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CPIC Home Wuhan International Senior Care Community Experience Center opens, “Fuju Yahu” senior care core proposition scene is launched in Central China

CPIC Home Wuhan International Senior Care Community Experience Center opens, “Fuju Yahu” senior care core proposition scene is launched in Central China

CPIC Home·Wuhan International Nursing Community Experience Hall opens brightly

On November 18, a beautiful song “Living by the Yangtze River” kicked off the opening of CPIC Home Wuhan International Nursing Community Experience Center. The Wuhan project serves as a benchmark for China Pacific Insurance’s high-quality senior care communities in central China. The experience hall that was opened this time can be regarded as a flagship, including 10,000 square meters of colorful supporting public areas, allowing customers to immerse themselves in China Pacific Insurance’s one-stop experience. Elderly care and wellness solutions.

China Pacific Insurance strives to create a new high-quality elderly care scene in the center of Jiangcheng City

The CPIC Home·Wuhan International Nursing Community Project was officially launched in February 2021. It is one of China Pacific Insurance’s important measures to promote the high-quality economic and social development of Hubei Province. The project has received strong support from the Wuhan City and Hanyang District Governments. As a pilot project for “promise to start construction”, the real estate registration certificate, land use planning permit, construction project planning permit, and construction project construction permit were obtained within one day. Refreshing the review speed of Wuhan engineering construction projects.

After two years of intensive construction, the Wuhan Community Experience Center was officially opened, and the entire community is expected to be put into operation in 2024. The community is in an excellent location. It is only 300 meters away from the Sixin Middle Road subway entrance of the Ring Line 12 (under construction). It enjoys the three-dimensional transportation of the new second ring road of “three tracks, three bridges and four lanes” and has smooth access to three towns in Wuhan. It is a rare place in the center of Wuhan. It is a high-quality senior care community with convenient transportation, livable ecology, abundant medical care, and developed commerce. The project has a total construction area of ​​120,600 square meters and will provide more than 700 high-quality senior apartments with approximately 1,300 beds upon completion.

  The community has built a supporting public area of ​​10,000 square meters for the elderly. With the opening of the experience center, it is now all available to the public.The representative bamboo and rattan elements of Lifen streets and lanes are used as elements, combined with the wind and charm of “old Wuhan” to create a unique public area environment, including a French salon, a library reading room, a mahjong parlor, a teahouse, a handicraft classroom, a singing room, a Taipei Music studio, live broadcast

Many customers immersed themselves in the elegant senior care life at CPIC Home Wuhan Community Experience Center

  The facilities and equipment such as rooms, theaters, beauty salons, etc. are all available. The elderly can fully enjoy life, entertainment and leisure in the community without leaving home; they can also choose to go to the surrounding commercial supporting areas and enjoy the enjoyment at their doorsteps. a convenient shopping experience. On the second floor of the experience center, there are also four types of self-care model houses including one bedroom, one bedroom and one living room, two bedrooms, one living room and two bathrooms, as well as a nursing model room, which comprehensively evaluates the future living environment of the elderly. display.

Help promote the Central and Western District experience of “Integrated Solutions for Senior Care Cores”

A few days ago, China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance held an online press conference to launch a “comprehensive pension core solution” in response to the multi-level and diversified pension needs under the aging domestic population. The plan focuses on the four cores of “Fuju Yahu” and can provide integrated products and service guarantees including pension reserves, home-based elderly care services, high-end community elderly care services and long-term care guarantees. The complete senior care ecology and services of “Fuju Yahu” will also provide strong support for CPIC Life’s marketers to impress customers and promote contract signing.

Among them, “elegance” means to care for one’s old age gracefully and with dignity. According to the different health status and preferences of the elderly group, EPIC Home, as the core main position of China Pacific Insurance’s elderly care services, builds six major systems of medical treatment, nursing, care, rehabilitation, nutrition and activities to meet the needs of China Pacific Insurance customers from the strong to the disabled. Elderly care needs at various stages. CPIC Home has currently launched 13 senior care community projects in 11 cities across the country. The national layout of asset-heavy projects that “responds to the north and south, advances east to west, has a nationwide chain, and covers all ages” has basically been completed. The four communities in Chengdu, Dali, Hangzhou, and Shanghai Putuo and the four experience centers in Chongming, Xiamen, Nanjing, and Qingdao in Shanghai that have been put into operation have effectively attracted customers to access insurance products from the services around them. Successful orders have become the norm.

Previously, only the Chengdu community was open in the CPIC Home layout in the Central and Western District. The opening of the Wuhan Experience Center coincides with the launch of the life insurance business in the first quarter of 2024. It will effectively fill the gap in the reception capacity of the Chengdu community and better assist China Pacific Life Insurance. Each branch in the Central and Western Districts takes the “core” proposition of senior care as the starting point, uses the real scene of CPIC Home to promote more effective customer contact, customer acquisition, and order closing, and helps the majority of insurance customers make financial management and service plans for future retirement care.

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