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Demand for rental housing has risen steadily, and Ziroom owners have improved housing quality through the “increased rent” model

Demand for rental housing has risen steadily, and Ziroom owners have improved housing quality through the “increased rent” model

Recently, with the steady recovery of economic operation, the trend of population migration to cities is obvious. Many new citizens and young people start their first steps in urban life by renting a house. In order to improve the life happiness of the “renters”, many Ziroom owners have improved the quality of their houses through the “increased rent” model, which has won the favor of contemporary renters who pursue quality renting.

Ziroom launches a new rental model for Ziroom owners

Ziroom’s “Gain Rent” model is a brand-new model for the market. Three new rental models of “no price difference, no empty period, and guaranteed bottom line” have been launched, and the “high-standard product capabilities, professional leasing capabilities, decoration delivery capabilities, and service management capabilities, and provide full life cycle housing asset management for all categories of housing, such as rough, old, and simple decoration.” Housing is one of the most important assets of the owner. Only through professional management services can the value of housing assets be further improved. Since its launch, Ziroom’s “Gain Rent” model has attracted many property owners by virtue of its advantages such as “fast rental”, “high comprehensive income”, “easy service” and “payment of rent on time”. At present, the number of owners entrusted by this model has exceeded 110,000, which has solved a series of headaches for owners such as hard to find tenants, hard to rent houses, and long-term vacant houses.

Ziroom’s “Gain Rent” Model Meets the Expectations of Ziroom Owners

After the owner of Ziroom entrusts the house directly to Ziroom, Ziroom will carry out a unified decoration of the house and equip it with complete appliances. Afterwards, renting out on the platform will generate income every quarter after the contract is signed. Ziroom owners do not need to worry about various questions raised by picky tenants, and do not need to bear the cost of home appliance repairs and other matters incurred during the rental process. The houses renovated by Ziroom’s “enhanced rent” mode not only meet the needs of new citizens and young people to rent houses conveniently and enjoy high-quality living conditions, but also improve the rental efficiency of Ziroom’s owners, solve the rental difficulties, and guarantee the landlord’s income. It can be said that for property owners, choosing the “incremental rent” model can save worry and effort, and can also comprehensively increase the value of assets.

Ziroom owner rents out more peace of mind

The development of professional long-term rental agencies has become a new trend in the current rental market, and the quality and service of rental housing have become the most important rental conditions for young people. Previously, in order to improve service quality in an all-round way, Ziroom launched the concept of “BSH Heart Service”. Ziroom puts forward high requirements for rental service providers from three aspects: professionalism, professional attitude, and service segmentation, so that Ziroom owners can rent more worry-free and tenants can experience a good rental experience. In the future, Ziroom will continue to insist on doing the “right and beautiful thing”, continuously iterate and optimize products and services, so that more Ziroom owners can enjoy the benefits brought about by the improvement of housing quality, and at the same time remain true to their original intentions to provide urban youth with more Warmer, more high-quality rental products.

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