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Double Festival Specials | SM Extreme Flying Carnival kicks off with original high-altitude pyrotechnics and extreme acrobatics “Alien World Acrobatics North China First Show Ball” debuting at SM Plaza

Double Festival Specials | SM Extreme Flying Carnival kicks off with original high-altitude pyrotechnics and extreme acrobatics “Alien World Acrobatics North China First Show Ball” debuting at SM Plaza

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The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching and the National Day is coming, and the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival are coming with it. On the occasion of celebrating the two festivals at the same time, the 2nd Interstellar Acrobatic Art Festival of SM Tianjin Binhai City Plaza (hereinafter referred to as “SM Plaza”) kicked off on September 29th! This event is themed “Extreme Flying Carnival”. SM Plaza continues the National Day Extreme Acrobatics Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival Pancake Culture. From September 29 to October 6, it will bring a series of exciting extreme carnival carnival events. Give Tianjin citizens the ultimate shopping experience that will keep customers entertained for an 8-day long holiday!

In the Golden Circle Gate B parking lot of SM Plaza, the original interstellar acrobatic art program-“Alien Planet” made a shocking debut. As the first performance in North China, this show is created by the world’s authoritative event champion team. As the first performance in North China, it challenges the extreme new heights. It is both thrilling and beautiful. The performance scene,! A series of wonderful performances including 12-meter-high extreme trapeze acrobatics, 6-meter-diameter planet art installation, extreme fireworks show, high-altitude steel Rubik’s Cube, flag acrobatic dance SHOW, double aerial ballet, high-altitude silk hanging wheel… were staged in turn. The difficult stunts performed by the live actors even attracted the audience’s admiration. Extreme acrobatics and interstellar art were perfectly combined in the high altitude of SM Plaza’s Extreme Carnival! At the same time, SM Plaza in the mall also invited the Star Star Legion, Chinese style Hanfu, extreme stilts, ghost horses and clowns to parade and interact together, bringing unlimited surprises to the audience. In order to provide citizens with continuous excitement, SM Plaza’s series of performances and interactive activities will last for 8 days during the holidays, with 3 performances per day, non-stop performances of extremes and carnival!

Acrobatic performance photos, customer viewing photos, parade photos

In this Extreme Flying Carnival event, SM Plaza also set up the Mid-Autumn Festival to be the first prize winner in the Mid-Autumn Festival from September 29th to 30th. As a unique traditional folk activity in southern Fujian, Mid-Autumn Cake Gambling was listed as a national intangible cultural heritage in 2008. It is reported that this is the fifth consecutive year that SM Plaza has held the Mid-Autumn Pie Lottery Competition. It is full of competitive suspense and full of interest in life, and has always been loved by the general public. SM Plaza will upgrade its gifts this year, including Decathlon mountain bikes, OPPO mobile phones, Xiaomi home appliances and other upgraded gifts. Not only will customers gain a lot on the spot, but they will also feel the charm of the national intangible cultural heritage project. Amidst the tinkling sound of throwing, customers unlocked the immersive new gameplay of the immersive carnival, making customers smile, enjoy themselves, and never want to leave.

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In order to promote consumption during the Double Festival and provide sufficient benefits to citizens, SM Plaza has set up a “0” yuan coupon grabbing welfare activity. The free distribution of thousands of 2,300 no-threshold consumer coupons (8 yuan/18 yuan/28 yuan) was highly welcomed by the public. Within half an hour after it went online, it was sold out by customers! During the Double Festival, more than 100 shops in SM Plaza can participate, allowing customers to have a lot of money during the Double Festival holiday. ! In addition, at the entrance of Gate B of Jinhuan, the dual gift-giving experience of cake gambling and national style also brings double surprises to customers! You can participate in the on-site game interactive game once when you spend over 107 yuan, participate in the game twice when you spend over 177 yuan, and participate in the game 3 times when you spend over 277 yuan. Mijia exquisite home appliances, Yonghui Supermarket cash cards, Decathlon luxury equipment, Miniso boutiques… On-site customers enthusiastically participated and shared the 10,000-yuan gift!

SP event photos & 0 yuan coupon door stickers/customer verification photos of customer consumption in the venue

In order to cater to consumers’ pursuit of fashionable life and satisfy consumers’ multiple shopping experiences, many new fashion brand stores in SM Plaza also debuted during the Double Festival, including 11LAB, Haoteaibao, DQ, Tmall Youpin, Anta, Hufu, New brands such as Oujialuni made a stunning debut! The continuously upgraded new store formats cover all-round services such as catering, entertainment, home decoration, etc., allowing surrounding citizens to enjoy a refined and fashionable new life while shopping leisurely, opening up a new shopping life model.

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