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Despite the cold wave, Bank of Shanghai builds a “warm defense line” with every bit of service

Despite the cold wave, Bank of Shanghai builds a “warm defense line” with every bit of service

“It’s cold, so we’ve specially prepared blankets and hand warmers. Please warm up first.”

Recently, as a wave of cold wave hit the country, more than 300 branches of the Bank of Shanghai have also launched the “Break the cold wave and send warmth” action. In the biting cold wind, inside and outside the hall, they provide practical services , building a “warm defense line” for citizens.

  Thoughtful service warms the heart

Bank of Shanghai adheres to the “customer-centered” service concept, implements various measures, insists on proactive service “one step ahead”, and improves service convenience and satisfaction by standardizing business processes and improving the hall environment, so as to provide customers with the best services. Warm service and actively respond to the cold wave and low temperature.

Beijing Branch is equipped with blankets, hand warmers and other equipment

Each outlet continues to optimize hall services, equip customers with hot drinks, blankets, hand warmers and other heating equipment, and place them in conspicuous places for customers to use. Service specialists have also stepped up their efforts to inquire about welfare, proactively care for the elderly, disabled people, pregnant women and customers with children, and provide service convenience to customers in need.

Affected by the cold wave, snowfall occurred in some cities. In order to avoid inconvenience caused by snow-covered roads to customers visiting the stores, Bank of Shanghai staff arrived early to clear snow, remove ice, spread salt… to ensure that the roads in front of the branches were smooth.

Nanjing Branch clears the snow in front of the door to ensure customer safety

In order to reduce customers’ traveling back and forth in extreme weather changes, some branches actively guide individual customers to handle business through online channels such as cloud branches and mobile banking. For the needs of some small and micro enterprises, it is recommended that they use “Uplink Benefits and Accompanying” and “Uplink e-Chain” ” and other digital platforms use online convenient services to allow data to do more legwork, so that enterprises do not have to do legwork.

  Love relay to resist the cold wave

In recent years, Bank of Shanghai has relied on its business outlets to actively build love relay stations for outdoor workers, equipped with differentiated facilities such as water dispensers, microwave ovens, and rest chairs to provide outdoor workers with services such as rest, drinking water, and hot meals. In response to the cold wave, each charity relay station has also taken the initiative to upgrade its equipment and add free hot water, scarves, baby warmers, hand cream and other cold-proof items for outdoor workers to use. In order to provide caring services to key groups such as couriers, takeaway riders, and sanitation workers, and at the same time integrate its own party-building resources, it has established “happiness stations” and “special windows for couriers” to provide timely and efficient financial services to help outdoor workers be efficient Work.

Puxi Branch upgrades charity relay station services

  Volunteer to help the poor and give warmth

Bank of Shanghai has long been taking root in the community, deeply cultivating the community, and serving the community, and continues to carry out the party-building practice of “I do practical things for the people” and the “Better Life Studio” volunteer service. During the cold wave, all branches of the Bank of Shanghai took the initiative to link up with surrounding communities and went into the communities to carry out condolence activities to provide relief and condolences to families in need and the elderly who were alone in the cold winter.

Nanjing Branch carries out community service to send warmth

At the same time, staff actively carry out financial knowledge promotion on preventing telecommunications network fraud, anti-money laundering, and anti-counterfeit currency, guiding community residents to be more vigilant, enhance anti-fraud capabilities, and create a harmonious and stable financial security atmosphere.

In the future, Bank of Shanghai will continue to uphold the concept of “Finance for the People”, use the care and enthusiasm of the warm winter version, and take practical actions to help the people solve practical problems, truly fulfilling the original intention, resolving people’s worries, and warming people’s hearts. .

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