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Double 11: Faster, better, better and greener are the four major characteristics of logistics

Double 11: Faster, better, better and greener are the four major characteristics of logistics

The joint logistics safeguard measures of Cainiao Group and Taotian Group, which were exposed earlier, show that during this year’s Double 11, both parties will continue to stage “brothers on the battlefield” to significantly improve the logistics experience. Domestic half-day delivery and international five-day delivery have become this year’s high-quality flagship services. . Some commentators believe that Cainiao has not only “improved” its service quality domestically, but also “improved” it internationally.

Faced with the voice that Cainiao is very “curious”, on October 26, Li Wuchang, vice president of Cainiao Group and commander-in-chief of Double 11, responded that Cainiao is not rolling for the sake of curling, but based on the needs of consumers and merchants, as well as domestic and international needs. Logistics capacity building and continuous improvement of service standards.

Faster, better, better and greener are the four distinctive features of this year’s Double 11 logistics. The delivery time is faster, the quality is better, and consumers will feel more comfortable receiving the goods. According to reports, in the Mainland, Cainiao Warehouse, composed of Cainiao Warehouse and Cainiao Express, provides integrated supply chain services, which greatly improves logistics timeliness. By processing pre-sale packages in advance and sending them to express delivery outlets, larger-scale half-day delivery is achieved. Cainiao Express will continue to make door-to-door delivery a standard feature, while Cainiao Station will continue to provide on-demand door-to-door services in core cities across the country.

In China’s Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, Cainiao provides free shipping, free refunds, and tax coverage in some areas to overseas consumers on Tmall and Taobao. In overseas markets, Cainiao provides AliExpress with services such as the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, and South Korea. The national “5-day delivery” international express express service provides Tmall Taobao overseas consumers with “5-day delivery” services in Singapore and Malaysia, allowing consumers around the world to enjoy the joy of quick delivery on Double 11.

The cost is better, and the logistics cost pressure of merchants during peak seasons is greatly relieved. With the construction of Cainiao’s flexible supply chain capabilities, preparations for Double 11 have been shortened from four or five months in the past to more than one month now, which also means that the reserve and dispatch of logistics resources are more accurate. In the face of seasonal price increases such as labor costs, Cainiao has also used its technical capabilities and operational methods to significantly absorb the new costs and alleviate the pressure on merchants caused by the logistics costs of major promotions.

Carbon reduction and recycling make this Double Eleven greener. “Express packaging recycling requires social participation. Cainiao continues to use various methods to make recycling more convenient and make more people willing to participate in recycling.” Niu Zhijing, vice president of Cainiao Group and general manager of public relations marketing and ESG, said that this year consumers nationwide Cainiao Station can participate in express packaging recycling and receive recycling funds. For used clothing recycling, express delivery can also pick up items at your door for free. At the same time, a number of colleges and universities have also joined the Cainiao Recycling Campaign, encouraging students to participate in green recycling at the campus Cainiao Station. A group of Taobao anchors will call on consumers to participate in the recycling of express packaging in the live broadcast room, and the atmosphere for the whole society to participate in green recycling is stronger.

Industry analysts believe that Double Eleven is the best window to observe logistics companies. In recent years, express delivery companies represented by Cainiao have developed high value-added supply chain businesses, vigorously expanded global logistics networks, and provided high-quality logistics services such as domestic half-day delivery, international five-day delivery, and door-to-door delivery, which has also driven the logistics industry. Gradually transform to high-quality development.

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