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Delicious limited watermelon drink + delicious and creative New Year MV ZUS will accompany you to spend a different New Year

Delicious limited watermelon drink + delicious and creative New Year MV ZUS will accompany you to spend a different New Year

The editor never imagined that this ZUS New Year MV would be more creative than many New Year songs this year!

Combining the atmosphere of Chinese style and Korean rock, ZUS Coffee’s ZUSBringItONG ​​New Year MV, in addition to inviting singer-songwriter Gaston Pong to play the protagonist, ZUS’s 3D animated pink dragon ONG ONG is definitely another highlight!

If you haven’t watched it yet, hurry up and watch it and collect the hidden “Easter eggs”!

After watching the ZUSBringItONG ​​New Year MV, have you become a fan of the pink dragon ONG ONG? In fact, in addition to ONG ONG, another highlight in the MV is the pink watermelon series launched by ZUS in conjunction with the Year of the Dragon – Watermelon Latte (watermelon latte) and Watermelon Frappe (watermelon smoothie), giving you a full sense of “new”.

Watermelon Latte (Ice/Hot)

Watermelon Latte, as the name suggests, the main ingredient is of course watermelon, paired with milk, and then poured with coffee, giving you an unexpected new taste.

Iced Watermelon Latte is a refreshing drink that is suitable for drinking after a meal, especially when you start chatting with friends and family after a meal. When you feel drowsy due to the food-related stress, a glass of Iced Watermelon Latte is perfect as a refreshing drink after a meal.

watermelon smoothie

As for the watermelon smoothie, the star is still the refreshing and juicy watermelon. This smoothie is caffeine-free, making it a great choice for people who don’t like caffeine and is also suitable for children.

Enjoy a refreshing and juicy smoothie in the New Year that will keep you ONG ONG all year long.

ZUS Year of the Dragon limited edition ONG ONG keychain is free!

Who can say no to a cute keychain! From now until February 18th, anyone who orders any two watermelon series drinks on the ZUS Coffee APP will receive a ZUS Year of the Dragon limited ONG ONG keychain! Stock is limited, first come first served! (Terms and conditions apply) Come and take home this cute and exquisite ONG ONG keychain! Take ONG with you!

Have you received the red envelope from ZUS? Here’s an extra surprise for you!

The New Year brings a music video, a new series of drinks, and of course red envelopes!

From now until February 11, if you purchase any ZUS watermelon series products, you will receive a free red envelope.

Not only that, you also have the opportunity to get extra surprises in these red envelopes, which are hidden coupons.

The coupons given out by ZUS Coffee include 88 coupons for a free cup of coffee, 888 coupons for buy one get one free and

8888 10% discount coupons. Red envelope stock is limited, first come first served!

In addition, you can get cute ONG ONG stickers when you purchase watermelon series drinks!

From now until February 25th, if you purchase any two drinks from the ZUS watermelon series, you can get a special sticker for ZUS coffee! Not only are these stickers cute, they also bring good luck! Limited stock available while supplies last*! (*Subject to compliance with terms and conditions)

ZUS never stops delivering surprises! From now until February 18th, you can participate in the event by placing an order (pickup or delivery) for any watermelon series drink through the ZUS Coffee APP.

The lucky winner who places the most orders will win a Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+. The more you buy, the greater your chance of winning. So what are you waiting for? Place your order now!Click the link to place an order

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