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Develop new energy and Aidibei shines towards the world

Develop new energy and Aidibei shines towards the world

After years of preparations, Adibei Group was officially listed on NASDAQ in the United States on November 30 last year under the leadership of Datuk Seri Dr. Hou Jian Zhong, JP (front fifth from left). Malaysian Ambassador to the United States Datuk Seri Nazri Nazri (second from right) also attended to witness this historic moment.

AGAPE ATP Corporation (stock code: ATPC), which takes promoting the development of new energy as its core concept, must not only establish a foothold in its own country in today’s globalized world, but is now also a shining business card to the world.

The group, which is listed on the Nasdaq exchange under the leadership of founder and CEO Datuk Seri Dr. Hou Jian Zhong, JP, will also be listed dually on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Germany in the near future.

Since officially ringing the bell on the NASDAQ in the United States on November 30 last year, Adibei has attracted great attention from foreign investors and received a steady stream of invitations to conduct inspections in relevant countries, including Singapore, Germany, Australia, Thailand, Countries such as Indonesia, China and Japan are also experiencing high investment intentions.

120 investors and family members from Adibei Group appeared together on the big screen in front of the Nasdaq headquarters in Times Square in New York to take commemorative photos after the company was listed.

Combine forces to upgrade business

Hou Jianzhong said that we cannot interpret the world just based on our own knowledge. We must go abroad to step onto the international stage.

He said that the world has entered the era of sharing, and now that resources are generally scarce, it is necessary to combine forces. Only by upgrading and diversifying business can we bring more gains. For this reason, the company has shouldered the responsibility for the rise of Malaysian brands. mission.

Born and raised here, as a Malaysian, the company he leads not only aims to make Malaysia a regional core, but also expands its business to more overseas markets in the region.

“The U.S. capital market is not a dream, but the premise is that we must be prepared. In the future, more ASEAN companies, including Malaysian companies, will enter the international capital market. Whether it is the United States or Hong Kong, it will help Malaysian companies access the international road. , to create a world brand belonging to Malaysia.”

On January 20, under the leadership of Hou Jianzhong, Adibei Group moved the bell-ringing ceremony on NASDAQ in the United States to Malaysia to hold the same solemn bell-ringing ceremony and announced the promotion of sustainable development green energy plans.

Move forward steadily in the face of setbacks

“Great companies are built through hard work. Many entrepreneurs have said this, but only those who have truly “made it through” understand what it feels like to “go through”.”

The road from preparations to listing in the United States in 2016 was not easy. He experienced many setbacks and difficulties, and was also ridiculed. However, he never gave up. Through his own efforts and persistence, he moved forward steadily on his journey.

He also firmly believes that an enterprise cannot stand without roots, which is also the culture that the company has emphasized over the years.

“We want sustainable development, not shortcuts.”

Actively seek cooperation opportunities in the field of green new energy and grow with the global market.

Green technology promotes ecological construction

Hou Jianzhong said that new energy has become a green driving force for current social and economic development, and Aidibei also shoulders the mission of incubating small and medium-sized enterprises in my country.

Green technological innovation is an important focus in promoting ecological construction. On the road to green development, the group encourages innovation by connecting upstream and downstream resource models, including financial support, while ensuring that it maintains technological competitiveness and enables green development. The system will be more complete and the market will truly play a decisive role in the allocation of innovative resources.

“In particular, practicing the environment, society and governance (ESG) concepts and building a sustainable development ecosystem have become compulsory courses for enterprises to achieve high-quality development. Every detail of Adibei’s business, including education, infrastructure and technology, They all emphasize sustainable management.”

The big health industry is the future trend, and the new energy industry will be the next development direction of the group. His next mission is to lead the team towards the development of electric motorcycles and introduce high-quality electric motorcycles to the country.

In addition, the government has implemented the “Encouraging the Use of Electric Motorcycles Scheme” policy. Anyone with an annual income of less than RM120,000 who purchases an electric motorcycle can receive a rebate of up to RM2,400. This initiative will increase the penetration rate of electric motorcycles in the country.

Hou Jianzhong said that only by protecting the earth can the next generation have a healthier life.

“All living things live under the same roof as the environment. When people emphasize health and wellness, they often forget that the natural environment that provides nutrients for living things has been seriously polluted.”

“With the assistance of innovative technology, we will work hard in the new energy and environmental protection industries to green the environment to bring about sustainable development, because if no action is taken, the earth will fall into an energy crisis in a few years.”

Dato’ Seri Dr. Hou Jian Zhong, JP, and his wife Dato’ Sri Dr. Chen Weixuan received the listing certification.

A healthy ecology starts with individuals

Under the track of the big health industry, the company takes self-care (Self-Care), joint care (We-Care) and comprehensive care (All-Care) as its directions.

He mentioned that a healthy ecosystem needs to start from the individual before it can be built in an all-round way.

He shared that the new energy industry is gradually changing people’s lifestyles. It reduces people’s dependence on traditional resources and makes important contributions to environmental protection in the most convenient and efficient way. Electric vehicles are the most representative in the new energy field. One of the sex products, it has developed rapidly in recent years.

“Consumers are concerned about environmental performance and emissions, and electric motorcycles and low-carbon emission fuel motorcycles will become the mainstream of the market.

“Coupled with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, big data, biotechnology and other fields, this industry will usher in more innovation opportunities.”

Help the country promote ecological environment

Malaysia has made several major policies on energy transition, including a clear and specifically promoted agenda, becoming one of the first Southeast Asian countries to focus on the development of renewable energy.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar also announced that the country will achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions as soon as 2050.

Adibei is ready to assist the country in jointly creating and promoting a better market environment and ecological environment. In the future, it also aims to attract foreign investment back to its own country, establish production bases, R&D centers and sales networks, and further enhance the country’s visibility and competition. force.

Pahang construction50Electric vehicle charging station

Charging infrastructure is an important guarantee for the high-quality development of the new energy vehicle industry and also strengthens the international competitiveness of the country’s new energy vehicle field. In order to help overcome the problem of insufficient charging stations in our country, Adibei has already implemented the plan last year in its sustainable development plan. The memorandum of agreement signed with electric vehicle charging station developer Volt Industries Sdn Bhd in November will acquire and hold a 51% stake in the company and provide financing to build 50 electric vehicle charging stations in Pahang, which has now entered the development stage.

The company also signed a preliminary memorandum of agreement with several European and Asian electric motorcycle industry leaders, including Oriental Industries Enterprise Pte. Ltd. in the same month, intending to jointly establish a special purpose vehicle (SPV), with each holding 50% of the equity. Work together to promote the distribution and marketing of autonomous bicycles.

“In addition to setting up 50 electric vehicle charging stations in Pahang, we will also build a 300 megawatt peak (MWp) solar farm in Sabah.”

Sustainability spirit remains competitive

Hou Jianzhong shared that in optimizing corporate development strategies, he and his team are always ensuring that the requirements of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are met in terms of sustainable development.

He said that technology is advancing with each passing day, industries are constantly developing, and the market is constantly evolving. Only by actively embracing changes and the spirit of sustainability can we remain competitive in the fiercely competitive market.

“In general, we will continue to explore and innovate, and always maintain a good mentality and positive attitude to make steady progress.”

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