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Double 11 pre-sale 4-hour Taobao 100 million yuan live broadcast room adds 3 more

Double 11 pre-sale 4-hour Taobao 100 million yuan live broadcast room adds 3 more

Tmall Double 11 pre-sale starts, Taobao Live Broadcast lets hundreds of flowers bloom. The super leader camp has expanded, and the new anchors who have moved to Taobao across platforms have performed well.

In the first four hours of the first day, Li Jiaqi, Bee Surprise Club, Shiitake Mushrooms Are Coming, Lieer Baby, Chen Jie Kiki, Jiu Xian Liang Ge, A Zhuo Tavern, Oriental Selection, All Girls’ Wardrobe, Lin Yilun, Hu Ke, FILA Official Flagship Store, etc. The live broadcast room was the first to break 100 million. Among them, Dongfang Selection, Jiu Xian Liang Ge, and A Zhuo Tavern are all new live broadcast rooms that have just entered Taobao less than a year ago. Within 4 hours, they all set a record for their highest single-day live broadcast sales on the entire network.

Dongfang Selection, which entered Taobao across platforms from Douyin, has already become the “top stream” on Taobao only two months after its launch, with pre-sales exceeding 100 million in the first hour. At that time, the first broadcast of Oriental Selection aroused widespread optimism in the market. Sun Dongxu, CEO of Oriental Selection, said that Taobao is in a leading position in domestic e-commerce. It has many international brands accumulated over the years, strong supply chain resources, and the ability to expand in all categories. In the vast world, Taobao is , can make a big difference.

Li Xuanzhuo, a beverage anchor who switched from Kuaishou to Taobao, has been in constant motion in the live broadcast room since joining Taobao. Last night, he and Jiuxian Liang brother were inextricably matched in terms of attendance and sales, both exceeding 100 million. At present, Li Xunzhuo has gradually shifted his focus to Taobao. In June this year, his Taobao live broadcast room welcomed the world champion Messi, and his personal popularity and industry influence reached its peak.

Make friends with plans on multiple platforms. It’s just one year since joining Taobao, and pre-sales easily exceeded 100 million on the first day. Make Friends Since joining Taobao across platforms, I have made many new friends that I could not make before: just last night, Luo Yonghao’s live broadcast room launched a domestically produced large cruise ship, and sold a whole pack of “Ada Magic City” for 20 million. Five days and 40,000 yuan service. During 618, the first physical communication satellite was successfully sold in a live broadcast room, setting a new record in the industry. Cui Dongsheng, vice president of Make a Friend and head of Taobao Live Division, said that Taobao Live Room has become an internal model and benchmark. “Joining Taobao is the most correct decision.”

Since Double 11 last year, top institutions and top anchors have significantly accelerated their entry into the shopping spree. According to industry statistics, in the past year, Taobao Live has attracted at least more than 500,000 new internet celebrity anchors from various platforms to take root in Taobao, further enhancing the vitality of the ecosystem. Currently, seven of the top ten MCNs in the industry are already on Taobao. There is even a view in the industry that the Double 11 live broadcast war has become a city derby in Hangzhou, and the core battlefield is Taobao.

Judging from the performance of Tmall’s Double 11 pre-sales, these new anchors have taken root and achieved growth beyond expectations. With a more complete supply chain, better consumer protection, and a healthier business environment, Taobao Live has formed a new pattern of ecological prosperity and become the de facto top terminal.

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