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Deyun Guqu Club’s first admissions stop, Kuaishou’s “National Art Inheritance Project” shines brightly with Guo Degang sitting in the live broadcast room!Deyun Drum Music Society and Kuaishou National Art Inheritance Project are in full bloom

Deyun Guqu Club’s first admissions stop, Kuaishou’s “National Art Inheritance Project” shines brightly with Guo Degang sitting in the live broadcast room!Deyun Drum Music Society and Kuaishou National Art Inheritance Project are in full bloom

Playing, playing, playing and singing show the ancient rhyme, and the traditional culture is revitalized. At 14:00 on July 10th, the enrollment of Deyun Drum Music Society officially opened. Guo Degang, his wife Wang Hui, his disciple Luan Yunping, famous quyi masters Han Baoli, Zhang Yuheng and others sat down to interview candidates on the spot and started an exclusive live broadcast on Kuaishou. During the interview, candidates showed their talents, old artists were thirsty for talent, and Guo Degang was full of witty words. Kuaishou users watched the enrollment and participated in the interaction through live broadcast, sharing this traditional cultural scene in a new form.

In the barrage full of screens, “Infinite merit” and “There are successors” frequently swiped the screen, and the cheerful atmosphere infected every audience. Kuaishou’s traditional cultural anchors @男丹东飞, @quanxin~艾艺Suona, @小艺erhu, @琴琶appeared one after another, pushing the popularity of the live broadcast to its peak. The unique form of enrollment allows traditional culture to reach more people vividly and concretely, and sees the new life of old art in the new era and on the new platform. The traditional cultural anchor appeared on the stage, and Guo Degang commented and affirmed the song “Ode to Pear Blossom”, which was full of applause. The third generation descendant of Mei School @男丹东飞 and Guo Degang performed their talents face to face, showing their flair with every gesture. His soft figure and delicate singing voice made the audience in the live broadcast room exclaim “It’s so beautiful”, and Guo Degang was full of praise: “Sing well, and hope to achieve greater results.” 9-year-old @男丹东飞, who has a close relationship with opera, There is no professional development before the age of 20. With a love for traditional culture, he transferred to the graduate school of opera studies and entered the National Peking Opera Company, only to fulfill his wish to “renew the frontier” with opera. Today, when the art of male dan is almost lonely, in order to sow the seeds of opera in the hearts of the public, he took the initiative to start his career as a Kuaishou anchor, actively sharing the process of performing in front of the stage and making up behind the stage, and introducing costumes, props, and performance skills. With the help of Kuaishou and the live broadcast room, he not only has a new window of expression, but also is known and liked by a wider audience on a larger stage.

Picture: Kuaishou traditional cultural anchor @男丹东飞

Dressed in an elegant cheongsam and holding a simple pipa, the Shaoxing girl @琴琳结报 boarded the admissions stage of the Deyun Drum Music Club. After three or two plucks on the rotating shaft, the classical charm flowed out from her fingers, and her performance immediately attracted applause from the old luthiers. After learning that she had gained a million fans in Kuaishou in half a year, Guo Degang said in a surprised and encouraging tone: “That’s great, come on!” @琴球结条, a 6-year-old learning pipa, graduated from Zhejiang Conservatory of Music. With the idea of ​​letting more people know about traditional musical instruments, she started live broadcasting on Kuaishou in September 2022. Without the blessing of traffic, she gained 5,000+ fans after the first broadcast, and the popularity of the live broadcast room ranked among the top 10 in the country. In order to further promote Chinese music, she also tried to combine pipa with popular music, which shortened the distance between traditional musical instruments and audiences. Today, @琴琳结条 is already one of the Top 100 Kuaishou anchors in 2022 with nearly 1.26 million fans, attracting more and more people to understand, love and even learn Pipa.

Picture: Kuaishou traditional culture anchor @琴琳把条

Sitting upright, holding a bow and stroking the strings, the clear melody flows from the hands of @小艺erhu, and all the famous folk artists in the audience are happy. Guo Degang also fully affirmed his performance skills and live broadcast achievements in his comments. As soon as the suona sounded, the audience was overwhelmed. @quanxin~caiyi suona’s astonishing shock, which set off a double carnival between the admissions scene and the live broadcast room, was even laughed at by Guo Degang: “Ordinary musical instruments and suona are together. That’s too much of a disadvantage, I can’t grab it. You’re in such a good state, I suggest our Yang Hetong also learn to learn suona!” Comments and encouragement from Guo Degang and famous folk art masters, to @小艺erhu、@quanxin~艾艺For Suona, it is undoubtedly a great honor. However, on the Kuaishou platform, they have already won the affirmation of 820,000 fans and 1.4 million fans respectively with their solid foundation and novel performance methods. Like them, more and more practitioners of traditional culture have found a new stage, new audience and new inheritance in Kuaishou live broadcast.

Picture: Kuaishou Traditional Culture Anchor @小艺ERHU和@权欣~艾艺苏娜

Activate traditional cultural content and help high-quality anchors develop. The Deyun Drum Club enrollment live broadcast event was jointly initiated by Kuaishou Live and Kuaishou Panknowledge. The Kuaishou platform hopes to provide special support to high-quality anchors in categories such as folk art, opera, folk musical instruments, Chinese paintings, calligraphy, and martial arts through this plan. It will comprehensively support the development of high-quality anchors by strengthening traffic support, creating online programs, and providing professional training. , Vigorously promote the excellent traditional culture.

The Deyun Drum Music Society, which was established to inherit and promote the art of drum music, coincides with the concept of Kuaishou’s traditional culture, so the two started this logical cooperation-Deyun Drum Music Club live-streamed enrollment. During the event, based on Kuaishou’s extensive user circle and popular live broadcast content, Deyun Guqu Club covered more viewers who are interested in quyi; Kuaishou’s traditional cultural anchors received comments from famous artists such as Guo Degang and attracted new audiences. Social concerns. In fact, in order to help high-quality traditional cultural anchors create a new stage, Kuaishou Live has launched various support plans and events over the years, and has made efforts in terms of resources, traffic, and services to help the spread, inheritance and development of excellent traditional culture. Recently, Kuaishou launched the online competition “National Art Contest” for the anchors of folk art, opera, folk musical instruments, and folk art. Together with @李树建, @微三 and other big names in the field, the event started the journey of inheriting traditional culture and art, injecting new vitality into the development of traditional culture. In recent years, the ecological construction of Kuaishou’s traditional cultural content has also been fruitful. Statistics show that in 2022, Kuaishou has over 20 million live broadcasts of intangible cultural heritage and folk art; as of May 2023, Kuaishou’s traditional cultural anchors have exceeded 155,000. They have not only broadened and deepened the communication channels of traditional culture through live broadcasts, It also revitalized and reshaped its own survival and business model. The inheritance of culture is inseparable from the dissemination of knowledge. In the process of constructing the content ecology of various art projects, Kuaishou also drives the dissemination and diffusion of more traditional cultural knowledge. Today, traditional culture has become one of the mainstream topics on the Kuaishou platform. Kuaishou veterans can not only enjoy folk art, visit intangible cultural heritage, and enjoy spiritual entertainment in the live broadcast room, but also increase knowledge and knowledge, and create and share while learning. Build a more prosperous and diverse cultural ecosystem. In the past, based on technological strength and platform advantages, Kuaishou Live continued to empower creators including traditional cultural anchors, providing them with a faster growth path and a broader development stage. In the future, Kuaishou Live will launch more content, activities, support policies, offline performances and highlight stages to further serve traditional culture and its practitioners, and help them promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture to the world on the small screen in the live broadcast room .

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