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Create new financial productivity and create a new benchmark for insurance application research China Pacific Insurance and Fudan University jointly build the Insurance Application Innovation Research Institute

Create new financial productivity and create a new benchmark for insurance application research China Pacific Insurance and Fudan University jointly build the Insurance Application Innovation Research Institute

  On the morning of March 16, Fu Fan, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Pacific Insurance”) and Qiu Xin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Fudan University opened the Insurance Application Innovation Institute of Fudan University in Fudan Xianghui Hall. (hereinafter referred to as the “Institute”) was unveiled.Executive Deputy Director of the Finance Office of Shanghai Municipal Party CommitteeExecutive Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Financial Work Party Committee, Director of the Shanghai Office for Promoting the Construction of an International Financial CenterZhou Xiaoquan, Deputy Director of Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Ye Jinsong, Deputy Director of Shanghai Education Commission Liu Li, President of Fudan University Academician Jin Li, Vice President Chen Zhimin, former Chairman of China Pacific Insurance Company Kong Qingwei, and President Zhao Yonggang were on-site witnesses. Xu Zheng, Executive Vice President of Fudan University, presided over the ceremony.

China Pacific Insurance is a leading comprehensive insurance group in China. Fudan University is one of the first universities in the country to establish finance and insurance studies. It is also a domestic center for economic and financial subject research and talent training. In December last year, China Pacific Insurance and Fudan University established a strategic partnership to implement all-round cooperation focusing on three major aspects: talent training, insurance application innovation, and social and cultural activities. The Insurance Application Innovation Research Institute is an entity scientific research institution jointly established by both parties. It is committed to connecting basic research and insurance application scenarios and creating a new five-in-one research institution that integrates “industry, academia, research, government and application”. Relying on the advantages of both parties, the institute will take economics and finance as the main subjects, integrate artificial intelligence, big data, medicine, public health, environment, social security and other multi-disciplinary forces to promote the deep integration of disciplines, education, human resources and industrial resources. Create a new model of multi-disciplinary joint scientific research based on finance and insurance and a new paradigm of deep integration of schools and enterprises, form a high-end scientific research platform and think tank platform with complementary positioning, staggered development, and supporting linkage, and expand traditional social science research and think tank services to In the field of arts, sciences, medicine and engineering, we use the superposition of disciplinary advantages to achieve structural breakthroughs in the disciplinary layout, serve the construction of liberal arts, comprehensive health, and new engineering discipline systems, and contribute to accelerating the cultivation and development of new quality productivity.

Zhou Xiaoquan pointed out in his speech that improving the development level of Shanghai’s insurance industry and the level of international reinsurance center are important elements of the construction of Shanghai’s financial center. It is expected that the institute can better serve the national strategy and explore experience for innovative development of the insurance industry; serve Shanghai’s economic development, promote technological innovation and the formation of new productive forces as soon as possible; serve the people’s urban construction, ensure citizens’ high-quality life, and jointly promote the achievements of Shanghai’s insurance industry More pioneering and leading achievements will help build Shanghai into a financial powerhouse and a service center.

Qiu Xin said in his speech that the strong alliance between schools and enterprises will jointly create an industry pioneer, Fudan platform and Shanghai power driven by financial and insurance applied research and innovation. We look forward to leveraging our respective strengths, strengthening collaborative innovation, and completing the “five big articles” in finance, continuously producing first-class research results and financial innovation products, continuously cultivating top innovative talents in academia and industry, and jointly building the Insurance Application Innovation Institute It has become a benchmark for innovation in the financial and insurance industry in Shanghai and even across the country.

In his speech, Fu Fan believed that jointly building the Insurance Application Innovation Research Institute is a common choice of China Pacific Insurance and Fudan University both in the present and in the long run. It is hoped that in the future work of the institute, it will take a higher position to assist financial development in a new chapter, promote the construction of Shanghai’s “five centers”, and create new financial productivity; with a more practical positioning, integrate academic research Make breakthroughs with innovation, discover real problems, solve real problems, be the first to form implementable research results, and create a benchmark model for school-enterprise cooperation; with further goals, jointly cultivate innovative talents, jointly create research mechanisms, continue to stimulate cooperation vitality, and form The sustainable development path of the institute.

Before the unveiling ceremony, the main leaders of China Pacific Insurance and Fudan University held a tree planting activity at the Fudan Chinese Economic and Cultural Research Center, cultivating soil and watering two Albizia julibrissin trees, symbolizing the smooth and successful school-enterprise cooperation. After the unveiling ceremony, Ma Weidu, a cultural scholar, founder of the Guanfu Museum, and spokesman for CPIC Home, and Dr. Hans-Paul Bockner, global honorary chairman and managing director of BCG, gave speeches on “Heritage and Future” and “Value Creation From Innovation” respectively. Theme exchange.

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