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“Determination to Seek Truth II” is released, HBN pays tribute to aerospace workers

“Determination to Seek Truth II” is released, HBN pays tribute to aerospace workers

In order to pay tribute to China’s aerospace spirit and promote the theme of innovation, on March 7, HBN, a domestic functional skin care brand, and China Women’s News jointly launched a public welfare short film “Resolution to Seek Truth II”, inviting the chief designer of the new launch vehicle of the First Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group – —Easy, sharing her story with the Long March series of launch vehicles. Behind the short film, HBN’s truth-seeking and pragmatic brand spirit and determination to persist in scientific research and innovation and strive to become an industry benchmark are also revealed.


  from impossible to possible

The short film “Determination to Seek Truth II” shows that the number of successful launches of the Long March series of carrier rockets has exceeded 500. Persisting in what you want can make every breakthrough possible from the impossible. Starting from a 0-1 attempt to constantly breaking through and leapfrogging, it happens to be the starting point of HBN.

When HBN was established in 2019, A-alcohol, as a fat-soluble vitamin, has anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effects and has been recognized by industry authorities before. However, because the A-alcohol component itself is easy to inactivate and highly irritating, it requires extremely high R&D technology. The business of high-alcohol skin care products did not seem optimistic in the domestic market at that time.

However, HBN still chooses to focus on this “unpopular” track. In order to overcome the two major difficulties of A-alcohol stability and irritation, HBN has developed two major research technologies, Complex-ATRA™ complex vitamin A formula, which is gentle and efficient in anti-aging; “ACTCOCOON Silkworm Chrysalis Gold Particles” packaging technology locks the activity of “A alcohol” and accelerates absorption.

After extensive debugging and compounding, HBN finally achieved the golden ratio of multi-vitamin A synergy mechanism, taking into account the mildness and efficiency of A-alcohol. Over the past 4 years, HBN has continuously collected feedback from real users, constantly updated its products, and has become a domestic A-level product. The pioneer and leader in anti-aging.



The picture shows Double A Alcohol Night Cream 2.0

“No matter how difficult it is to start, I hope that I can play a leading role and set a benchmark after entering the industry.” HBN founder and CEO Yao Zhenan once mentioned. Because of the strong belief in “what the heart wants” at the beginning, the HBN brand was determined to break the boat.

  Truth-seeking commitment and responsibility

The perfect operation of a rocket flight is the result of countless “difficult moments” and the sense of responsibility of the team behind it to “pursue the ultimate and be foolproof.” As mentioned in the short film “Determination to Seek Truth II”, the reliability of manned launch vehicles has increased from 0.90 to 0.99. Although the difference is only 0.09, it is behind hundreds of launch missions and countless technology upgrades. Although it is difficult and difficult, the team knows that through repeated trial and error, continuous exploration and upgrading, they will eventually make progress.

In order to “seek truth”, HBN has gone a long way.

In recent years, as the younger generation of consumers pay more attention to domestic products and the number of skin care “ingredient parties” increases, related topics such as “ingredients”, “concentration” and “efficacy” continue to be popular on social media, and young consumers pay more attention to the younger generation. , anti-wrinkle, firming and other skin care needs. Among the domestic skin care products that are “concept superimposed” and mixed with fish, HBN insists on pursuing real product effects and establishing a safe, trustworthy and reliable brand image.

After locking in the “effective anti-aging” track, HBN has successively established a product research and development team composed of cutting-edge scientific research talents, independently established a scientific research laboratory, and developed its own formula regardless of cost. Adhere to “third-party human efficacy testing” and make “efficacy reports” transparent, striving to present “visible effects” to consumers. HBN’s A-alcohol product generated sales of more than 5 million in the first month after it was launched.

After gaining initial recognition from the market, HBN continues to pursue the ultimate in ingredients, continue to delve into technology, and is committed to expanding the diversified application of A-alcohol ingredients, and constantly deepening technological concept innovation and forward-looking exploration.

“Let users spend every penny on ‘effective ingredients'” is not only a promise, but also HBN’s brand responsibility. As consumer demand is released, HBN will continue to invest in research and development to serve consumers more professionally.

  Promote industry development by leading by example

The reliability and safety of China’s manned launch vehicles lead the world, and the success rate of major engineering tasks is as high as 100%, pushing China’s aerospace industry into a leading era. Similarly, HBN is continuing to play a leading role and promote the development of the industry with its own research results.

It is understood that in 2022, HBN applied to the Guangdong Provincial Cosmetic Society for project approval and took the lead in completing the “Determination of Retinol, Retinyl Acetate, Retinyl Palmitate, and Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate in Cosmetics by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography” “Method and Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry” group standard provides the industry with a reference for efficient detection methods of A-alcohols and their derivatives, which has the significance of promoting high-quality development of the industry.


At the end of 2023, at the “CDA Dermatologist Conference”, the world’s third largest dermatology academic conference, HBN brought three SCI papers to the conference to provide the cosmetics industry with systematic cross-research results on alcohol A and its derivatives, and The research results of the new ingredient GDU-952 help solve the clinical treatment problems of atopic dermatitis and bring new skin care ideas for anti-inflammation, strengthening the barrier and maintaining skin stability.


The picture shows the CDA conference scene

In recent years, the rise of domestic products has attracted much attention. Currently, the supervision of cosmetics has become stricter, consumer awareness has improved, and product information has become more and more transparent. Therefore, as a relatively young domestic brand, HBN can only bring products to consumers by continuing to invest heavily in research and development. To provide better products and gain more consumers’ recognition of the brand.

Next, HBN, relying on its independent innovation and scientific research system, will continue to achieve good results, develop together with the industry, and promote the high-quality development of domestic brands.

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