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Discover outstanding story tellers, Kuaishou New Knowledge’s “Three Night Stories” story telling contest has a total of tens of millions of likes

Discover outstanding story tellers, Kuaishou New Knowledge’s “Three Night Stories” story telling contest has a total of tens of millions of likes

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The night is spreading, the streets are silent, only the wind is howling outside the window… The atmosphere is just right, how about some thrilling and weird late-night stories, and experience a more exciting “nightlife”?

The third watch has arrived, come if you dare. On September 11, the Kuaishou New Knowledge suspense story IP “Three Night Stories” story telling contest concluded successfully. It is understood that this event aims to discover outstanding story telling creators from all over the Internet, and at the same time launch a third-generation story theater to bring users a more unique and brain-burning new experience. Data shows that during the event, the total number of views of the video reached 396 million, and the total number of likes reached 10 million. The high-quality content with strong plot, fast pace and high tension has made many veterans come to the scene to pursue the murder and investigate the case. , revealing folk anecdotes, and the detective addiction of traveling through fantasy time and space.

“Our Midnight Night Summer Theater has launched many new stories. If you also like storytelling, publish your story telling works with the topic #三OGnighttalk, and surprise prizes are waiting for you.” On August 11, in the field of sound As the initiator of this event, the celebrity @阿杰729 released a short video on Kuaishou and launched a recruitment order for the “Midnight Story Telling Contest” (hereinafter referred to as the “Challenge”) for outstanding story tellers across the network.

The challenge attracted many presenters to participate. During the selection period, many brain-burning reasoning, weird and imaginative creations emerged. The famous cross talk artist Guo Degang also released a short video of Kuaishou to recommend the third-shift story theater to veterans.

After fierce competition in the auditions and finals, @秫白小克, @奇奇之奇书馆, and @小雪夜故事shu, with their performance in the four dimensions of playback volume and originality, creative performance, shooting quality, and editing quality, With outstanding performance, they successfully broke through and won the top three seats in this event.

In fact, compared with traditional audiobooks and short drama videos, story telling videos are compatible with the advantages of both. They are short and concise, have strong content carrying capacity, and have a strong sense of immersion. Therefore, they are favored by more and more people. . According to the “2023 Kuaishou Pan-Knowledge Report”, in November 2022, the number of Kuaishou storytelling video releases increased by 165% year-on-year, and the comment interaction of novel-related videos increased by 153% year-on-year. Many “new storytellers” who are good at telling suspense reasoning and folk stories “people” and quickly grew into a million-level account.

“Short video storytelling” content consumption demand continues to increase, and it is developing into the next content “trend”, and Kuaishou has already begun to make plans on this track. Previously, Kuaishou Xinzhi “Three Night Talks” collaborated with Forensic Qin Ming, a popular IP in the criminal investigation and suspense genre, to launch two seasons of “Doll” and “Silent Testimony”, presenting “Forensic Qin Ming” in the form of animation + dubbing The book is based on bizarre murder cases, forensic common sense and rigorous scientific logic based on real cases, and is conveyed among hundreds of millions of users in the form of storytelling.

The launch of this challenge to recruit high-quality speakers is also a further step forward for Kuaishou Xinzhi in the short video story telling track. While providing users with more exciting and informative stories, it also introduces more high-potential talents to the track and provides Lay a solid foundation to meet users’ increasingly broad content consumption needs.

It is worth mentioning that “Three Night Talks” will also launch a “Winter Holiday Special Theater” to create a head IP that cooperates with top-level suspense novels, as well as content IP co-created by native authors on the platform. Among them, “Peeper”, a collaboration with forensic doctor Qin Ming IP, will also be officially broadcast in the winter holiday special theater. A new round of decryption journey is about to begin, and Kuaishou Xinzhi will continue to exert the content and influence of “Three Night Talks” to provide users with more interesting and informative suspense stories.

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