Create a new era of myopia management and comprehensively reform the service system of Platinum Ophthalmology


At present, the situation of eye health problems in our country is serious. Data from the National Health Commission show that the overall myopia rate among children and adolescents nationwide in 2022 is 53.6%. Among them, 14.5% are children under 6 years old, 36% are primary school students, 71.6% are junior high school students, and 81% are high school students. Problems such as myopia at a younger age need to be solved urgently. In addition to developing good eye-use habits and maintaining adequate outdoor activity time and sleep, parents are the “first person responsible” for their children’s eye health. Recently, Platinum Ophthalmology, a well-known eye health institution in the industry, proposed a new perspective on “myopia management”, which may be an effective means to solve the above problems at present.

  Membership management system

Platinum Ophthalmology believes that myopia requires long-term management and a long-term management plan should be in place. In this context, Platinum Ophthalmology proposes a membership-based management system to establish a personal profile for each child. It is characterized by “fine management, goal setting, worry-free all year round, worry-free and money-saving”, and uses a five-dimensional management method , protect children’s clear, comfortable and healthy vision, truly use professionalism to give parents peace of mind.

  Five core service sectors

On the basis of membership system, Platinum Ophthalmology has five core service sectors. First, Platinum Ophthalmology adopts a clinical staging method of diagnosis and treatment, based on the clinical staging of different stages of myopia. For children without myopia, the management goal is to regularly monitor key data and maintain a normal hyperopia reserve, matching the A1 management plan. For children with early myopia and already myopia, the management goals are to late-onset low myopia, control the growth rate of myopia, and avoid developing high myopia, and match the A2 or A3 management plan to develop a personalized prevention and control plan for the child to provide a relatively comprehensive Clinical data.

Bolin Ophthalmology adopts the original 4321*2 myopia prevention and control model, combined with the five-dimensional myopia management system, to diagnose and treat myopia by seizing the characteristics of preventable, controllable and irreversible myopia. In contrast, Platinum Ophthalmology attaches great importance to the risk factors of myopia and is good at finding customized service plans suitable for children. It responds to eye health problems from the five dimensions of management, prevention, control, correction and training. Third, Platinum Ophthalmology provides parents with a simple and neat eye health report. All diagnosis and treatment data are uploaded simultaneously to the Platinum Diagnosis and Treatment System and the client applet, allowing parents to “understand it at a glance.”

Fourth, Platinum Eye Clinic provides exclusive medical butler services for children. Dedicated medical and technical nursing staff are familiar with the child’s condition, provide close review reminders, fully interpret the examination data and formulate personalized solutions, and work hand in hand with parents to protect the child’s vision. Finally, members of Platinum Eye Clinic will also receive exclusive membership benefits, including product membership prices, product gift certificates, early adopter privileges, etc.

At present, the membership service of Platinum Ophthalmology has been fully launched and has received positive reviews from the customer groups who have registered to experience it. It is believed that after parents’ awareness of “management” is improved, the eye health of our country’s adolescents and children can be improved to a certain extent.


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