Design Drives Industrial Upgrading丨2022 Guangzhou Design Week Opens

Design Drives Industrial Upgrading丨2022 Guangzhou Design Week Opens

After three months of postponement, 2022 Guangzhou Design Week will be exhibited simultaneously in the three major exhibition halls of Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Center, International Purchasing Center and Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 3-6, 2023. The theme of this year’s Guangzhou Design Week is “Passion Passion”. More than 1,000 design and brand companies from more than 20 countries and regions including China, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain exhibited and released tens of thousands of new design products. The exhibition area of ​​180,000 square meters fully reflects the strong demand for “design” in the market. Design plays an important role in promoting people’s daily life “clothing, food, housing, transportation” related industries, especially in promoting the high-quality development of the pan-furniture industry. increasingly important positive role.

Focusing on the two important areas of “design-driven industrial upgrading” and “designing a better life”, Guangzhou Design Week exhibits the latest product design, advanced customization, intelligent design of the whole house, architectural design, interior design, soft decoration design, sustainable design, Landscape design, industrial design, digital design, cultural and creative design, art design and other works, products and related materials.

The guest country of this year’s Guangzhou Design Week – the United Kingdom, with the theme of “taste life and see Britain”, exhibits including cooperative products of famous British interior designers, wool products from the Scottish Highlands, and kitchen supplies with a century-old firing process, etc. More than 60 exhibits from 11 British home and lifestyle brand companies, and they are optimistic about the Chinese market; the “Innovation* Design* Multicultural” Research Institute of the Valencia Polytechnic University in Spain will demonstrate its design management research system and optimize the product innovation process The system hopes to establish links with Chinese manufacturing companies.

The Poly Pavilion focuses on high-end custom home design, material aesthetics and art design, and presents the new aesthetics of contemporary living and living. Together they form a unique three-in-one living aesthetic space.

Under the background of the “Double Carbon” strategy, while reducing energy consumption and pollution in the pan-furniture industry, increasing the added value and gold content of products through design is the key to winning the future. Many well-known high-end home furnishing brands and key industrial chain companies gathered in Guangzhou Design Week to release their latest products; in recent years, the smart home industry has developed very fast, and dozens of smart home companies participated in the exhibition, exhibiting smart audio-visual, smart mobile cinema, and smart motion technology , smart office, smart hotel, smart kitchen, integrated system and other smart scene design of the whole house, etc., allowing the audience to experience smart life at zero distance. In addition to leading companies and big brands in the industry, this year’s Guangzhou Design Week also gathered a large number of exhibitors such as new architecture, interior decoration, industrial design materials, home products, and cutting-edge technologies. Some foreign designers who came to visit said: China The design of the products is novel and the quality is getting better and better, and more Chinese products will be purchased for foreign design projects.

Adhering to the value of “design for people’s livelihood”, Guangzhou Design Week 2022 has joined forces with many designers, design schools, and companies that also adhere to the design concept of “sustainable development” to implement the “sustainable development practice plan” for two consecutive years. And during the 2022 Guangzhou Design Week exhibition, it will focus on curating multiple themes, such as: uniting sustainable artists to recycle and reuse one million discarded lighters to create art installations, which is an environmental protection art creation practice of waste recycling; The exhibition “Chasing the Light·Earth Art Festival” organized and curated by art colleges uses art installations to arouse the public’s attention and actions on low-carbon, environmental protection and sustainable life.

For a long time, Guangzhou Design Week has focused on the planning of the exhibition, the artistic creation and design of the exhibits, and the immersive viewing experience for the audience, which has attracted much attention. This year’s Guangzhou Design Week has more than 40 curated projects in five categories including “Design + Aesthetics”. For example: the 2022 “Design China” joint exhibition located in the National Mining Exhibition Hall, explores the profound regional culture of China, tells local cultural stories through design, promotes local brand building, and uses the city or region as the design unit to tell the story of “one side of the soil and one side of the people” , including: Design Dongfeng, Design Foshan, Design Fujian, Design Suzhou, Design Taiyuan, Design Xi’an, Design Rongjiang, the seven booths gathered local pioneering design forces, and told us the stories that happened in this region. Come. For example: Design Dongfeng showcases the important role of design in helping the rural revitalization of Dongfeng County; Design Rongjiang uses traditional Guizhou crafts and plants to dye and combine with design, and product extension brings the development of beautiful countryside co-construction and local cultural communication new perspective.

Twelve designers and artists joined hands with the “Cloud Oak” brand to exhibit the “Cloud Oak” Contemporary Design Exhibition. The exhibition was sponsored by the Xishuangbanna Prefecture People’s Government and undertaken by the corporate brand, with the participation of 12 Chinese designers and artists. By displaying the high-quality application results of Xishuangbanna rubber wood by well-known designers, it will play a demonstration role, help growers generate income, and promote local economic development.

During the 2022 Guangzhou Design Week, 400 domestic and foreign design experts gathered in Guangzhou to share the latest design concepts, opinions and case works in hundreds of activities. At the same time, Guangzhou Design Week is also a growth platform for outstanding young designers. Through various activities such as international design forums, design speech promotion competitions, and design work awards, it provides a stage for young designers to showcase their talents. And all the lectures and sharing sessions will be held in the “Super Venue” of Guangzhou Design Week 2022. The organizing committee specially invites 15 design curator groups to create 15 creative forum areas. The “Super Venue” will bring Give the audience an extraordinary experience in attending the conference.

The GBA Bay Area (Guangzhou) Cultural and Creative Festival exhibited at Nan Fung International Convention and Exhibition Center exhibited national, provincial and municipal intangible cultural heritage traditional crafts and new domestic brands through the “Hundred Craftsmen and Hundred Products” exhibition, promoting the modern expression of traditional crafts, At the same time, the “Bay Area (Guangzhou) Cultural and Creative Festival Summit Forum” will be held, inviting “a major cultural and creative”, 2023 CCTV Spring Festival Gala visual design, main station cultural and creative, free trade cultural and creative, Winter Olympics Bingdundun design, rural construction cultural and creative public welfare Well-known experts and design masters such as projects, Asian Games emblem design, and Guochao IP attended the meeting to give speeches, share experiences, and promote the exchange and development of cultural and creative design.

“Mechanical Star Alliance” is the first series of IP in China with the concept of future bionics as the core. This third season special exhibition is co-planned and hosted by Guangzhou Design Week and Gewu Interactive Future Innovation Alliance. Bionic + artificial intelligence + new media, integrating literature and art to create a fully immersive future “food, clothing, housing + travel + entertainment” Oriental metaverse experience field, the future of the East is to predict the future, but also to create the future. 1500m² Oriental Future Camp, 5 major experience scenes, fully immersive future exploration tour.

According to the organizing committee of the conference, because the 2022 Guangzhou Design Week was postponed, this Guangzhou Design Week (the 17th) is the first time in history to be held in March, and the 2023 Guangzhou Design Week (the 17th) will continue to be held in December this year. 18th session). We expect that design can better support the high-quality development of related industries, and design makes our life better and better!


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