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[Doctors talk freely. Painted Hearts]International Medical Care: Cases (3)

[Doctors talk freely. Painted Hearts]International Medical Care: Cases (3)

In the previous articles, we talked about the case of liver organ transplantation and the case of stonefish stabbing while snorkeling in China. Although there are differences between the active and the passive in the process of seeking medical treatment for these two patients, there is a very important aspect in both. What they have in common is that there is no financial difficulty, so it is easier to get the results they want in the process of seeking medical treatment, but what should they do if a foreign tourist has an accident in our country and needs medical treatment but has no financial means?

The author recently actually encountered such a case of seeking medical treatment, and gained some feelings and experiences in the treatment process center, and would like to share it with readers.

One afternoon, I went to work as usual, and suddenly received a call from my wife, saying that she had a friend, Ms. L, who wanted to contact me to see if a patient, Ms. H, could be transferred from Hospital A to me for further treatment. .

Not long after, I got in touch with Ms. L. From the conversation, I learned that Ms. H is a young practicing lawyer who likes to travel around the world as a backpacker. This time she came to Sabah alone from country T in mid-February. While traveling, I was unexpectedly hit by a car while walking by the side of the road one evening, and was rushed to Hospital A by a passerby.

Foreigners need to pay the surgery fee

After a series of examinations, it was confirmed that she had an acute subdural hemorrhage in the front of the brain caused by a car accident, and needed emergency brain surgery. However, since she is a foreigner, all treatment needs to be paid for by herself.

Fortunately, Ms. H had some fellow countrymen in Sabah at this time. They spontaneously launched fundraising activities, coupled with the cooperation of some local religious groups and the Chamber of Commerce, unexpectedly raised more than RM240,000 in a short period of time. After getting a general understanding of Miss H’s condition, I obliged to accept the case.

Two days later, Ms. H was transferred from Hospital A to my medical center for follow-up treatment. She is unfortunate, but also lucky.

When I saw this Miss H for the first time, I found that she was thin and thin. Although her facial features were normal, she didn’t have much strength, and she couldn’t sit, stand and walk by herself. In addition, the forehead of her head is obviously sunken, and the face is fortunately not traumatized, and the overall look is a bit scary (especially after comparing the pretty appearance of her passport).

I thought to myself, what an unfortunate girl, she was involved in such a serious car accident when she first came here, not only did she not have family and friends by her side, but she also injured her brain and required major surgery to remove her skull (to relieve the pain) Brain pressure and removal of blood clots), after the operation, I was unconscious for a while and had a tracheectomy (this is for the convenience of chronic respiratory care and sputum extraction).

But from another point of view, this Ms. H is quite lucky, because she was sent to a nearby hospital immediately after the accident, and even though she is a foreigner and did not buy any insurance, the hospital still operated on her Let her live for about a month, and more importantly, she slowly came to life later, was able to get off the respirator, and resume breathing spontaneously.

Get your medical card ready to buy travel insurance

Ms. H’s accidental incident was reported by the media and received a lot of support from the Chinese community. The charity raised more than 240,000 ringgits, and some kind-hearted people came to visit and take care of her as volunteers. They also contacted her family members to visit her. She, this kind of warm behavior of Zhonghua Society has confirmed that one party is in trouble, and all parties support this motto.

Ms. H stayed in our hospital for about 3 weeks. When she was first hospitalized, she was evaluated as having poor business, weakness in hands and feet, anemia and lack of rehabilitation. In addition to helping her in the medical profession, what is more important is how to arrange for the patient to be safely escorted back to her T country.

In order to make sure that she can fly safely, I performed a CT scan of her brain again to confirm that there was no further bleeding in her brain, the air in her brain was less than 30 CC, and there was no infection focus. At the same time, she confirmed with the brain doctor that she had no epilepsy. After she was in danger, she communicated well with the escorting doctor team, and finally escorted her back safe and sound. After that, this incident was published in major media. Although Ms. H has encountered misfortune in my country, she is still lucky for her follow-up development and local disposal.

In short, it is best to travel together as a good behavior, and you must prepare your own medical card and purchase the travel safety insurance. After all, no one can guarantee that everyone’s every trip will be safe and sound.

(Guangming Daily/Doctor Column‧Author: Huang Xueqian)

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