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Create the industry’s first full-link closed-loop system for home appliances! Haier Recycling debuts at AWE

At present, sustainable development is the general trend, and ESG has also become an important issue for the future development of enterprises. As a pioneer in ESG practice in China, Haier Smart Home has integrated ESG development concepts into the entire industry and every link, and recycling is one of its important layouts.

On March 14, the 2024 China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE2024) opened at the Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center. The industry’s first home appliance “recycling-dismantling-regeneration-reuse” closed-loop system built by Haier Smart Home was launched for the first time. Appearance. Focusing on the recycling and reuse of home appliances, Haier Smart Home Recycling Industry officially launched the first recycling supply chain digital platform at the AWE site and demonstrated its high-quality recycling new material product system. As a highlight of this exhibition, Haier Smart Home’s full-link green recycling ecological layout once again provides new ideas for the industry to explore new models of ESG governance.

  The first full-link closed-loop system to help recycle used household appliances

In the context of global sustainable development and the national “double carbon” goal, recycling and reusing used household appliances has become a general trend. On March 13, the State Council issued the “Action Plan for Promoting Large-Scale Equipment Updates and Trade-in of Consumer Goods”, proposing to improve the recycling network for used products and equipment. Accelerate the development of the “replacement + recycling” logistics system and new model, and support companies that produce and sell durable consumer goods to build reverse logistics systems or cooperate with professional recycling companies to collect waste consumer goods door-to-door.

Since the release of its first social responsibility report in 2009, Haier Smart Home has regarded the concept of sustainable development as its unwavering development strategy. In recent years, it has continued to increase its investment in the recycling industry. Based on the existing layout of “one factory, one industry, one platform” relying on digital technology, Haier Smart Home has built the industry’s first closed-loop recycling system of “recycling-dismantling-regeneration-remanufacturing” of home appliances. The entire link forms a synergy. Promote the recycling of used household appliances and the green and low-carbon development of the industry.

At the same time, in order to achieve high-value utilization of renewable resources, Haier Smart Home has launched the industry’s first closed-loop application system from “home appliance recycling” to “plastic recycling”, and is based on the industry’s most advanced high-quality plastic cleaning and sorting production line and new recycling system. The material production line creates high-quality new recycling materials and is committed to realizing true PCR plastic recycling. Walking into the Haier Smart Home recycling and low-carbon life exhibition area, we can see some common plastic products in daily life, such as cat litter boxes, home seats, storage boxes, tension straps, etc., which are dismantled and regenerated from used household appliances. It is remanufactured from the final plastic, which not only realizes the efficient use of renewable resources, but also helps to reduce environmental pollution.

  Adhering to the concept of sustainable development, ESG exploration and practice has been recognized by authorities

Behind the recycling of used home appliances, Haier Smart Home’s continuous exploration in the field of recycling is inseparable. At the AWE site, a home appliance recycling video played on a large screen showed the full-link recycling process of used home appliances. Through recycling, dismantling, regeneration and reuse, more and more waste household appliances are transformed into new recycled materials and can be recycled indefinitely.

Haier Smart Home is a company that has been deeply involved in the ESG field for many years. The results displayed by AWE are just a microcosm of its green and low-carbon development. In fact, Haier Smart Home has already integrated green and low-carbon into its development plan, forming a 6-Green strategy of “green design, green production, green operation, green recycling, green disposal, and green procurement” to achieve the full life cycle of products globally. Reduce carbon emissions.

It is worth mentioning that Haier Smart Home has also received high recognition for its layout in green and low-carbon development. The international authoritative index agency Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) raised the ESG rating of Haier Smart Home to A level, the highest rating in the domestic industry; Haier Smart Home has also been included in the three major ESG indexes of the Hang Seng Index and listed on the Fortune magazine’s first China ESG influence list, etc.

At present, green low-carbon and circular economy have become the focus of social and economic development. Against this background, while actively fulfilling corporate responsibilities, Haier Smart Home continues to promote exploration and layout in the field of recycling, providing an example for the sustainable development of the industry. In the future, Haier Smart Home will continue to explore new directions for green development and accelerate the implementation of the national dual-carbon strategy.


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