Dafeng Harvest CEO’s permission: We should lower our heads to cultivate the land, but also raise our heads to look at the sky!


Standing at the crossroads of an era not seen in a century, my country’s agricultural development is showing unprecedented changes.

Over the past millennium, China’s agriculture has undergone earth-shaking changes in terms of production methods, production efficiency, organizational forms, business entities, and industrial boundaries. The cattle- and horse-drawn farming has gradually been replaced by mechanization. The once rough, scattered, and The impression of being dirty is gradually disappearing.

This change is continuing and accelerating.

Many people will wonder, with the advancement of science and technology, especially the rapid development of Internet+, is it still a true portrayal of farmers to face the loess and rely on the sky for food? What changes will technology bring to agriculture? Faced with various questions, CEO of Great Harvest shared his agricultural journey. Maybe you can find some inspiration from it.

  Cross-border development of agriculture injects fresh power

The world is constantly developing, and this change always gives people hope and expectations.

Xu Xu, who was in Beijing more than 20 years ago, would not have imagined that in 2024, he would be working on the agricultural services platform in Shenzhen, working hard for the development of China’s agricultural services.

After graduating from Beijing Jiaotong University, Xu Xu plunged into the Internet industry. From black and white screen mobile phones to PCs to smartphones, Xu Xu personally experienced the booming development of the Internet industry and witnessed the rise and transformation of the industry. The time has come to 2020. At this time, Licensing has been in the Internet industry for more than 20 years. From large manufacturers to the founders of well-known Internet companies, Licensing has been developing rapidly in the Internet industry.

At this time, Xu unexpectedly chose to enter the agricultural field and join the harvest.

  Permission (right)

“Until now, many people will ask me, why does an Internet person choose agriculture and a good harvest?” Xu explained that the potential for agricultural development is huge. In the past few years, many people like him have switched from the Internet industry to agriculture. Nowadays, the Internet has become popular in China and infrastructure construction has been completed. How various industries use the Internet to empower them has become a major issue for industry development. As an enterprise that combines Internet technology and agriculture, since its establishment in 2014, Dafeng Harvest has determined to use technology to change agriculture, use the Internet to empower agriculture, and promote industry development, which coincides with the concept of licensing.

From 2014 to 2024, during the ten years of Great Harvest, we will stick to agriculture, insist on using scientific and technological power to improve the quality and efficiency of agricultural production, and continue to create value.

  Free your hands, technology serves mankind

Agriculture is one of the oldest industries in human history. From the emergence of slash-and-burn cultivation and iron tools, to the use of steam engines and hydraulic machinery in the Industrial Revolution, to the popularization of agricultural mechanization, the agricultural labor model has gradually changed, and some farmers and planters have Gradually get rid of heavy manual labor. The development of science and technology and the advancement of production tools have liberated people from the fields and made farming easier. This process is slow and does not happen overnight. How does Dafeng Harvest use Internet technology to help farmers free their hands in this process and promote the development of the planting industry?

  Great Harvest Agricultural Service Personnel

According to Xu, the Dafeng Harvest Agricultural Services Platform, as an innovative service platform for agricultural production solutions, has created three major business sectors: agricultural supplies mall, smart agriculture, and production hosting. A three-dimensional integrated service platform.

In 2014, in an era when the popularity of mobile Internet and mobile phones was not high, Dafengshou established an agricultural input mall to deliver agricultural inputs directly to the fields using an e-commerce model, optimizing the circulation process of traditional agricultural inputs and reducing farmers’ planting costs.

At that time, farmers had no concept of agricultural input e-commerce or online purchase of agricultural inputs. Employees of the agricultural input mall went to the countryside in person to teach farmers how to use their mobile phones, place orders on the mall, and check order information. Dafeng Harvest also uses Internet channels and traffic core methods to create 200-300 agricultural technology service teachers offline. The agricultural technology teachers walk in the fields, customize products according to product and soil characteristics, and solve planting problems on the spot, so that more people can Many farmers enjoy high-quality products and fast services through the Internet.


The key to agricultural modernization lies in scientific and technological progress and innovation. In addition to the agricultural supplies mall, Great Harvest will also combine software and hardware, using the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and big data technology to provide integrated and full-scale smart agricultural solutions, allowing agriculture to share digital dividends through intelligent decision-making systems.

“Smart agriculture is a key area of ​​development for Dafengshou in the next ten years,” Xu Xu said. “Smart agriculture can allow farmers to move from relying on the sky to knowing the sky. However, the development of smart agriculture still faces many challenges, and data collection is one of them.” . Xu admitted frankly that it is not enough to rely on the power of one company to solve this problem. He hopes that more companies and government forces will participate in the future to promote China’s smart agriculture to become more stable and faster.

  Strive to create full industry chain services upstream

Modern agriculture is an organism, and the size of a single factor does not determine the level of efficiency. In our country, it is unrealistic to achieve the scale of farms in the United States and Canada through large-scale land concentration. In addition to land transfer, agricultural services need to be developed to make up for the shortcomings of ultra-small scale. Only by developing the agricultural service system can efficiency be improved.

  Dragon fruit base for harvest service

At present, my country’s agricultural services are diverse and complex, with many participants, including state-owned enterprises, listed companies, private enterprises, foreign capital… The service forms are also diverse, including supply of agricultural inputs, technical services, processing and sales… Although there are many participants and various forms, it is undeniable What is surprising is that my country’s agricultural services industry is still in its infancy and lacks leading benchmark agricultural services companies.

  Northeast corn hosting service

“Most agricultural service companies have two pain points. First, the main strength is weak. Most businesses are concentrated in a single segment and have not yet formed full industry chain supply capabilities. Second, the service form is single, providing agricultural inputs, agricultural machinery, agricultural technology, and processing and warehousing services. There are more of them and less of other forms.” Xu said.

From this aspect, compared with most companies that focus on a certain aspect of agricultural production, the full production and marketing integrated production and management services created by Dacheng Harvest are relatively complete in terms of industrial system. “Dafeng Harvest is committed to connecting all aspects of agriculture from planting to sales through the power of digital Internet and technology to form a full industry chain service.”

“my country’s agricultural services industry will be in a golden period of industry development for at least the next ten years. In recent years, under the multiple impacts of the epidemic, food price fluctuations, and high agricultural input prices, protecting food security has become the primary issue facing any country. Countries need to improve their agricultural products The resilience of the food system, to ensure agricultural stability, agricultural services are needed more than ever.” Xu Xu believes that the field of agricultural services faces rare development opportunities, and the industry’s pain points are both challenges and opportunities for Harvest.

  Seize the trend and push agricultural clothing to a new stage

From traditional agriculture to digital agriculture, after the industry develops to a certain level, new entrepreneurs will appear on the market. They have grand visions, courage and strategies. In the “Internet +” era, they use new technologies to make the process more detailed. , provide more comprehensive services and strive to seize market opportunities.

  Dafengharvest Smart Agriculture Demonstration Base

So how does Internet thinking combine with agricultural clothing? Xu Xu said this, “The combination of the Internet and agriculture is more about the innovation of models and thinking. Agriculture is a relatively complex industry with strong regional characteristics, many industrial chains, and there are basic rules for launching products in the Internet industry.” “Run fast in small steps, iterate quickly” means don’t think about making a perfect product at once, but update it through rapid iteration to ensure that every small step is fast and rewarding. Only through practice can we Know what problems will arise in reality. In addition to the collision of thinking, the impact of the Internet on agriculture also promotes the development of smart agriculture. Many users have a relatively shallow understanding of the Internet, let alone smart agriculture, which requires professional experience and expertise. Use the data to popularize and promote it, and gradually deepen users’ understanding of Internet + agriculture.”

In order to further accelerate the integration of technology and agricultural production, Dafeng Harvest effectively combines smart agriculture with production custody. Through digital custody, it uses fewer people, more efficient equipment, and even an unmanned way to do custody, freeing farmers from the heavy workload. liberated from agricultural production.

  Smart agriculture project

At the Grape Planting Base in Shaoguan, Guangdong, Dafengshou equipped the base with a smart agricultural system and used digital hosting to increase grape yield by 30%-40%. Since grapes have extremely strict requirements on temperature and humidity, the Dafeng Harvest Smart Agriculture System monitors temperature and humidity in real time and displays crop information three-dimensionally through visualization equipment. Agricultural technology teachers develop full-process solutions based on the information to meet crop nutritional needs. In terms of custody services, Dafeng Harvest Farm service staff inspect fixed points every day and report on crop and orchard developments in a timely manner. Under the guarantee of the trinity of team, crops, and equipment, the base grapes successfully implemented early-growing technology and achieved two harvests a year. Due to the excellent fruit quality, Dacheng Harvest has successfully connected with Hema Fresh to provide full service from planting to sales.

As more and more social capital and market entities enter the agricultural service field, grasping the steering wheel is the top priority for agricultural service companies. Xu Xu emphasized that the next step for the development of the Great Harvest will be on technological upgrading and innovation and industrial chain integration and expansion. . It is hoped that through the power of science and technology, digitalization and intelligence, crops will be planted better and the yield and quality will be improved. Planting good land through various means is one thing, and promoting rural revitalization to drive more farmers to increase production and income is the top priority. .

Today, my country’s agricultural services are moving towards standardization. There are 1.04 million agricultural social service organizations, serving an area of ​​nearly 1.87 billion acres, and serving more than 89 million small farmers. In the future, more new business formats and models of agricultural services will be born. In the past, some people thought that China was not suitable for mechanization because there were many mountains and few plains; but now, many hills and mountains have mechanical operations because the machines have been miniaturized. Since the Industrial Revolution, technology has been updated at an increasingly faster pace, and waves of new technologies and machines are constantly being developed. In the future, things that used to be difficult will no longer be difficult.


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