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Create a positive youth drama “I Have Been in Your Future” to start a healing love adventure

Create a positive youth drama “I Have Been in Your Future” to start a healing love adventure


Directed by Jiang Xuanyi, starring Yang Haoming and Guan Xin, and starring Nafisa, Li Yi, Liu Boxu, Lei Siyu, etc., the modern fantasy emotional drama “I Have Been in Your Future” will be released on Tencent at 12 o’clock today The video is broadcast online.

  The novel settings are bold and thoughtful, and watching the drama through a magnifying glass is sweet and interesting.

“I’ve Been in Your Future” tells the story of Ye Fan (played by Yang Haoming) who successfully confessed his love to Tao Tao (Guan Xin), who had been secretly in love with him for many years, on the eve of college graduation. Unexpectedly, Tao Tao died in a car accident that day, and Ye Fan lost his lover. Then, Ye Fan accidentally got an old mobile phone belonging to Tao Tao, and accidentally contacted Tao Tao, who was in his senior year of high school four years ago in 2018. This phone call accidentally changed the fate of the two people, and also started a fantasy love journey for the two of them to rush to each other and redeem each other through the magical old mobile phone.

37.2 degrees is the limit of normal human body temperature and is also considered the “temperature of love”; a boy who wanted to get back his beloved girl dialed an old mobile phone when his body temperature was 37.2 degrees, thus starting a Möbius strip. A romantic adventure. A body temperature of 37.2 degrees, a midnight timeline, a mysterious Nokia mobile phone… “I Have Been in Your Future” uses a phone to connect the emotions of the world in different time and space in the past, present and future, using the setting of time and space travel, in It adds a sense of suspense to the romance drama. The whole drama unfolds the story layer by layer through careful condition setting and unique time-travel details. It is still “brain-burning” under the ultimate romantic and tender tone. It is worth the audience’s “magnifying glass” to follow the drama and savor it carefully.

The play focuses on the different emotional attitudes of young men and women in different time and space. It uses the original modern time and space travel as the main line to construct a pure love story with a strong plot and suspenseful brain-burning characteristics. It uses a narrative of “setting up suspense + solving the mystery” It attracts the audience in this way, and at the same time incorporates the elements of time and space travel. The plot is compact, multiple reversals, and the characters are three-dimensional.

  From school uniforms to wedding dresses, witness the two-way pursuit of academic couples

Study together, study together, easily dominate the grade list, and rush to a bright future together… The campus life of “double academic masters” is real and moving. From their school uniforms to their companionship in wedding dresses, no matter accidents or illnesses, they run for salvation in both directions again and again. “I’ve Been in Your Future” creates an immersive drama-watching experience through the daily depiction of a young campus high school couple, creating a natural and rich journey of pure love for the audience, triggering a positive yearning for a better future.

The second collaboration between young actors Yang Haoming and Guan Xin is also a highlight of the show. In the play, Yang Haoming challenges Ye Fan, a talented young man who is a master of academics. He has a handsome and cute appearance but is also persistent in love and things. When he accidentally gets the opportunity to change his destiny, he seizes the opportunity without giving up, and finally saves Tao Tao Tao Tao, and their love is restored; Guan Xin plays the role of Tao Tao Tao, a female schoolmaster with online appearance and IQ. She faces a series of challenges on the way to being forced into desperation by fate several times, and because of her letting go and Sacrifice ultimately changes destiny. The starring cast with both good looks and abilities adds brilliance to the series, and the high degree of compatibility between the actors and the character settings also makes the audience’s expectations for the new chemical reaction between the two people high.

What’s more worth mentioning is that another work “The Wife Under the Cliff” directed by Jiang Xuanyi achieved excellent results with a box office of over 6 million during the broadcast on Tencent Video. The play uses strong drama in the background setting The tension and gimmicks quickly achieved the effect of thrilling the audience in a short period of time, making “The Wife Under the Cliff” a dark horse on the micro-short drama track in 2022. With such an excellent previous work, I believe that this episode will be time and space The new work “I Have Been in Your Future”, which combines crossover, suspense atmosphere and campus love, is also worth looking forward to.

So how do the male and female protagonists in the play enter into this communication across time and space, and what new sparks will collide in this unique time-travel plot? Watch “I’ve Been to Your Future”, which will be broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video at 12 noon today, and follow Ye Fan and Tao Tao to answer calls from time and space and go on a journey of youth together.

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