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“Cultivating New Rice Dumplings in Summer? Leisurely? Tea” Tianjin MCC? Heyuehui set off a new wave of urban cultural consumption

“Cultivating New Rice Dumplings in Summer? Leisurely? Tea” Tianjin MCC? Heyuehui set off a new wave of urban cultural consumption

The smoke enveloped the scorching iron pot, and pieces of fresh and tender tea leaves rolled and crackled in the pot until they became dry and curly, and the unique and attractive tea fragrance permeated at this time. From June 22nd to 24th, the 2023 Sanlian·West Bund City Cultural Geng Festival’s Dragon Boat Festival return special event “Gengxin Rice Dumpling Summer·Lei Lai? Tea” oriental style collection was held in MCC·Heyuehui, Tianjin, with the whole city Citizens celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival together.

  The oriental tea theme market defines the tea culture of young people

This oriental tea-themed market activity insists on focusing on “Oriental tea” and is oriented by market demand, promoting Chinese tea culture from multiple aspects such as brand building, integrated development of tea merchants, and personal experience. The market gathers nearly 20 Jinmen tea industry brands. Through sales, interactive experiences, tea art performances and other activities, it breaks the form of traditional tea exhibitions and unlocks people’s inherent cognition of tea: “Ancient Food Fun · On-site Fried Tea” activity Let consumers become tea farmers for a day to fry tea by themselves, and experience the production process from fresh leaves to finished tea in an immersive way; Prosperity, more replicas of the tea-ordering techniques of the Song Dynasty, allowing everyone to travel through the Song Dynasty in a second; 6 Chinese-style aesthetic salons with the theme of tea culture and life aesthetics, guided by professional teachers on site, bringing consumers an extraordinary experience…

This fair not only presents the spirit of the traditional tea ceremony in a contemporary way, but also allows more young consumers to further enjoy dishes, learn about tea, and learn about my country’s long-established tea through rich activities, online promotion, and offline experience. Industrial culture; at the same time, Tianjin MCC Heyuehui, as a representative project of cultural tourism in Hexi District, has also injected strong impetus into the integration of cultural tourism and mutual prosperity of cultural and business in our city.

  Qili Youji continues to make efforts to unlock new possibilities in midsummer

During the Dragon Boat Festival, in addition to the oriental tea-themed market, Qili Youji, Tianjin MCC Heyuehui’s own market brand, also continued to make efforts to bring consumers a new shopping and leisure experience through a series of brand joint names and cross-border innovations ——Rape Flower Academy, a member brand of Linkage Heyuehui, brings a second-hand and old things market, advocating consumers to bring idle items at home to the shopping street, looking for “destined people” to awaken new vitality for them, and in a lively and happy atmosphere, those who participate in the event Customers not only allow old things to circulate and “circulate”, but also make these products a “medium” to connect the exploration and practice of sustainable lifestyles; Qili Youji also has a surprise linkage with fashion brand SUNSHINE GUARDIAN to launch a new chill in June The house pop-up store uses key words such as drunkenness, new clothes and freedom as concepts to discover the trendy IN shopping OOTD.

As a regional brand market that has formed a certain scale and spread, Qili Youji has been focusing on the circle of young consumers, attracting more young people to join in with the smoky market atmosphere and novel and interesting sales categories. Refresh daily inspiration, explore the aesthetics of life, and provide consumers with a more comfortable and high-quality consumption experience.

As the closing series of activities of the first Urban Cultural Geng Festival, “Gengxin Rice Dumpling Summer Leisure Tea” will last for three days, bringing an extraordinary Dragon Boat Festival feast to the citizens of Jincheng. Tianjin MCC·Heyuehui will also continue to keep up with the trend of the times, gain insights into user needs, continue to ignite the enthusiasm for consumption in the city with the operation mode of “culture + business”, and use novel and interactive scene experiences to create emotional resonance with consumers. In this way, the consumption potential will be continuously stimulated, and the economic growth of the business district and the city will be empowered.

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