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CPIC Homeland Qingdao Community Experience Center is open to show the beautiful picture of East China’s benchmark health care community

CPIC Homeland Qingdao Community Experience Center is open to show the beautiful picture of East China’s benchmark health care community


On June 21, CPIC Homeland·Qingdao International Health Care Community held a simple and enthusiastic opening ceremony for the experience center. This is China Pacific Insurance’s first elderly care community experience center put into operation in the northern region, and it will be more convenient for customers in the Bohai Rim region to immerse themselves in Experience CPIC Home’s elderly care services, health management, and short-term residence in the same way, which also marks that China Pacific Life Insurance is increasingly improving in the creation of the “insurance + health care” ecosystem.

Prioritize the immersive experience and enjoy the beautiful life in the health care community of the city of mountains and seas

CPIC Homeland Qingdao Community is China Pacific Insurance’s active response to the country’s call of “enabling the elderly and disabled to have a care for their elderly”. Healthy and healthy elderly care community with the theme of business. The location of the community is superior. You can overlook the coastline from the room, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountain city with red tiles, green trees, blue sea and blue sky without leaving home; the surrounding medical and cultural tourism resources are rich, and there are 7 tertiary hospitals within 5 kilometers. Only 300 meters away. After the completion of the project, it can provide nearly 300 health care beds and 24 family apartments, and provide high-quality nursing care, basic medical care and health management services for the elderly, disabled and semi-disabled elderly in Qingdao City, Shandong Province, and even northern regions. Provide short-term rental for relatives and friends who come to visit the elderly from afar.

The open community experience hall this time focuses on displaying four model houses with different themes: independent living apartment, disabled health care apartment, dementia care apartment, and living and living apartment. The concept of multi-disciplinary integrated care makes people look forward to the opening of CPIC Homeland Qingdao Community. In addition, there is also a health cabin in the experience hall, where you can experience basic health testing and cognitive training services on the spot. The salon activity area shows the future public activity spaces of the community, such as reading corners, tea restaurants, and check-in walls. Taibao Homeland advocates that the elderly get out of the house, socialize actively, find like-minded friends, and realize their unfulfilled dreams when they were young.

At the same time, preparations for the official operation of the Qingdao community are also underway. As China Pacific Insurance’s high-quality health care benchmark project in East China, the community as a whole is expected to be officially unveiled at the end of 2023.

Focus on the development of nursing and rehabilitation products, and create a “CPIC sample” of health care services

At present, CPIC Home has basically completed the national asset-heavy framework layout in the southeast, northwest, and 13 CPIC retirement communities in 11 cities

In the next step, in accordance with the principle of “better, closer, and older”, we will pay equal attention to the importance, combine medical care and nursing care, pursue moderate economies of scale, be closer to the city center, and focus more on high-quality projects that are just needed by the disabled, demented, and elderly people. , and relying on projects such as Yuanshen Rehabilitation Research Institute and Yuanshen Shanghai Putuo Jinmai Rehabilitation Hospital, we will focus on developing nursing and rehabilitation just-needed products, and carry out customized nursing services, rehabilitation service courses, etc., to create personalized, diversified, traditional and modern Combining the characteristics and advantages of rehabilitation nursing.

With the successive openings of CPIC Homeland·Shanghai Putuo International Health Care Community and Qingdao International Health Care Community within this year, these two health care communities focusing on rehabilitation and nursing businesses will form an echo from the south to the north. The combined health care model of disability care, rehabilitation skills, and health care has been further improved, and through its own professional services, it helps customers, the elderly and families to live a more dignified and happier life.

In the future, CPIC Home will further subdivide customer needs, continue iterative upgrades, create a “3+2+X” old-age scene, and provide a full range of products and services for customers who need to experience retirement communities or live in retirement communities for short or long periods of time and security. Relying on the professional and chained operation and management capabilities of CPIC Home, we will take multiple measures to actively expand the asset-light business, and at the same time radiate the existing elderly care community services to the surrounding areas, so as to explore a business development model that coordinates home and institutions, and is oriented to more Many elderly people provide side services, life-long services and exquisite services.

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