CPIC Life Holds 2023 CG20 CPIC Leaders Celebration

CPIC Life Holds 2023 CG20 CPIC Leaders Celebration

On February 28, China Pacific Insurance, a subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance, held the 2023 CG20 CPIC Leaders Ceremony in Shanghai to continuously improve the professionalism and professionalism of the high-performing teams, and further promote the connotation and influence of “CPIC Services”.

Kong Qingwei, chairman of China Pacific Insurance, said to the top performers who received honors and awards at the event that we have experienced the test of transformation and exploration together. How to meet the diversified and multi-level protection needs of customers is a new test paper put forward by the times. In the past five years, under the complex environment intertwined with various uncertain factors, we have anchored the road of service, health care, and long-term road, and are exploring the transformation of the role from insurance product sellers to health service providers. A breakthrough in the transformation of “insurance + service”. In the future, we will use more products, better services, and business empowerment to fulfill our promise to be with customers for a lifetime, and use the “CPIC Service” of “responsibility, wisdom, and warmth” to join hands with customers for a better life.

CG20 is a special title given by China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance to top agents with excellent performance. It has been launched at the end of 2019 as a training plan for a super-high-performance team. The best model for the high-quality development of life insurance agents.

In 2023, a total of 117 top performers from CPIC Life will win the “CG20 Medal of Excellence”, including Jiang Fangfang, Bai Wenbin, Lu Xiaomei, Zhao Pingxue, Zhao Zhiqiang, Jiang Qiuyue, Hu Qionghua, Zhang Yanhua, Zhao Yang, Yan Dongxiang, Ouyang Huirong, Chen Mengting, etc. 12 People have won the award for 4 consecutive years. This year, 10 new people were awarded the “CG20 Legendary Medal” for being shortlisted for the excellence standard for 3 consecutive years, namely: Du Pengfei from Shanxi, Liao Biyun from Guangxi, Li Geng from Shanghai, Pan Xiongwei from Wuxi, Liang Xiujie from Shandong, Shanghai Dailianfen, Shanghai Zhou Jiafeng, Beijing Li Jing, Zhejiang Zhan Jie, Zhejiang Chen Yiqun. Their professional ability, business capacity, and social responsibility are all excellent representatives of insurance agents, and they are the direction and benchmark for the transformation of the industry’s marketing team.

During the event, the CG20 CPIC leaders and guests who participated in the meeting witnessed the 2023 Top Performance Commendation Event, learned more about China CPIC’s “big health” strategic layout, and enriched the connotation of “CPIC Services” of “responsibility, wisdom, and warmth”.

Group photo of 2023 CG20 CPIC Leaders Celebration

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