Customer-oriented reshape the whole “heart” service “My Sunshine” APP ushered in a new experience upgrade


Recently, Sunshine Life’s official APP “My Sunshine” has carried out a new round of large-scale function upgrades. This upgrade is mainly based on customer needs. It aims to empower “heart” services with a “new” model, focus on improving customer experience, dig deep into customer needs, face the pain points of online service experience, carefully polish service details, and actively build a new model. Digital insurance service ecosystem. Realize the function with heart, guarantee with care, and service with heart, and practice “let people have more sunshine” wholeheartedly.

  Customer perspective drives experience optimization, “intentionally” lets customers say yes

The “My Sunshine” APP constantly explores the public’s thinking mode, fully understands the voice of customers, and formulates an interface component library that serves the customer’s visual logic, reduces operational barriers with customer thinking, and creates a natural interaction mode that is closer to customer needs. The visual image, operation process, etc. have been optimized and updated to comprehensively improve the operation efficiency of the APP and let customers say yes. For example, maintain page consistency, adopt similar structures at the same level, and reduce customer learning costs; predict customer needs, use blue text that can directly jump to links, easy-to-understand icons, function buttons, etc., to let customers know the current situation Actionable content and how to get to the next step.

  The service journey is transparent and clear, and “carefully” protects customers’ sense of security

In order to save the operation time for customers to handle online business, the “My Home Sunshine” APP meticulously polishes the business operation page with “artisan spirit”, simplifies the operation steps, and opens up the whole business process from the “customer perspective”. For example, the identity verification process is simplified, all steps are displayed on the same page, and the operation can be completed smoothly by following the prompts, so that customers have clear expectations for identity verification and reduce anxiety caused by waiting; some projects support the selection of multi-policy synchronization operations , to avoid operational redundancy caused by repeated applications; policy inquiry and business processing are effectively combined, and one-click processing can be performed during the inquiry process, saving time, effort and worry.

In addition, in order to ensure that customers can clearly understand their own rights and interests when handling business, and avoid damage to their own rights and interests due to operational omissions, the “My Sunshine” APP focuses on the common needs of insurance customers, and puts key rights and interests information in front, which is convenient Customers quickly choose and make decisions, help customers to do business clearly, and carefully protect their sense of security.

  The intelligent assistant takes the initiative to serve, and “warm heart” accompanies customers every step of the way

Sunshine Life Insurance has many business functions and diverse customer groups, so some customers are not familiar with online operations and may be interrupted when handling business independently. Especially for senior customers who are not very proficient in operating smartphones, the interruption rate of the operation process is relatively high.

Through big data, artificial intelligence and other technological means, Sunshine Life empowers business handling services. When a customer encounters difficulties in autonomous operation, the intelligent service robot of the “My Sunshine” APP will recognize it immediately, respond immediately, and actively push solutions. This active and intelligent service model effectively reduces the congestion and pain points in business handling, greatly reduces the “should be done” business and unsuccessful business, and promotes the service capability of the “My Sunshine” APP. Take to a new level.

The relevant person in charge of Sunshine Life said that customer satisfaction is the source of motivation for the company’s operation and service development. After the upgrade of the “My Sunshine” APP, the success rate and satisfaction of customers have been significantly improved. In the future, Sunshine Life will continue to adhere to the core value pursuit of “everything for customers”, carry out deeper exploration on the road of “technology empowering insurance services”, continue to break through service boundaries, and bring more professional and caring high-quality services to customers. Products and services help customers enjoy a more convenient, better and more secure life, and let people have more sunshine.


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