colors in spring, and vividly interpret the “sleep with good sleep”. Awakening the senses, awakening the wonderful life” LOHAS proposition, and then taking the opportunity of the annual “World Sleep Day” to arouse the public’s attention to high-quality sleep and its positive impact on oneself. This highly aesthetic visual art presentation is not only an interpretation of Simmons® integrating contemporary art and starting a model of life aesthetics, but also shows the brand’s original intention of moving towards the new, unremitting innovation, and the beauty of creating a dream of future life and sleep vision.

“Dream Calls for New Life” Oil Painting Works

Details of the work “Dream Calls for New Life”

Artist Yang Wan and the work “Dream Calls for New Life”

As a cutting-edge artist born in the 90s, Yang Wan’s works have been widely exhibited in world-renowned galleries and art institutions in recent years, and have been selected by many professional institutions including the Art Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Coppeluzzos Family Art Museum. collect. She has always been good at using light and color changes to give the picture vitality and vitality. The bright color blocks and smooth lines collide with each other to create a unique artistic perspective, which makes her paintings condense a kind of life energy—like the moment a flower blooms, or a butterfly The moment the wings fluttered, the vivid charm was ready to come out.

Artist Yang Wan and the work “Dream Calls for New Life”

This time Simmons® invited Yang Wan to co-create the “Dream Calls for Rebirth” work, which will be included in her “Blooming” series of oil paintings full of personal characteristics. The painting uses pink, orange, and red as the main colors, aiming to bring the audience a sensory feast full of vitality through the integration of the concepts of “dream” and “new life” through active, bright and rich spring colors. The picture adopts a centrally symmetrical composition, fully presenting the posture of a blooming flower: the abstract double-layered petals herald a layered dream; and the blooming flower shape represents the dynamic, new life and hope bred in the dream. Inspired by the design element “scroll pattern” of Simmons® flagship product Brilliance Burley Lance mattress, the artist chose to use this element to strengthen the suggestion of dreams. In the real world represented, new life and power echo each other, and the interweaving of fiction and reality triggers infinite reverie.

Yang Wan and “Dream Calls for New Life” work, Simmons® Simmons flagship product Brilliance Burley Lance mattress

Simmons® Simmons flagship product Brilliance Burley Lance mattress

Talking about this cross-border cooperation, Yang Wan said: “It is one of the propositions that I am very concerned about to reflect the activities and emotions of ‘people’ through nature; and in terms of techniques, I have been exploring how to use the vitality of life to express willfully in an instant. The posture hits the hearts of the viewers. Just as Simmons® has been committed to creating a completely relaxing sleep scene and waking up a wonderful life with a good sleep, the process of painting is also the same for me. To find hope and outlet in my heart The process is like letting a flower bloom from my mind onto the canvas. Whether this flower’s fresh posture or delicate colors, it is the most vivid inspiration I got when I was awakened by spring. At the same time, it carries the gushing new force that I hope more viewers can perceive.”

As a world-renowned spring mattress brand, Simmons® has always adhered to the brand concept of “Crafted with Ingenuity, Sleeping Dreams”, and has continuously launched innovative products in the course of more than 150 years of development, with innovative technology, ultimate craftsmanship and Strict quality control has created a benchmark in the mattress industry, and created many mattresses with fashionable classic design, noble and gorgeous appearance, exquisite manufacturing technology, comfortable and durable, healthy and environmentally friendly mattresses, supporting Chinese consumers with comfortable dreams. At the moment when sleep consumption is showing a trend of refinement, Simmons® hopes to enrich the brand connotation through cross-border art, so that every extraordinary sleep experience becomes the prelude to a new life, awakening vitality and hope – “Dreams call for new life” , starting from this year’s “World Sleep Day”.

About Simmons®Simmons

I. Brand story

As a brand included in “Ci Hai” and interpreted as “a refined spring steel wire bed”, Simmons® first entered Shanghai, China in the 1930s, with its unprecedented Western-style soft bed and dreamy sleep experience, Sweeping the whole of China in one fell swoop. Since then, the word “Simmons” has become synonymous with “exquisite spring mattress” in the hearts of Chinese people.

People spend 1/3 of their time sleeping, so this 1/3 of life should be a kind of enjoyment. In 1870, Mr. Simmons (Mr. Zalmon G. Simmons) founded the Simmons® Simmons brand in the United States with his unique vision, and began to produce spring mattresses in 1876, rewriting the history of mattresses and human sleeping habits.

For more than 150 years, Simmons® has created many honors. It is the leader in the development of spring mattresses, the designer of sofa beds, and was the first to be collected by the National Museum of American History. From the top cruise ship Titanic in the last century, President Roosevelt’s wife, inventor Edison, car tycoon Henry Ford, writer HG Wells, etc. To this day, royal families in Europe, Asia and other countries, as well as five-star luxury hotels all over the world, have recognized that Simmons® Simmons mattresses have always been the hall-level mattresses in the hearts of world celebrities.

Adhering to the brand concept of “Creating with Ingenuity, Sleeping Dreams”, we use our strength to practice the constant promise of “creating a completely relaxing sleep scene and providing healthier and more comfortable sleep” for consumers. Simmons® continues to innovate. After nearly a century and a half of continuous innovation including machines, technologies, and materials, as well as excellence and almost demanding ultimate craftsmanship, the quality of Simmons® far exceeds the industry’s standards and has become the mattress industry. The global model, aiming to bring consumers an extraordinary sleep experience.

Integrating cutting-edge technology, fine craftsmanship and strict quality control, each Simmons® mattress has many features such as stylish and classic design, noble and gorgeous appearance, exquisite manufacturing technology, comfort and durability, and health and environmental protection. It is a mattress boutique boutique. The legend has never stopped. As the pioneer of comfortable and extraordinary sleep, Simmons® Simmons will create a dream sleep in the future world.

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