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Deepin Digital Enterprise Services Platform’s “one-stop” service activates corporate transformation momentum

Deepin Digital Enterprise Services Platform’s “one-stop” service activates corporate transformation momentum

Under the tide of global informatization, digital transformation of enterprises has become an inevitable trend related to survival and development. As the market environment changes rapidly, competitive pressure intensifies, and enterprises’ growing demand for personalized and efficient services, transformation may become a key interface for the sustainable development of enterprises.

Deepin Digital Group continues to explore innovative technologies, and its corporate service platform is not only an important way to help small and medium-sized enterprises achieve intelligence and efficiency. The “one-stop” service of the enterprise service platform can effectively help small, medium and micro enterprises to improve quality and efficiency, stimulate new momentum, and create a “one-on-one” and “one-stop” in-depth enterprise service platform to integrate technology, products and services. Effective combination provides enterprises with more, better and superior sustainable development paths.

The goal of Deepin Enterprise Service Platform has always been to help enterprises achieve “one less mile and one less penny”, and ultimately solve the pain points of enterprises in the transformation process such as capital costs, employment costs, and time costs. Through three major product systems : Piaoqibao, Yinqitong and comprehensive services provide high-quality, efficient and convenient services and accurately grasp the pulse of the market.

Adhere to the goal of promoting development and promoting transformation to make digital “alive”. Deepin Digital Enterprise Service Platform relies on its profound technical strength to provide full-process digital services for small, medium and micro enterprises. It not only improves the efficiency and accuracy of enterprise management, but also brings huge commercial value to the enterprise.

Data integration, one-stop core. Deepin Digital Enterprise Services Platform is committed to helping enterprises achieve high-efficiency operations and sustainable development on the road to transformation and upgrading. By providing comprehensive and personalized one-stop services, the platform effectively taps and releases the transformation momentum of enterprises and helps them develop sustainably. Ultimately, it solves the capital cost, employment cost, time cost and other pain points of enterprises in the transformation process.

Implement precise policies to create a new ecosystem of service platforms to assist small and medium-sized enterprises in high-quality development and industrial upgrading. By providing high-quality, efficient and convenient services, the enterprise service platform focuses on industrial needs, takes “service platform construction” as the starting point, strives to create a new service model, promotes the upgrading of the industrial structure with precise quality and technical services, and serves the high-quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Give full play to the advantages of platform services to achieve “face-to-face” and “point-to-point” quality technical services. And focus on the difficulties, blockages and pain points in enterprise quality management improvement, quality infrastructure, innovation and other aspects to provide enterprises with “one enterprise, one policy” solution.

In short, in this rapidly changing era, Deepin Digital Group will actively embrace new technologies and new models with its forward-looking vision and solid technological innovation to help enterprises achieve the goal of digital transformation. The enterprise service platform will also draw a grand blueprint for small and medium-sized enterprises in the tide of digital transformation with high efficiency, digitalization and “one-stop service”, and effectively promote the sustainable development goals of economic and digital efficient transformation to gradually take root.

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