Decrypting the core black technology, Yadi electric vehicles define future flagships with innovation


Recently, the Yadi Leading Technology Summit with the theme of “Focusing Forward” and the Yadi Crown Energy 6th Generation New Product Launch Conference were successfully held at the Yadi Super Intelligent Manufacturing Factory. At this press conference, a series of new products represented by the 6th generation of Yadi Guanneng Q50, the 6th generation of Yadi Guanneng T60, and the 6th generation of Yadi Guaneng M85 were officially unveiled.

Under the positioning of “a higher-end long-range electric vehicle”, the 6th generation of Yadi Canon has achieved technological breakthroughs in terms of battery life, safety and intelligence, redefined the new benchmark for electric two-wheeled vehicles, and brought users “long-lasting intelligence” “Safer” flagship new experience.

Redefine a new benchmark for battery life. Yadi TTFAR Ivy graphene lead-acid battery can be charged and discharged 200 times without degradation. Yadi promises that if the capacity decline exceeds 20% within 24 months, it will directly replace the battery with a new one instead of replacing the maintenance battery. New cars can run farther, and old cars can also run farther, bringing users a new battery life experience beyond imagination.

Redefining a new baseline for security. “Safety” is the biggest high-end. Through the collaboration of software algorithms and hardware, Yadi can achieve safety guarantees in multiple scenarios on bumpy roads, slippery roads, cart reversing, steep descents, night riding and other environments. The standard TCS intelligent traction control system can quickly and accurately identify changes in the road surface, intelligently adjust the motor torque to prevent the motor from idling, ensure smooth driving on rainy, snowy, and slippery roads, and multi-dimensionally improve vehicle driving stability.

Redefining the new benchmark for intelligence. It enriches unlocking methods such as Bluetooth, APP, and small programs, allowing smart travel to cover all scenarios. At the same time, it supports a variety of smart watches to control the car through the Internet, and can share keys through WeChat applets and Alipay links. Compared with the previous generation, the Bluetooth connection speed is 50% faster and the overall car control speed is 60% faster, bringing users a smoother car control experience.

The new launch of the 6th generation of Yadea Crown Energy further enriches Yadea’s high-end product matrix, redefines the new benchmark for electric two-wheelers, and leads the trend of the future era. Yadea will also continue to maintain the pace of innovation and create more diversified, personalized and beautiful travel methods for global users.


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