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Dad Evaluation’s 2023 annual report was released, and the pass rate of Dad’s random inspection of authorized products was as low as 6.8%

Dad Evaluation’s 2023 annual report was released, and the pass rate of Dad’s random inspection of authorized products was as low as 6.8%

Recently, the third-party evaluation self-media Dad Review released the “Dad Review 2023 Annual Report” (hereinafter referred to as the annual report). According to the data in the annual report, the public welfare business sectors such as Dad Evaluation’s popular science evaluation self-media matrix and “Dad Science Laboratory” are developing steadily and making progress. At the same time, the “Dad Sampling Inspection” business that provides technical services to brands has also received strong recognition from more and more brands with its strict testing procedures.

In 2023, Dad received a total of 1,845 intended products for random inspection, but only 593 products passed the preliminary product screening. In the end, only 127 products completed the entire random inspection process and were authorized by Dad for evaluation, with a low pass rate. to 6.8%. Public information shows that Dad’s sampling inspection is an important business officially launched by Dad Evaluation in 2020. As an innovative attempt by Dad Evaluation to market business, Dad’s sampling inspection mainly provides full-link control for brands, and conducts full life cycle audits of brand products from raw material screening, factory compliance to effectiveness. From the user’s perspective, discover the real needs and real pain points, and ensure the first level of product quality for consumers from the source.

It is understood that during the test of a certain hair mask, Dad found that the product used the highly irritating preservative “methylchloroisothiazolinone”, so the product failed the risk assessment. During the screening of a certain children’s care product, technical experts found that the surfactant it used was “sodium lauryl sulfate”, which is highly irritating. Although it is common in adult care products, it was not tested on children based on the father’s sampling. The product has high standards and strict requirements, so it failed to pass.

The annual report shows that in 2023, Dad’s inspection team visited 69 cities at home and abroad. From New Zealand to Norway, from Canada to the United Kingdom, a journey of more than 420,000 kilometers, Dad’s sampling inspection team strictly followed the review procedures such as notarization of sample purchase, sampling inspection, laboratory testing, and data analysis, and recorded the entire process of product production on video to verify 142 factories have been audited to provide consumers with more reliable product information and safer quality assurance.

These lenses for strict review of products are also transmitted to consumers through media and self-media platforms, becoming an important reference for consumers to comprehensively and scientifically understand the core value of products. Are collagen peptides an IQ tax? What are the dangers to children if they ride in a car without a safety seat? Through the third-party experiments carried out by Dad’s random inspections together with the brand, the problems that plagued consumers were answered one by one. Relevant popular science content not only deepens consumers’ understanding of the brand, but the brand has also improved its production process or product formula through the technical empowerment of Dad’s sampling inspection, further improving the quality of its own products.

Regarding the achievements of Dad’s random inspection, Wei Wenfeng, the founder of Dad Evaluation, stated in the annual report that Dad’s random inspection has quickly developed a mature technical service model in the three years since its launch. More than a thousand brands have sought cooperation, and it has brought comprehensive services to 252 brands. Link control. In 2024, Dad’s Sampling will launch a new upgraded version, “with bolder plans to penetrate the product cycle, evidence-based scientific links, and help brands build scientific moats.”

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