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Do more for the strugglers Sunshine Life fully launched the 2023 “July 8 National Insurance Public Awareness Day” campaign

Do more for the strugglers Sunshine Life fully launched the 2023 “July 8 National Insurance Public Awareness Day” campaign

July 8, 2023 is the eleventh “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day”. Sunshine Life actively responded to the call of the Insurance Association of China and organized a campaign with the theme of “insurance power, work harder for you who are struggling”. A series of various and colorful “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day” activities showed a good and sunny image to the public.

Online Q&A event expands public outreach

With the help of the official WeChat account, Sunshine Life launched the “National Insurance Publicity Day” online knowledge quiz challenge on July 8, using the online interactive mode that the public likes to see and hear, to expand the publicity area and enhance the influence of the event. The game also enriches insurance knowledge and enhances public awareness of insurance.

The total score linkage will work harder for you who are struggling

In this event, Sunshine Life will solidly implement the “Healthy Life Every Day” insurance public welfare activity, continue to donate medical insurance to Wu? Each family member of card households and marginal households continues to contribute to supplementary medical insurance for hospitalization expenses. Through this supplementary medical security, the medical pressure of local villagers suffering from diseases can be alleviated, the sense of happiness and gain of rural people can be improved, and the revitalization of the countryside can be helped.

At the same time, Sunshine Life called on institutions at all levels of the system to actively participate in activities such as “Healthy Life Every Day”, “Singing for a New Journey, Running Green”, and “Insurance Five Entry” organized by the Insurance Association of China. Sunshine Life Insurance Chongqing Branch invited experts from the National Health Promotion Working Committee to lead employees and customers to experience “micro-exercise” together, through simple movements, use fragmented time to effectively solve fatigue problems and promote health; Sunshine Life Sichuan Branch invited medical staff Carry out free clinic activities in the community, measure blood pressure and blood sugar for free for residents, and provide professional diagnosis and treatment advice; Sunshine Life Insurance Jiangsu Branch organizes party members, young volunteers and community party members to carry out brisk walking activities, and sings “Singing the Motherland” and “Singing the Motherland” together during the event Sing a folk song for the party” and other songs, and sing the new journey with moving voices; Sunshine Life Huizhou Central Branch organized volunteers to participate in the 7.8 public welfare blood donation activity to help local medical blood; Sunshine Life Jiangxi Branch entered Yihuang County Lu He joined the Sunshine Star Boai Primary School and sang “Children’s Heart to the Party” with the students, expressing the determination to be grateful to the Party, listen to the Party, and follow the Party through singing, showing the high-spirited style of “forging ahead on a new journey and making contributions in a new era”.

(Sunshine Life Sichuan Branch)

(Sunshine Life Jiangsu Branch)

(Sunshine Life Huizhou Central Branch)

(Sunshine Life Jiangxi Branch)

  Colorful communication industry “positive energy”

On the basis of actively participating in the implementation of the unified activities of the bank association, institutions at all levels of Sunshine Life Insurance have carried out various and colorful characteristic activities in light of local actual conditions and according to local conditions. Sunshine Life Insurance Tianjin Branch held the “Sunshine Cup” badminton competition, while strengthening the body, it showed the insurer’s spirit of unity and forging ahead and striving for the top; Reposted and liked it on the Internet to spread the insurance concept of “love and responsibility”; Sunshine Life Shenzhen Branch launched the “Sunshine People’s Sightseeing Tour” activity to let customers understand the trend of pension policies and the advantages of community services for the elderly, fully demonstrating the insurance industry’s service to the society and courage A good image of social responsibility.

(Sunshine Life Tianjin Branch)

(Sunshine Life Shenzhen Branch)

Sunshine Life has always attached great importance to the “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day” activity, taking the “Publicity Day” as an opportunity to use various forms to popularize insurance knowledge and promote insurance concepts to the public. In the future, Sunshine Life will continue to uphold the mission of “Let people have more sunshine”, so that more people can feel at ease and happy because of insurance.

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