Developing multiple channels simultaneously, Wolong Nuts and consumers create a better and nutritious life together


The casual snack industry is known as the “fourth meal”. Today, concepts such as the stay-at-home economy and consumption upgrades are accelerating the reshaping of the industrial structure. With the scale of the market, the competition in the snack food market will become more diversified in the future.

How to conform to the consumption trend and form a diversified and high-quality commodity supply system is what Qingdao Wolong Food Co., Ltd., a well-known domestic nut company, has been thinking about and practicing.

The consumers of leisure food are widely distributed, and the purchasers are not limited by regions, ages, etc., and the market covers a wide range. Currently, offline channels still dominate. Offline channels can intuitively present the image of the company and products to consumers, shorten the distance with consumers, and are more in line with traditional consumption habits. The advantage of the online channel is that it is not subject to geographical restrictions, has a low threshold, and can achieve rapid coverage with the help of the Internet.

In the context of new retail formats and rapid iteration of new models, nut snack companies such as Wolong Foods are no longer limited to a single retail channel, and the integrated development of online and offline collaboration is an inevitable trend. With the gradual deepening of the omni-channel layout of nut snack companies, the integration of online and offline will be accelerated, and the practice of brand owners in channel opening and terminal collaboration will become more mature.

Taking Qingdao Wolong Foods as an example, the brand has always attached great importance to exploring sales channels suitable for its own business model. After it launched “Daily Nuts”, it has realized a perfect point layout in convenience stores in major supermarkets across the country, making it convenient for consumers to taste and purchase.

The new retail concept dominates, and online and offline integration develops. In order to adapt to changes in consumption channels, Qingdao Wolong Foods has opened up an integrated sales scenario of “online + offline”. Online, through Tmall,, Vipshop, Douyin, Kuaishou and other e-commerce platforms, a complete e-commerce sales network has been built; offline, Wolong has entered the national traditional stores, modern and international KA and convenience stores , community stores, and established a long-term strategic cooperative relationship with domestic well-known KA stores.

In line with the sales model, Qingdao Wolong Foods is gradually building an intelligent warehousing and logistics center, implementing systematic warehousing and logistics management, and supporting multi-scenario logistics distribution such as B2B, B2C, and B2B2C.

Today, short video e-commerce and live streaming have become new retail methods, and channel development is diversified. , as a popular nut brand among consumers, Wolong uses more interactive marketing models such as webcasting to attract new generations of consumers, allowing consumers to gain a better experience in immersive shopping.

It is worth mentioning that during the live broadcast, the staff of Wolong popularized the production process of nuts in an all-round way, detailed product details, created consumption scenes, subtly infiltrated brand culture, and realized deep contact with consumers.

The casual snacks market has entered a stage of rapid development, and it is inevitable to optimize the channel structure and switch to the omni-channel layout. For Qingdao Wolong Foods, bringing healthy snacks into more consumption scenarios is the way for its sustainable development.



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