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[Doctors talk freely.between the ears]the pompous doctor

[Doctors talk freely.between the ears]the pompous doctor

I have been a doctor for so many years, and I have been in contact with so many doctors, friends and colleagues around me. I think a common shortcoming of doctors is self-conceit.

caused a lot of relationship damage

When I say common I mean including me. Perhaps the threshold for entering the medical department is very high, and those who can squeeze into the medical department are the best in the school. We have to go through a fierce battle between dragons and tigers before we can squeeze into the narrow gate of the medical department. After becoming a doctor, we also gained the respect and even admiration of people in the society! Doctors usually work in the upper class of society. These various reasons make the doctor feel that he is the proud son of heaven, aloof.

There are often sparks between doctors and doctors, because each thinks that they are better than each other, especially doctors of the same specialty, they like to fight each other.

In addition, doctors always think too highly of themselves in their relationship with patients, thinking that they can control the life and death of others. Such a conceited attitude has caused a lot of unnecessary harm to interpersonal relationships (between doctors and doctors and between doctors and patients).

Let me share with you a few of my own experiences.

Doctor A likes to criticize other doctors with patients and improve himself. A patient complained to me when he came to consult: “I don’t want to see Doctor A anymore, because as soon as I enter his clinic, he will scold other doctors in front of me and accuse those doctors of doing wrong. He is so Talking nonsense to other doctors to show that I am superior makes me sick to my stomach, I think there is something wrong with his character and medical ethics!”

We are all just a bubble floating in the world, fleeting! Be humble and don’t have to be conceited.

Doctor A’s conceit caused him a stumbling block in practicing medicine!

Years ago a relative of mine consulted a senior physician about his father’s condition. The doctor said impatiently: “Forget it, you won’t understand if I explain too much to you. Just follow my treatment and you don’t need to ask too much!”

The relative was very dissatisfied with such an answer and asked to switch to another attending physician.

No matter how senior you are, an egotistical attitude is a big obstacle in the doctor-patient relationship!

Another doctor was even worse. When a patient asked him about a diagnosis of a disease, he wrote down the medical name of the diagnosis on a piece of paper without looking up, then handed the paper to the patient dismissively and said: “I don’t want to waste my mouth, you go to ‘Google ‘Check it out!’ The patient was of course furious, and I felt very sorry when I heard him complain about this conceited doctor.

A doctor friend refuses to attend Doctor B’s lecture. I asked him why, and he replied: “The content of the doctor’s lectures is to accuse other doctors of making mistakes in diagnosis. Only his medical methods are extremely correct, and there is no value for learning at all.”

Doctor B’s ego prevents him from communicating effectively with other doctors.

Ordinary people still need to be humble

I also see my shadow from the above experiences. In practicing medicine, I sometimes inadvertently hurt others because of my ego, so I often remind myself with the passages of the Bible: “Why do you only see the eyes of your brother?” how can you say to your brother, “Let me take the sawdust out of your eye, and you have a beam in your eye?”

Doctors are also ordinary people, so let’s be humble!

(Guangming Daily/Doctor Column‧Author: Wu Rongliang)

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