[Doctors talk freely. Painted Kindness]International Medical Care: Case 1

[Doctors talk freely. Painted Kindness]International Medical Care: Case 1

In the previous article, we talked about the factors of the increasing popularity of international medical care, nothing more than:

1) Local medical expenses are high, forcing people to seek medical treatment abroad.

2) The local waiting time for disease treatment is too long.

3) There are not enough medical facilities in the local area, causing residents to seek medical treatment in other places.

Judging from the current development trend of international medical care, whether it is the national government or the private medical industry, the medical profits that are dreamed of should be provided in accordance with the principles of medical ethics to provide international medical services. The following is the author’s medical career. An international medical case encountered.

Diagnosed with end-stage cirrhosis

I still remember that this incident happened one morning before the COVID-19 outbreak. I was in the clinic as usual, when suddenly a 60-year-old man with emaciated limbs but a distended belly suddenly came.

“Hello, Mr. Ma! May I ask if there is anything I can do for you this time?” I asked.

“Hello, Doctor Huang! I’m here this time to help me find out what’s wrong with my body recently. In the past two or three months, I found that I don’t know why my appetite has become worse and worse. The volume is not much, and the hands and feet are getting thinner but the belly is getting bigger and bigger.”

“At the beginning, when my family saw me like this, they took me to see some doctors, including traditional Chinese medicine, and then took some medicine. At the beginning, it seemed to have a little effect, and my stomach was not so distended, but the effect of the medicine disappeared after a while. , so I decided to come to you this time to see what kind of disease I have, which has made me unable to eat or sleep well in the past few months.” Mr. Ma said.

“Mr. Ma, according to what you said, I think there are several possibilities. I suggest that you should be hospitalized for better treatment. I think I will focus on the problems of the heart, liver and kidneys. I will Do some tests for you including blood draw, urine test and abdominal and pelvic ultrasound, hope to find out after these tests.” I replied.

As a result, after a series of examinations, Mr. Ma found out that he was suffering from end-stage liver cirrhosis with ascites and abnormal blood coagulation. After draining more than 3000 ml of ascites for him, he immediately felt much better, and then he also informed the hepatobiliary gastroenterologist to carry out follow-up treatment and follow-up for him.

I thought this case would end here because the patient had been referred to other doctors, but I didn’t expect this Mr. Ma to appear in the clinic again about a month later.

Unsolicited international medical referrals

“Mr. Ma, what’s the matter with you this time?” I asked curiously.

“Dr. Huang, I believe you also understand that I am a patient with advanced liver cirrhosis. If you only use drugs to control it, it is a way to treat the symptoms, not the root cause. And I also know that the real cure should be liver replacement, but it is a pity. The gastroenterologist said that he could not arrange a liver transplant for me in China, so I wanted to come back to you to see if there is any other way to go abroad for a liver transplant.” Mr. Ma said.

“Well, that’s how it is. I think the matter of liver replacement is not a trivial matter. First of all, you must know that this is a major operation. If you want to go abroad for liver replacement, it is best to ask the relevant medical staff first. Legal and moral issues. I know that the success rate of liver replacement surgery in Taiwan Medical Center is quite high, but in order to avoid suspicion, I can help you contact the relevant medical center and provide an international medical referral letter, but subsequent appointments, hospitalization or even It is best for you to arrange the follow-up surgery and treatment by yourself, is that okay?” I said.

“Well, please ask Dr. Huang to help me deal with it as soon as possible!” Mr. Ma said.

In the end, Mr. Ma was referred by me to a medical center in Taiwan. After the evaluation by the doctor of the medical center, he believed that he could undergo liver replacement surgery. The liver donor was his son, and the cost was much cheaper than expected. After the operation, the father and son also came to the outpatient clinic to report the treatment process and were satisfied with the process.

Looking back now, it has been almost 5 years, and it seems that it should be a meritorious deed, and I still feel quite relieved about it.

(Guangming Daily/Doctor Column‧Author: Huang Xueqian)

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