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Digital Finance | The second phase of Bank of Shanghai’s digital human project was successfully put into operation, and “Hai Xiaozhi” and “Hai Xiaohui” are always by your side!

Digital Finance | The second phase of Bank of Shanghai’s digital human project was successfully put into operation, and “Hai Xiaozhi” and “Hai Xiaohui” are always by your side!

The recently held Central Financial Work Conference emphasized that finance should provide high-quality services for economic and social development and do five major articles including digital finance. In this round of strategic planning, the Bank of Shanghai is driven by digital transformation and uses online, digital and intelligent implementation paths to promote the orderly development of financial technology. Recently, the second phase of Shanghai Bank’s digital human project was successfully put into production, and two new digital employees “Hai Xiaozhi” and “Hai Xiaohui” also officially met everyone in mobile banking.

  Identify changes accurately

  Recognize the new trends in digital finance development

Nowadays, digital technology has become the first driving force for the digital transformation of commercial banks, profoundly changing the business boundaries, organizational forms and service models of the banking industry. With the rise of the metaverse concept, digital virtual human products have once again made an appearance in the technology layout of major banks. The two new digital employees “Hai Xiaozhi” and “Hai Xiaohui” are the concrete results of Shanghai Bank’s digital technology deployment.

As the second phase of Bank of Shanghai’s digital human project has been successfully put into production, “Hai Xiaozhi” and “Hai Xiaohui” will demonstrate their unique professional capabilities to customers as long as they open the Bank of Shanghai mobile banking APP. Compared with version 1.0, the newly presented 3D image is more suitable for the posture, movements, expressions, tone and intonation of real people, and can even serve as intelligent customer service, marketing anchor and many other roles.

Hai Xiaozhi and Hai Xiaohui’s full body images

Digital employees use the intelligent knowledge base platform of the Bank of Shanghai Customer Service Center to connect to the question and answer corpus to support knowledge interaction and casual exchanges. They can also conduct real-time voice interaction and automatically adapt to large-print scenarios, bringing a good exclusive interactive experience to elderly customers. In addition, the second phase of the digital employee project has further deepened the innovative integration with Yuanshi Bank, using ubiquitous digital human services to bring an immersive, science-fiction-style financial business experience and customization to Shanghai Bank customers. Customized services, allowing each customer to obtain hot topics of interest to them.

  Scientific change

  Create new advantages in digital financial development

In the second phase of the digital human project, the Bank of Shanghai created the highest-precision hyper-realistic 3D digital employee in the industry, achieving 118-dimensional BS (in the process of making the 3D digital human face, in order to achieve real-time mouth expression driving, through phonemes The expression benchmark or facial features corresponding to the human face is called Blend Shape, abbreviated as BS. Commonly used in the industry is the pore-level accuracy of cartoon-level ARKIT 52-dimensional BS), and supports flexible management of image assets. Bank of Shanghai trains the smart brains of digital employees and has completed knowledge base training of 2,000 question and answer data and 100,000 corpus data, increasing the answer accuracy by 10% compared with the first phase.

Automatic adaptation comparison of standard version and large-font version of digital human application

Taking the pension query scenario as an example, customers do not need to know the specific button location of a specific business function. They only need to ask the digital person to “query pension account” to get the corresponding account options under their name. Digital employees guide customers step by step to complete the pension inquiry business of designated accounts in just one question and one answer. In addition to pension inquiries, there are more than 10 similar multi-round interaction scenarios such as credit card bills and balance inquiries. Through progressive and question-and-answer guidance operations, it assists elderly customers to handle mobile services and solves the problem that elderly customers do not know how to use and do not dare to use them. Use mobile banking to help elderly customer groups bridge the “digital divide”.

Progressive guided operations for credit card bills and pension enquiries

In addition, the Bank of Shanghai has also deployed a digital human video generation platform, which supports one-click generation of digital human broadcast videos, and can deliver short videos online and offline through multiple channels to assist corporate publicity and new product marketing.

  Actively recognize changes

  Identify new opportunities for digital financial development

As early as July last year, when the Bank of Shanghai mobile banking version 7.0 was launched, the Bank of Shanghai digital person version 1.0 was already online, and the first digital employee “Xiao Hailanlan” was officially announced.

Relying on its smart and warm service image and smart and efficient business processing efficiency, “Xiaohailanlan” has been running smoothly on the mobile banking side for one year, with an average of more than 50,000 customers using it every month, and a total of 360,000 customers served. Among them, 74% of users are over the age of 60, and it has received widespread praise from users. In order to better serve customers, further enrich the image of Bank of Shanghai’s digital employees, expand the coverage of different online and offline scenarios (online customer service, cloud outlets, large screens at offline outlets, video anchors, etc.), achieve multi-channel and multiple scenarios to reach users, digital people The second phase of the project came into being.

Behind the successful launch of the second phase of the Digital Human project is the crystallization of the wisdom and hard work of countless financial technology workers of the Bank of Shanghai. By continuously creating more rich and detailed product functions, it will bring unprecedented user experience to the customers of the Bank of Shanghai. At the same time, the Bank of Shanghai has always adhered to its original intention of serving the people through finance, adhered to the integration of technological innovation and aging-friendly transformation, provided more elderly customers with convenient financial services, and led the future of financial technology intelligent innovation.

Finance is the bloodline of the real economy and an important driving force in promoting the construction of the digital economy. Digital finance itself has distinctive features such as technology and inclusiveness. Bank of Shanghai will continue to improve its own digital capabilities while strengthening external empowerment. Through resource integration and technological development, the Bank will deeply embed products and services into various business links and financial scenarios to provide customers with personalized and customized services. , intelligent financial services, and make greater efforts in the process of assisting the construction of digital China and writing major articles on digital finance.

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