Digital Intelligence Empowers More Temperature Pacific Health Insurance Releases Insurance and Service Digital Solutions

Digital Intelligence Empowers More Temperature Pacific Health Insurance Releases Insurance and Service Digital Solutions

On May 20, China Pacific Insurance held a big health strategy action press conference, which was officially released for the first time“352” Big Health Service Blueprint,arrange“Healthy Life Taibao Action”bright prospects. At the press conference, CPIC Health Insurance and CPIC Digital Intelligence Research Institute jointly released a digital solution for insurance and services. Relying on the three underlying capabilities of “tool platform, data assets, and algorithm model” provided by Taishutong, Pacific Health Insurance will digitize the core links of all Internet business value chains from marketing, underwriting to claims services, and realize the “one-stop type, end-to-end, full-cycle” solution.

Among them, focusing on the three core user values ​​of “longer-term company”, “you can use it when you buy it”, and “the more you use it, the more cost-effective it is”, Pacific Health Insurance released the latest five upgrades of its long-term medical insurance Blue Medical Insurance; at the same time, officially released the line The online claim settlement brand – Dolphin Huizu, through the deep integration of insurance products and services, comprehensively improves user experience and sense of gain.

  Product as a service, creating the preferred medical insurance for young people

In the survey and analysis of young user groups, Pacific Health Insurance found that the younger generation of users has obvious characteristics: they are more accustomed to studying and comparing different insurance products online, prefer to make decisions and purchases independently, and pay more attention to the sense of acquisition of insurance products. Love the buy-and-go experience. To this end, Pacific Health Insurance puts forward a new value proposition for online young users – “product as a service”. Focusing on the protection needs of youth and young family users, in April 2022, Pacific Health Insurance officially launched the long-term medical insurance “Blue Medical Insurance”.

Different from the shelf-style service of the traditional e-commerce model, Pacific Health Insurance has established a “1+N+N” atomized product system, and users can complete the independent upgrade and matching of insurance liability and service content online. This system is like an account exclusive to users, accompanies users to grow flexibly and online.

Since its launch in 2022, Blue Medical Insurance has always adhered to “customer-centricity”, and proposed three core user values ​​of “accompanying for a longer time”, “you can use it when you buy it”, and “the more you use it, the more cost-effective”. The 2023 version of Blue Medical Insurance has released five new upgrades around these three major user values:

  Accompany longer:Consumers’ demand for long-term and stable health protection is increasing day by day. Pacific Health Insurance hopes to truly start from customer needs and provide customers with longer-term protection and longer-term companionship through product innovation. As the first product in the industry to include 20-year special drug liability guarantee renewal in the contract, this upgrade expands the coverage of special drug coverage from 88 to 130 types, bringing patients more hope for survival.

  Buy it and use it:Starting from the user experience, the lack of sense of gain has always been a problem that traditional health insurance products have not yet solved. The younger generation of users also pay more attention to the sense of acquisition of insurance, and like the experience of buying and using products and services immediately. In terms of health services, the upgraded Blue Medical Insurance has expanded the service items from 11 to 25. And it has realized the “two full” services that guarantee users, that is, health services for the whole life cycle and health management for the whole course of disease. Let insurance also be “buy and use immediately”.

  The more you use the more cost-effective:Pacific Health Insurance has launched a health sub-system to encourage users to participate in health sub-tasks, obtain rewards and discounts, and achieve more and more favorable premiums. First of all, Blue Medical Insurance users can enjoy a 5% discount on renewal without claims during the renewal period; the discount threshold for family bills has also been reduced from the original 3 people to 2 people; what is more worth mentioning is that users participate in health sub-tasks , the preferential rewards after reaching the standard can be superimposed with the family single discount, and the renewal can enjoy a discount of up to 11%. Really realize that the more users use the more cost-effective.

The number of users of the Blue Medical Insurance series has quickly exceeded one million within half a year, and has gained a good reputation in the market. Through continuous iterative upgrades, customers can truly enjoy “long-term health insurance, Ta is enough”.

  dolphin wisdom compensation,Serveto experienceAll-round upgrade

At this conference, Pacific Health Insurance also officially released the online claim settlement brand – Dolphin Compensation. One of the members of Pacific Health Insurance, the cat “Tun Dolphin”, serves as the chief claimant “accompanying” officer. Dolphin will further shorten the distance between China Pacific Insurance and its customers, making the claims service more warm.

It is reported that in response to the pain points of customers’ troubles in claim settlement, Dolphin Compensation will launch a claim settlement service system for the purpose of helping customers worry-free. The core is to do three things for users, namely, claims management, self-service quick claims and full transparency.

For difficult problems and daily consultation, Pacific Health Insurance has established a professional claims management team. Users can add corporate WeChat online to obtain special case services and professional guidance; users can report and submit claims applications through mobile terminals to achieve quick claims. In the process of submitting claim materials, it automatically classifies and corrects affected materials, and intelligently detects forged materials. In the information entry link, the bills are automatically converted into structured data through intelligent entry technology. In the process of claim settlement, based on the claim settlement model and settlement engine, the case can be closed within 1 minute at the fastest; in order to let customers clearly know the progress of the claim settlement, Pacific Health Insurance further disassembles the granularity of the claim settlement process and displays it on the front end in real time to achieve transparency of the progress , can be checked, online to help users estimate the time required for compensation, and one-click reminders for compensation overtime, further improving the claims experience.

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