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Do a solid job in the digital finance chapter of the five major articles. Digital transformation empowers new capabilities. Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch adds “digital” to move forward.

Do a solid job in the digital finance chapter of the five major articles. Digital transformation empowers new capabilities. Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch adds “digital” to move forward.

The Central Financial Work Conference proposed for the first time accelerating the construction of a financial power, and emphasized optimizing financial services, preventing and defusing risks, and doing a good job in technology finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance, and digital finance. Five major articles provide guidance for promoting high-quality financial development. direction of progress. Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch actively studied and implemented the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference, combined with its own endowments and characteristics, strengthened resource integration, accelerated business layout, actively implemented the five major articles with practical actions, and made every effort to complete the five major articles.

Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch gives full play to the digital financial characteristics of Industrial Bank, continuously explores and innovates, opens up new tracks for technological empowerment in the front, middle and back offices, creates new models for product innovation and service upgrades, continues to promote big data applications, and strengthens the application of digital financial scenarios. The depth and breadth of the company are focused on adding “digits” to the general trend of digital transformation to move forward.

Digital drive enhances new product competitiveness

Every afternoon is the most lively and busiest time in Tianjin Haijixing International Agricultural Products Logistics Park. In the vegetable hall of the park, the reporter saw large distribution trucks going back and forth, and bags of fresh vegetables neatly stacked. In front of each stall, some merchants were busy pouring water on the leafy vegetables to keep them fresh, and some were busy packing them into boxes. Before starting the train, some were quickly tapping on their calculators, checking accounts, and calculating the day’s operating results.

Tianjin Haijixing International Agricultural Products Logistics Park, located in Jinghai District, Tianjin, is a national public welfare agricultural product demonstration market and an important people’s livelihood project in Tianjin. It has been approved as the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei (Tianjin) Inspection and Quarantine Pilot Zone, and the designated supervision site for imported meat in Tianjin. Customs clearance inspection functions for public bonded warehouses, frozen products and pre-packaged foods. The wholesale operation of agricultural products, especially vegetables, has obvious seasonal characteristics and usually results in “low profits”. Shortage of purchase funds in peak seasons and arrears of downstream agents are common financial problems faced by merchants. How should banks address the financing problems faced by merchants in the agricultural wholesale market?

Based on the individual needs of market managers, the Tianjin Branch developed and constructed a “smart agricultural batch” online market management system free of charge for the market, and made every effort to build the first smart agricultural batch market in Tianjin. After signing the “Industrial Puhui·Smart Agricultural Batch” system project construction cooperation agreement, Tianjin Branch provided a series of system support and lines in resource management, asset leasing, quality inspection traceability, epidemic prevention and control, market services, information disclosure, etc. Solution; In order to meet the operating capital needs of merchants in the agricultural batch market, the Tianjin Branch went deep into the agricultural batch market park to conduct industry research and research, and under the standardization requirements of the head office, timely formulated business implementation details with Tianjin characteristics, combined with the application scenarios of the Tianjin agricultural batch market , by introducing the business data of merchants in the agricultural wholesale market, we create a differentiated online approval model that suits the characteristics of the merchants, and create a new online financing product for merchants – “Xingsu Loan (exclusive for agricultural wholesale and agricultural trade)” to provide customers with wholesale operations in the market It provides credit support to high-quality small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, with the convenience of borrowing and repaying at any time and withdrawing funds on demand. As of the end of 2023, Tianjin Branch’s Xingsu Dai (exclusive for agricultural batches and agricultural trade) agricultural-related financing products have provided credit support of nearly 200 million yuan to more than 100 merchants.

Digital helps build a new model of operation management

The middle and back-office departments are also an important position for the digital transformation of Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch. From support to leadership, the use of digital technology is not only an important channel to facilitate office work and improve quality and efficiency, but also an effective means to reduce management costs and improve risk control levels. Tianjin Branch relied on the “Xing Mo Cube” publishing mechanism to integrate and build a branch-specific digital operation and management platform to achieve visual internal control management. For complex indicator calculations, intelligent algorithms are used to replace manual statistics. Managers can fully understand the level of grassroots operation and management through the platform. Dynamically display key risk indicator data. Through the internal control management platform, the standardized business management processes of each sector can be clarified, and the full life cycle management of institutions, personnel and machinery can be realized. The platform is timely and iteratively upgraded according to needs, and adapted to mobile terminals such as Xingzhihui and Micro Office, making the system lightweight and flexible to use.

Digital empowerment builds a new system for technology evaluation

In 2022, Industrial Bank innovatively launched the “Technology Flow” evaluation system, relying on “data + model + system” technical support to integrate the technology flow evaluation model with science and technology financial scenarios such as parks, industries, and industrial chains, and use digital means to quantify enterprises Scientific and technological innovation strength, assessment of enterprise development potential, and credit support for scientific and technological innovation enterprises. Tianjin Branch uses “technology flow” digital means to accurately serve scientific and technological innovation enterprises, promotes the intelligentization of financial services, and supports scientific and technological innovation financial products such as technology loans, investment-linked loans, talent loans, and Kuaiyi Loans to help scientific and technological innovation enterprises use their technology as “soft power” ” into “hard currency” for financing.

A robot company in Tianjin has been focusing on the professional R&D and production of high-tech AGVs and is one of the beneficiaries of the “technology flow” evaluation system. The company has authorized more than 60 invention patents in the past three years and has been recognized as a technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise and a national high-tech enterprise. As business operations develop and business scale continues to grow, the demand for working capital also increases. With the help of the “Technical Flow” evaluation system, Tianjin Branch quickly completed the approval process and provided the enterprise with 10 million yuan of guarantee-free credit support. Since 2023, Tianjin Branch has supported nearly 200 scientific and technological innovation enterprises in obtaining bank financing through the “Technology Flow” evaluation system, solving the problem of financing difficulties for small and micro scientific and technological innovation enterprises. In 2022, the “Technology Flow” evaluation model also won the most popular “Golden Idea” award in Tianjin’s key financial services industry chain.

Digital innovation builds a new medical and pharmaceutical ecosystem

“Yimai Xingyetong allows start-up companies to easily obtain the funds they need to quickly seize the market, get to the front of the track in a short time, and achieve leapfrog development.” said the operations director of a medical company.

In October 2023, Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch and Tianjin International Joint Institute of Biomedicine jointly launched a customized comprehensive financial exclusive product to serve biopharmaceutical companies – “Yi Mai Xing Ye Tong” was officially released. This time, Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch has in-depth cooperation with Tianjin International Joint Institute of Biomedicine. Through the professional guidance and incubation advantages of Tianjin Institute of Biomedicine, as a financial institution, it can serve more pharmaceutical and medical enterprises more accurately and comprehensively. The “Yimai Xingye Tong” jointly launched by both parties this time is a customized comprehensive financial product for biopharmaceutical companies at different stages. It gives full play to the industry professional advantages of Tianjin Medicine Joint Institute and the scientific and technological innovation financial service advantages of Industrial Bank, aiming to Promote the in-depth integration of finance, technology, and industry to help Tianjin Pharmaceutical Joint Institute build a biopharmaceutical full-chain transformation ecosystem.

“Yimai Xingyetong can well solve the ‘pain point’ of banks and enterprises being unable to match supply and demand. Through Tianjin Medicine Joint Institute’s ‘pulse’ – professional guidance and recommendations, banks can adjust their investment evaluation standards to achieve more precise positioning. There’s more flexibility.”

In the current era of digital transformation, Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch must grasp the convergence of regional characteristics and its own advantages, identify breakthroughs in digital transformation from the front line to the back office, and from products to services, and continue to develop in digital empowerment. We will work hard to form a virtuous cycle in which digital transformation helps reduce costs and improve efficiency, and use the results of transformation to better serve customers.

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