Different starting lines but yearning for the same finish line?There is something about CCTV’s burning drama “City of Youth”

Different starting lines but yearning for the same finish line?There is something about CCTV’s burning drama “City of Youth”


There is a popular saying recently, “Life is not a track, but a wilderness”. In the current society where “involution” is serious, many people are trapped in endless anxiety, but in fact life does not only have a starting point and an end point. If you break away from the inherent way of thinking, you may find that there is another village. Even in a difficult situation, there are many options and possibilities.

As long as the heart is clear, there will be no rainy days in life! Recently, the hit “City of Youth” on CCTV is worth a taste. Its ratings have been outstanding, and the topic of discussion has aroused heated discussions among netizens.

Compared with the “flashy” of many urban dramas, “City of Youth” delicately and truly reveals the lives of more seemingly inconspicuous little characters. The protagonist Xia Mo played by Qin Hailu seems to be a glamorous female boss, but she is actually facing external and internal troubles and double attack. On the other hand, Fang Yuanjian, played by Lin Yushen, put all his eggs in one basket for his dream, gave up the stable life that many people envied, and plunged into science and technology innovation. These two people may be “sparkling” in the eyes of many of us, but you still see them in a difficult situation.

Although Cui Jiangbei, played by Zhu Yuchen, has a successful career, his family is a mess. He not only has to face the current situation of three generations living in a small house, but also has to worry about his son’s education, running back and forth for the comfortable life of the elderly and children.

Fortunately, his wife Jiang Nannan (played by Reyza) always helps him when necessary. As a public official, Jiang Nannan also faces various “difficult accidents” every day, and her work is also full of challenges. It is worth mentioning that Cui Jiangbei’s Enterprise Service Office and Science and Technology Innovation Committee provide policy support for entrepreneurs, solve urgent needs for large and small enterprises, and become a solid backing for entrepreneurs to move forward. Cui Jiangbei met many talented, thoughtful and innovative entrepreneurs in his work, and he established a deep friendship with them, which resonated strongly. Among them, Fang Yuanjian is a technology practitioner that he admires very much, and the two of them became attached to each other because of this. I don’t know what kind of interesting sparks they will have in the follow-up story?

Cui Jiangbei himself was very interested in technology, but chose to develop in the government for the sake of his family. Fortunately, he did not give up the track of technology, but changed his way to help the development of technology. There is not necessarily only one track, as long as there is pure love, another track will still shine.

In addition to the more classic characters mentioned above, Meng Meng’s family in the play belongs to a typical patriarchal family, and both parents have a special preference for Meng Meng. But instead of being proud of being favored, Meng Meng became an independent woman chasing her dream and became a hot jewelry designer.

Every character in the play can be described as thousands of faces. Among them are bosses, entrepreneurs, and ordinary migrant workers. Everyone may be the envy of others, but when they return to life and work, everyone has to face the “glass scum” more or less. test.

So, don’t easily yearn for other people’s lives. People can only see the gorgeousness in front of the stage, but they don’t know the various disturbances hidden behind the stage. Yang Ma’s hit “City of Youth” is really a guide to life recently, and I can’t wait to continue chasing it!

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