Digital technology in spring sowing: Beijing Jiage Tiandi launched a big data platform to promote efficient spring management


Just after the Awakening of Insects solar term, everywhere is already a fiery scene of spring sowing, spring plowing and busy farming.

Spring sowing grain production accounts for about 60% of the annual output, and spring tube grain production accounts for nearly 40% of the main rations. In order to give full play to the role of big data in helping food production and serving the work of spring sowing and spring management, Beijing Jiage Tiandi Technology Co., Ltd. launched the “Spring Sowing Data Management Big Data Decision Command Platform” a few days ago. Equivalent angles provide data support for spring sowing and spring management work.

As an agricultural and rural big data application enterprise, based on multi-source data represented by satellite remote sensing, combined with artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies, Jiage Tiandi can provide food security, rural revitalization and development, rural homestead management and other business scenarios. Big data solutions. At present, it has served more than 400 million mu of cultivated land in China, and has implemented services in nearly 30 provincial-level administrative regions such as Jilin, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Guangdong, forming distinctive local agricultural and rural big data applications.

The “Chunbo Data Management Big Data Decision Command Platform” launched this time is a public welfare platform launched by Jiage Tiandi based on its own capabilities and technological advantages, and is open to the public. The platform aims to use big data to serve spring sowing and spring management. It has built five functional modules including suitable areas for spring sowing, risk forecasting for spring sowing, meteorological trend for plowing preparation, crop growth monitoring, and comprehensive report for spring sowing, which can meet the supervision needs of different stages of crops from sowing to growth. , Serving agricultural management departments around the country.

The suitable area for spring sowing focuses on three types of crops: spring wheat, spring corn, and early rice. Through comprehensive analysis of crop phenology, temperature, precipitation and other data, intelligently judge the range of crops suitable for sowing in different periods. Based on the data results, the relevant departments can schedule and allocate agricultural materials in advance, and seize the agricultural season to carry out spring sowing.

In addition, the module also incorporates agricultural machinery operation data, and forms an “agricultural machinery heat map” through the visualization of agricultural machinery operations across the country to help users understand the progress of farming in various regions at a macro level.

Aiming at the meteorological factors closely related to the sowing and growth of crops, the platform analyzes and presents the meteorological conditions from the two dimensions of spring sowing risk forecast and meteorological trend of preparation.

The spring sowing risk forecast focuses on several types of meteorological disasters such as low temperature, high temperature, drought, and heavy rain, and visually displays the risk level of spring sowing in various places. When the risk is at a high level, preventive measures can be arranged in advance to avoid or reduce losses. The meteorological trend of preparation for farming reflects the current and historical average temperature, accumulated temperature, cumulative precipitation and other data, which can provide decision-making basis for agricultural operation deployment.

During the crop growth stage, the platform introduces crop growth monitoring data with the highest accuracy of 10m, which is updated every 8 days to dynamically monitor crop growth changes, locate crop growth problem areas in a timely manner, support efficient and accurate implementation of management and protection work, and escort the entire process of crop growth .

At present, Jiage Tiandi has opened the platform entrance on the official website and other channels, and launched the web terminal and mobile terminal at the same time, providing users with convenient services, helping spring agricultural production, and contributing digital power to ensuring food security.


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