Create a better and win-win future? Nezha? Design Town Industrial Ecological Fundamentals Strategic Partner Signing Ceremony was a complete success

Create a better and win-win future? Nezha? Design Town Industrial Ecological Fundamentals Strategic Partner Signing Ceremony was a complete success

On April 28, 2023, the “Tianjin Bohai Radio Factory” located in the Chentang section of Hexi District ushered in a rebirth. Guided by the policy of revitalizing and utilizing state-owned idle assets, adhering to the principle of “renovating the old as the old, reusing the old house “Nezha·Design Town officially unveiled. Nezha Design Town is located in Chentang Science and Technology Business District, Hexi District, Tianjin. Relying on the construction policy and resource advantages of the “City of Design Pioneering District”, it creates a new urban complex and integrates the four dimensions of “cultural, commercial, tourism and industry” to form a landmark. The theme of sexual culture and tourism, a dynamic commercial and entertainment district and a community integrating industry and city.

With the theme of “creating a better and win-win future” this time, Nezha Design Town signed a contract with strategic partners in the fundamentals of industrial ecology, and invited Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Tianjin Science and Technology Innovation and Development Center, Tianjin Cultural Tourism Bureau, Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and relevant leaders of the Hexi District Party Committee and District Government witnessed together. There were more than 200 participating companies and more than 300 guests.

The event started with a heroic “Nezha Encouragement”, which fully demonstrated Nezha’s resolute, courageous, heroic spirit. Nezha Design Town takes Nezha culture as the carrier, normalizes and builds Nezha culture, and makes Nezha a landmark culture and IP business card in Hexi District and Tianjin.

Afterwards, the conference showed the overall plan of Nezha Design Town to all the guests present, which fully demonstrated the four-dimensional format of the town’s integration of “culture, business, tourism and industry”, organically combining culture, commerce, tourism and industry, which can not only meet the needs of urban culture, business and tourism. It can also enrich the comprehensive supporting facilities of the industrial park, integrate the enterprises working in the park into the cultural block, and make the boring work more full of vigor and vitality.

The design town not only builds powerful hardware facilities, but also actively participates in the practice and personnel training of universities and colleges, and invites independent scholars of design education, youth innovation and entrepreneurship coaches, and deputy director of the preparatory committee of the Intelligent Design Industry Research Institute-Mr. Yan Houcheng , as an expert consultant member of the design town, next, he will contribute to the development of the design town and even the regional industry.

During the meeting, Zhang Shaohua, the general manager of Nezha Design Town, explained in detail the original design intention and mental journey of Nezha Design Town for all the leaders and guests present, so that everyone can have a deeper understanding of the town and be full of expectations for the town .

Nezha·Design Town adheres to the principle of “no IP, no project”, creates Nezha-themed IP, and forms the Nezha’s historical and cultural research, Nezha’s intangible cultural heritage, Nezha’s local image building, and Nezha’s cultural architecture integration. cultural core. The theme song of Nezha Design Town “Long Wind·Nezha” and the local image of Nezha were unveiled at the signing ceremony, and Mr. Zhang Shaohua, the general manager of Nezha Youth Hostel, presented the local image of Nezha to Hexi District. Nezha’s spirit flourished.

A total of 30 strategic cooperation companies came to the stage to sign contracts in this event. Among them, representatives of resource partners include Binhai Fund Town, China City Development Council Urban Carbon Neutral Committee, Star Times Group, etc. to sign strategic cooperation agreements. The town conducts in-depth cooperation in enterprise investment, business incubation, product transformation investment, joint development, creation of cultural and creative derivatives, and creation of innovation and entrepreneurship practice bases.

The industrial partners represent enterprises, mainly Fortune Manufacturing, Zhonghe Strong, Tianjin Office of Shenzhen Digital Economy Industry Promotion Association, Beijing IP, etc. jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement. In the future, they will jointly build an industrial design industry chain and cultural In-depth cooperation in intellectual property transactions, digital 3D model production of venture capital products, mass production of venture capital products, intellectual property financial cooperation, etc., to escort venture capital companies.

The commercial partners represent enterprises, mainly including commercial brands such as Outlets, Seventh Day Photography, Snail Hub, and World Duan. Commercial scenarios such as product warehouse supply chain, trendy immersive dining experience, and car hubs help to build Chentang Science and Technology Business District into a comprehensive and dynamic area of ​​industry and city.

Representative companies of new media partners mainly include Tianjin Short Video Association, Tianjin New Media Association, Tianjin Cross-border E-commerce Demonstration Park, etc. In the future, they will jointly build product selection bases and live e-commerce training bases with Design Town. Build a product supply chain system and integrated sales channels, help the e-commerce talent echelon training in the town, and build the design town into a channel system integrating innovative design and mainstream sales.

Partners represent enterprises, mainly Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Entrepreneur Club, Fujian Longyan Chamber of Commerce, Xuhe Media, Vera Technology, Guangzhou Yunxiang Culture Media, etc. In the future, they will work with Design Town to create e-sports professional events and artificial intelligence applications In terms of promotion, entertainment, intelligent technology and the development of characteristic industries, carry out in-depth cooperation to promote the overall vitality of the design town and the creation of a technological atmosphere.

The complete success of this signing ceremony marks that the fundamentals of the industrial ecology of Nezha Design Town have been preliminarily established, and the operation model integrating the four-dimensional business model of “culture, business, tourism and industry” has officially started. At the same time, the town’s investment promotion work will also be in full swing. The park will also carry out various cultural exchanges and competitions in the design industry in succession to further enhance the influence of Nezha Design Town in the industry, and continue to cultivate in the industrial chain. Looking forward to working with all high-quality enterprises in the industry to work together to create a better and win-win future.

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