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Dongpeng Beverage fully sprints to 20 billion, demonstrating the hard power of national brands

Dongpeng Beverage fully sprints to 20 billion, demonstrating the hard power of national brands

Recently, Shanghai Securities released an eye-catching report “Dongpeng Beverage Covered for the First Time: Rising Sun, Peng Tuan Jiuzhou”, which gave Dongpeng Beverage a high rating and fully recognized its achievements in product innovation, brand building and nationalization. Excellence in expansion strategies. Since its listing in 2021, Dongpeng Beverage has continuously set new performance highs with its steady development momentum and forward-looking strategic layout, showing strong development potential and market competitiveness.

The report mentioned that Dongpeng Beverage has successively launched development strategies such as building a “Dongpeng Energy+” product matrix and “national comprehensive development and cultivating the second curve” in recent years, and the implementation of these strategies has achieved remarkable results. These measures not only consolidated Dongpeng Beverage’s leading position in the energy drink market, but also laid a solid foundation for its nationwide expansion.

It is worth noting that at the beginning of 2024, Dongpeng Beverage is standing at a new starting point of sprinting to 20 billion. In order to achieve this goal, Lin Muqin, chairman of Dongpeng Beverage, proposed the development strategy of “fully implementing the 1+6 multi-category strategy and building China’s leading beverage group.” He said that “the 1+6 strategy is to lay the foundation for the company’s future 3 -Prepare for 5 years of development and growth”. 2023 is the first year of Dongpeng Beverage’s multi-category layout. In 2024, Dongpeng Beverage will focus on the bottled functional beverage track. At the same time, the group will continue to pour resources into promoting products including “Hydration La”, “Pengyou Shangcha” and “Dongpeng Big”. The development of new products such as “Coffee” and “VIVI Cocktail” has cultivated new growth points for the sustainable development of the company, and provided consumers with high-quality products that are both cost-effective and meet diversified needs.

Dongpeng Beverage fully implements the 1+6 multi-category strategy

To implement the work arrangements and requirements until 2024, Lin Muqin said, “We must care for the brand like we care for our eyes, tell good brand stories, and tell good brand stories.” At the same time, he pointed out that with the rapid development of enterprises, there is a need for deep cultivation of channels and quality. Management, supply security, digital empowerment and organizational vitality have all put forward higher requirements. “The beverage industry is a fully competitive industry, and the end of enterprise competition is the competition of teams.” Lin Muqin wants to build a first-class talent system in the industry and form a corporate culture based on hard work.

In addition, Dongpeng Beverage’s national expansion strategy has also achieved remarkable results. By actively promoting the layout and implementation of the country’s 10 major production bases, the company has achieved the integration of procurement, production, logistics, sales, and distribution, effectively meeting the needs of the national market. In addition, the company continues to develop terminal outlets and gradually establish a diversified and three-dimensional sales network with the Guangdong market as the core and radiating across the country, laying a solid foundation for the company’s sustainable development.

It is worth mentioning that Dongpeng Beverage also performed well in terms of performance. According to the 2023 annual performance forecast released by the company, the annual revenue is expected to exceed 11 billion yuan and the net profit will exceed 2 billion yuan, with year-on-year growth exceeding 30%. This performance not only demonstrates the strong profitability of Dongpeng Beverage, but also further proves the effectiveness of its development strategy.

As a well-known national enterprise in China, Dongpeng Beverage has demonstrated strong comprehensive strength in products, brands, channels and other aspects. Shanghai Securities gave Dongpeng Beverage a buy rating, which is not only recognition of its past performance, but also optimism about its future development potential. It is believed that in the future development, Dongpeng Beverage will continue to maintain a positive development trend, bring more high-quality and innovative products to consumers, and at the same time achieve sustainable development of the enterprise.

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