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Cracked! Nowhere to hide!Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch cooperates with the police to eliminate overseas electronic fraud criminal gangs

Cracked! Nowhere to hide!Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch cooperates with the police to eliminate overseas electronic fraud criminal gangs

Since the beginning of the year, suspected electronic fraudsters have been operating frequently and increasingly rampantly within the city. Recently, the Tianjin Jinghai Branch of Industrial Bank discovered a suspicious cash withdrawal customer and successfully resolved the risk through the police-bank cooperation mechanism, intercepting suspicious funds of 73,500 yuan. In less than an hour, it cooperated with the public security organs and successfully captured the suspect gang.

At 16:10 on January 9, 2024, Li went to Tianjin Jinghai Branch of Industrial Bank to handle a cash withdrawal of 73,500 yuan, and proposed to withdraw funds to prepare a betrothal gift for his younger brother. The amount of cash withdrawal did not meet the characteristics of gift money, which is usually an integer or a special amount such as 8888. This alerted the branch staff, who immediately conducted further verification of the account.

After verification, the staff found many doubts: the account was newly opened three days ago, and only a small test transaction occurred one day before the incident; on the day of the incident, after transferring funds from an unfamiliar account at another bank, he immediately went to the branch counter to withdraw cash, which was in line with the requirement of fast funds. Fast in and out features. In view of the above suspicious characteristics, the branch staff asked the customer about the source of funds, but Li said he did not understand and could not provide accurate remittance information. During this process, the branch staff found that Li had a reserved and panicked expression, and judged that there was an abnormality in the account based on the characteristics of the head office’s suspicious account rule model. The counter supervisor immediately contacted the Jinghai Public Security Anti-Fraud Center. After analysis and judgment, he found that there was something wrong with Mr. Li and called the police immediately. During the waiting period, on the one hand, the outlets appease the delaying customers to buy time to call the police, on the other hand, they take account control measures on the suspicious accounts to prevent the risk of fund transfers through online channels. At the same time, staff and security personnel were arranged to inspect the surrounding areas of the outlet, and two suspicious persons were found wandering nearby, suspected to be Li’s accomplices. At 17:00 that day, the police arrived at the branch and successfully arrested Li and his accomplices, and intercepted suspicious funds of 73,500 yuan. So far, the suspect Li and his gang members have been released on bail pending trial and criminal coercive measures have been taken by the Anhai Branch of the Public Security Bureau in accordance with the law, and the case is under further investigation.

  Telecom network fraud not only harms the financial services environment, but also poses a huge threat to people’s property security.Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch adheres to the People’s Bank of China’s account risk prevention work requirements, continues to improve risk identification and handling capabilities, remains highly vigilant to suspicious behaviors at the counter, effectively protects the people’s “money bags”, and strengthensThe police and banks work together to build an anti-fraud “firewall”.

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