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Don’t let emotions disrupt your sleep anymore, Mousse will showcase new technology on World Sleep Day

Don’t let emotions disrupt your sleep anymore, Mousse will showcase new technology on World Sleep Day

As World Sleep Day approaches, the popularity of sleep-related topics continues to soar. Recently, a Weibo topic #the smallest mattress in the world was discovered# has become a hot topic, making everyone pay more attention to sleep health. As a leader in the field of sleep science, Mousse has launched the “world’s smallest mattress” and joined hands with Himalaya to create a “Good Night Sleep Radio” in Beijing to care for the sleep health of all people. The warm interaction has attracted calls from netizens.

Gain insights into users’ sleeping habits and put down their phones to “recharge” themselves

Just how small is the “world’s smallest mattress”? Why does Mousse dare to say that the mattress it builds is the smallest in the world? Many technology bloggers shared their unboxing experiences and lamented, “I admire the details and attentiveness of Mousse” and “Mousse still knows how to ‘make things work'”. It turns out that this is the exclusive mattress created by Mousse for mobile phones – wireless charger & magnetic wireless power bank, which truly restores the details and texture of the mattress. It also comes with a mattress stand, so the mobile phone can be directly placed on it Charging, whether you are out or at home, you can easily charge wirelessly.

As the blogger Mr. Dudai said: “‘When your phone is about to sleep, you also need to charge it.’ This concept really persuades me to sleep!” Mousse launched this “mattress”, which is actually more of a reminder People, mobile phones need to “sleep”, and people also need to “recharge” themselves through sleep.

According to data from the “2022 Chinese National Healthy Sleep White Paper”, about 70% of late bedtimes are related to playing with mobile phones before going to bed. Playing with mobile phones before going to bed has become a common sleep ritual for contemporary people. Playing games, reading novels, watching videos… I pick up my mobile phone and play until early in the morning without realizing it. This takes up a lot of sleep time, and the blue light released by mobile phones will also inhibit The human body secretes melatonin, which disrupts the natural sleep pattern, leading to listlessness and poor mood the next day. Based on the brand’s insight into the sleeping conditions of Chinese people, and in order to convey founder Wang Bingkun’s hope that everyone can have a good night’s sleep, Mousse designed this smallest and simplest mattress, hoping that through this “small mattress” “The power bank calls on people to put their mobile phones to sleep, and at the same time charge themselves, develop good sleep habits, gain a deep and comfortable sleep, and greet the new day with “full power”.

Caring for the health of all people, healing emotions and improving sleep quality

If Mousse’s ingenious “World’s Smallest Mattress” incident triggered people’s thinking about healthy sleep in a novel way, then Mousse and Himalaya launched the “Good Night Radio” to help more people improve their sleep with practical actions. quality. On March 5, Muse and Himalaya launched the “Muse Good Night Radio” column, which provides a variety of sleep-aid and healing music to help everyone manage their emotions and heal themselves. From March 16th to 17th, Mousse and Himalaya moved the radio station offline and built a large-scale “Sleep Good Night Radio” installation in Beijing, allowing the public to listen to the good night radio station, experience Mousse sleep technology, and find solutions for a good night’s sleep. .

It turns out that not only can’t put down the mobile phone, but also emotions affect sleep. This is also a new discovery made by Mousse after studying human health sleep for 20 years and participating in the national sleep survey for 12 consecutive years. According to the “2024 Mood and Healthy Sleep White Paper” released by Mousse, China Sleep Association, iResearch Consulting, and Himalaya, 61% of the respondents have sleep problems, and 86% of the respondents believe that sleep and mood affect each other, and people are very worried about it. It is easy to fall into the vicious cycle of “poor sleep – bad mood – even more bad sleep”. In order to improve their sleep, most respondents choose to listen to audio to relax before going to bed. It is precisely because of the insight into the deep connection between emotions and sleep that Mousse collaborates online and offline to draw attention to the impact of emotions on sleep through a street pop-up that is both interesting and experiential, advocating that “self-healing means sleeping well” , in the more popular audio form of “Mousse Good Night Radio”, it provides solutions to sleep and emotional distress, helps the public manage their emotions, improves sleep quality, and benefits more people.

From launching the “world’s smallest mattress” to remind people to put their phones to sleep and charge themselves, to launching “Muse Good Night Radio” to help the public manage their emotions and sleep well, Muse focuses on the two major factors that affect users’ sleep and continues to expand. The brand’s boundaries are evident in its concern for national sleep health, and it also fully demonstrates the responsibility and responsibility of a national brand. Adhering to the original intention and mission of “let people sleep better”, Mousse will also hold a new product launch conference at the National Aquatics Center (Water Cube) on March 20. At that time, what kind of sleep technology will Mousse use to help National sleep, to realize the healthy Chinese dream? We’ll see.

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