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Digital transformation improves service quality, and the number of Ziyan Food stores continues to grow

Digital transformation improves service quality, and the number of Ziyan Food stores continues to grow

With the advancement of science and technology and changes in market demand, various industries have been deeply affected, and digitalization has become one of the development strategies of various enterprises. Ziyan Food, which has a history of more than 30 years, recognizes the importance of digital transformation to the long-term development of the brand, actively seizes development opportunities, introduces intelligent equipment, builds a scientific system, and further improves service quality, with the number of stores continuing to increase.

Ziyan Food has a keen insight into the trend of technology empowering enterprise development, and takes advantage of the situation to carry out digital transformation planning and achieve efficient enterprise management. As one of the key projects of Ziyan Food’s digital transformation, the completion of the intelligent warehousing system not only saves labor costs, but also improves the safety of warehousing management. The smart logistics service platform built based on the Internet of Things and big data technology makes distribution services faster and more accurate. In terms of management system, Ziyan Food independently designed and built a digital supply chain management system by the R&D team, covering multiple modules such as DIMS customer relationship management system, OMS order management system, WMS warehouse management system, and FMS financial management system, all integrated The digital system makes all-dimensional business management more orderly, providing convenience for employees’ work and consumers’ shopping.

The digital transformation of Ziyan Food is not only reflected in internal management, but also on the customer side. In addition to in-store purchases, consumers can also obtain the products they want through e-commerce, takeout, supermarkets and other channels; when paying, it also supports a variety of payment methods, making consumption more convenient and giving customers a better experience.

From Xuzhou’s “Zhongji Oil-Baked Duck” to more than 6,100 stores in more than 200 cities today, Ziyan Food continues to increase its efforts in market development, which is inseparable from the support of digital technology. The powerful R&D, production and logistics system has greatly improved the operational efficiency of Ziyan Food; through big data analysis, Ziyan Food can keep abreast of product trends, consumer preferences and needs, carry out scientific strategic layout, and implement it, and the brand influence Strength continues to improve.

Under the wave of digitalization, Ziyan Food takes technological innovation as the driving force and uses modern information technology to establish a scientific and effective management system, improve operational efficiency, provide consumers with more convenient and high-quality services, and receive more recognition and recognition. Support, the number of stores continues to grow. In the future, Ziyan Food will seize the opportunities of the times, continue to explore the national market, diversify its development, go global, and carry forward the Chinese braised food culture.

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