Decoding sustainable development, Meili Cloud Zhongwei Data Center debuted at IDCC2022 and won an award


On February 27-28, China’s IDC Industry Annual Ceremony (IDCC2022) was held at the Beijing National Convention Center. Meiliyun Zhongwei Data Center was invited to participate in the exhibition for the third time in a row and won two industry awards.

This year’s ceremony"Decoding Sustainability"As the theme, pay attention to the topic of sustainable development of the industry in an all-round way, invite leaders of industry authorities, industry scholars, industry experts, leaders of leading companies and many other guests to discuss new policies, current situation of “East Counting and West Counting” layout, and hub node construction In-depth analysis of the current situation, the new pattern of the data center industry, and the development of green computing power, etc., and discussions on the problems faced by the data center and corresponding solutions, so as to promote the orderly construction of the data center, accelerate the construction of a benign industry ecology, and enhance the empowerment of new infrastructure effect.

As a leading customized data center service provider in China, Meiliyun Zhongwei Data Center has its own Free Cooling technology bonus, always adheres to green and low-carbon development, and participates in the construction of the “East Counts West” project with positive commitments and practical measures . Health and Medical Big Data Center, Lenovo TruScale Service (Zhongwei) Base, Dapu Microgreen Intelligent Computing Storage (Zhongwei) Base, etc. have successively settled in Meiliyun Zhongwei Data Center.

From 2021 to 2022, the C1 project in the second phase of the Meili Cloud Zhongwei Data Center project was launched and completed. This project is also one of the key display contents of our company’s participation in this exhibition. The power system architecture (2N architecture: 2-way U power + matching diesel generator) and HVAC system (N+1 redundancy) required by the C1 project belong to the construction standard of the T4 computer room, and belong to a higher level in the T4 construction standard. The project planning implements the concept of sustainable development, and the standards such as the UPS load rate for IT and the proportion of indirect evaporative cooling supplementary cooling far exceed the general industry standards.

During the conference, our company won the “2022 China IDC Industry Eastern Digital Western Computing Construction Contribution Award” by the China Communications Industry Association Data Center Committee, Ningxia Dongshu Western Computing Research Institute and other units. At the same time, Meiliyun Zhongwei Data Center – Free Cooling technology application case was successfully selected as “Digital Industry Green ‘Double Carbon’ Technology Application – Excellent Case of ‘Digital Industry High-quality Development’ in 2022”.

With the deep penetration of digital technology into various fields of society, the demand for computing power in the whole society continues to increase, and computing power has become a new productivity. In this context, the implementation of “East Counting and West Computing” is accelerating, green, safe, and high computing power have become the development direction of data centers, and “sustainability” is becoming the core key to the development of data centers.

As a super-large green data center in China, Meiliyun Zhongwei Data Center has its own “green” gene, which continues to empower the development of the computing power economy in Zhongwei and even the western region. Achieve breakthrough. In the future, Meili Cloud Zhongwei Data Center will continue to practice the concept of sustainable development and strive to become a green engine for the development of the national digital economy.


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