Create a new situation of high-quality development, Youxuan database boosts the construction of digital China


The “Overall Layout Plan for the Construction of Digital China” was recently issued. The construction of digital China is an important engine for promoting Chinese-style modernization in the digital age and a strong support for building new advantages in national competition.

The construction of digital China is laid out in accordance with the overall framework of “2522”, that is, to consolidate the “two foundations” of digital infrastructure and data resource system, and promote the deep integration of digital technology and the construction of “five in one” of economy, politics, culture, society and ecological civilization , strengthen the “two major capabilities” of digital technology innovation system and digital security barrier, and optimize the “two environments” of domestic and international digital development.

The “Plan” mainly emphasizes three aspects, which point out the direction for the country’s medium and long-term digital construction and development:

The first is to consolidate the “two foundations” of digital infrastructure and data resource system;

The second is to promote the deep integration of digital technology with economy, politics, culture, society and ecology;

The third is to strengthen the “two major capabilities” of the digital technology innovation system and the digital security barrier.

The “Plan” further clarifies the construction goals, that is, by 2025, important progress will be made in the construction of digital China; by 2035, the level of digital development will enter the forefront of the world, and major achievements will be made in the construction of digital China.

U.S. sanctions continue to increase, technological “decoupling” continues to escalate, and “national security” remains the main theme. Supply chain security and digital security are the inevitable requirements of digital China. The independent status of science and technology has been improved unprecedentedly. Strengthening digital security has become the key (such as network security, data storage, related software, etc.), and basic software and hardware and other “stuck” areas will become national investment. focus direction.

  Efficient construction of digital infrastructure, effective release of the value of data elements

As a key production material, data involves a long and sensitive industrial chain. As the underlying support, the database management system is in an unprecedentedly important position in the construction of the digital economy.

As a domestic database manufacturer dedicated to the research and application of key database technologies, Youxuan Software will also take root in independent technological innovation under the favorable policy, and continue to build a high-level, high-security, high-performance domestic database technology research and development and service system. Accelerate the research and development of new products suitable for the needs of future industry users.

As an enterprise-level database, UXDB has core capabilities such as high availability, high performance, high security, and scalability in terms of overall architecture and system. The self-developed real-time application cluster technology supports “quasi-zero interruption” of business services; it provides functions such as identity authentication, autonomous access control, row-level access control, mandatory access control, and security audit, and supports national secret algorithms to ensure the integrity of user data Security and confidentiality; support plug-in expansion function, guarantee the best practice of function and performance, support unlimited horizontal expansion of storage space, and realize automatic online elastic scaling of clusters.

  Fully empower economic and social development, and accelerate localization and alternative applications

Youxuan Database provides a complete database migration solution. Major application projects in complex application scenarios have verified the reliability, stability and security of Uxuan database, setting a benchmark in industry applications.

Relying on excellent technical advantages and thoughtful services, the projects cover from the central ministries and commissions to various local provinces and cities, as well as key industries such as finance, energy, telecommunications, statistics, medical care, education, etc. , People’s Bank of China, Xinjiang Rural Credit Cooperatives, Hunan Provincial Environmental Protection Department, Suzhou Intermediate People’s Court and other units’ core system construction work.

At present, tens of thousands of database and security products have been deployed with more than 6,000 partners, and have been shortlisted for many domestic database software procurement catalogs in important fields such as the Central Government Procurement Network, Chinese state agencies, and central enterprises.

  Promote the integrated development of industrial ecology and deepen joint construction

While tackling the key technologies of the database, Youxuan Software actively participates in the joint construction of the industrial ecology, joins hands with upstream and downstream industry partners for integrated development, and demonstrates the underlying support capabilities of the basic software database.

Has completed product compatibility and mutual certification with upstream and downstream partners, covering mainstream software and hardware manufacturers such as chips, operating systems, middleware, complete machines, and application software, covering core areas such as government affairs, finance, operators, medical care, electricity, and education Application scenarios: strategic cooperation with Huawei, Phytium, Yonyou, Sangfor and many other manufacturers with market influence, deep binding, polishing products, and jointly providing users with better and complete solutions to help the healthy development of the industrial ecology.

  Build a technical standard system and contribute to industry standards

For a long time, Youxuan Software has attached great importance to standardization work, and has successively joined many standardization organizations, industry alliances and technical communities. With years of technical accumulation and perfect database product solutions, it has provided suggestions for the implementation of industry standards and participated in the compilation of many times. Formulation of national, industry, local and other standards.

He has successively participated in “Technical Requirements for Database Centralized Operation and Maintenance Management Platform”, “Database Operation and Maintenance Management Capability Maturity Model”, “Database Development Research Report”, “SQL Language Basics”, “Relational Database Application Requirements Standard” and “Distributed Relationship The preparation and discussion of relevant content such as “Database Application Requirements Standard” will help promote basic research and key core technology research, and contribute to industrial development.

  Industry-university-research collaborative innovation, accumulating talent training

In the final analysis, scientific and technological innovation depends on talents. At present, senior talents at the database research and development level are very scarce. Only by breaking the dilemma of talent gap and talent gap, can technological innovation and product iteration speed catch up with the international level faster.

Since its establishment, Youxuan Software has attached great importance to discipline construction and personnel training. In recent years, it has continuously introduced top scientists in the industry, carried out an innovative model of “industry-university-research” deep integration with domestic universities, jointly established a cyberspace security college, and established scholarships, grants, and education funds. Spare no effort to support the development of education and reserve more technical talents for the database software industry.

In the future, Youxuan Software will also take root in the independent innovation of science and technology under the favorable policy, continue to create a high-level, high-security, high-performance domestic database technology research and development and service system, accelerate the development of new products suitable for future industry user needs, and create The ecological industry chain lays the foundation for the future market layout, and is determined to allow Chinese people to use their own database.



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