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“Dismantling the Case: Dawn is Coming” wraps up Dong Xuangu Jiacheng and opens a new chapter of suspenseful detective drama

“Dismantling the Case: Dawn is Coming” wraps up Dong Xuangu Jiacheng and opens a new chapter of suspenseful detective drama


Produced by Chengdu Film Group Co., Ltd., Zhizuo (Chongqing) Culture Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Enxi Film Co., Ltd., the third part of the suspenseful reasoning drama “Dismantling the Case” series “Dismantling the Case: Dawn Is Coming” On May 28, it was officially completed in Hengdian. The play is directed by Wang Liao, chief planner Bao Mengmeng, and written by Liu Yu’s team. Starring Dong Xuan and Gu Jiacheng, special starring Luo Zheng, Zhang Weiyi, Ran Xu, friendly starring Lin Jiachuan, Yang Zhengyi, Wang Mohan, Xu Xiaohan, Gao Yuan, Guo Xiangpeng, Qin Fen, Cheng Mengxin, Liao Mengyan, Wang Zhipeng, Jin Xuanyu, Zhou Yi, Luo Kangning and others starred. Zhejiang Dongyang Giwo Film and Television Production Co., Ltd., Horgos Two Bits Entertainment Co., Ltd., Jinhua Maoyan Culture and Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Xiangcheng Culture Media Co., Ltd., Xiangshan Yizhuo Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Sichuan Qixing Film Co., Ltd. , Changzhou Yimeng Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. jointly produced. Produced and distributed by Zhejiang Dongyang Giwo Film and Television Production Co., Ltd., and exclusively broadcast by iQiyi.

  The details of Chinese suspense reveal the texture, and the contrast between the inside and outside of the play is eye-catching

The play tells the story of Che Suwei (played by Dong Xuan), a forensic doctor in the Shanghai French Concession in the 1930s, and Gu Yuan (played by Gu Jiacheng), the chief inspector of the Concession Police Department, jointly solved the case, worked together to eradicate the hostile forces hidden in the concession, and defended the story of a country’s security. .

The previously hit series “Demolition” and “Demolition 2” have won a lot of praise for their exquisite picture aesthetics and ups and downs. With the continuous release of “Demolition: Dawn” , once again aroused the expectations of drama fans.

For the first time, the film crew officially released a finale special, starting with mysterious folk mythology, and gradually leading to confusing and suspenseful murder cases. With the director’s decision, the overall atmosphere and style of painting changed suddenly, and the shooting scene full of laughter made people laugh.

Dong Xuan (played as Cha Suwei) once said at the start of the film: “This shooting is more like a family gathering.” The tacit cooperation of the old members and the surprise joining of the new members show the quality of craftsmanship in every frame.

  A surprise performance by powerful actors

In addition to the finale photos, the crew officially released a set of character lineup posters, which are eye-catching. Tragic, resolute, unyielding, charming… Each actor stares into the distance with a different expression, but full of distinctive character characteristics. Undercurrents surge in a calm and peaceful atmosphere, implying the intricate relationship between characters. Dong Xuan (played as Cha Suwei) and Gu Jiacheng (played as Gu Yuan) watched the fog of the chaotic world from inside to outside, and told “Dawn is coming” with firm eyes.

It is reported that the play has entered the intensive post-production stage, and I look forward to seeing you as soon as possible with “Demolition: The Dawn Is Coming”.

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