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CPIC Home Shanghai Chongming International Senior Care Community (Phase I) opens. The beautiful blueprint of CPIC’s “Dacheng Senior Care” solution becomes a vivid reality.

CPIC Home Shanghai Chongming International Senior Care Community (Phase I) opens. The beautiful blueprint of CPIC’s “Dacheng Senior Care” solution becomes a vivid reality.

CPIC Home Shanghai Chongming International Nursing Community (Phase I) opens

  On December 18, CPIC Homes welcomed its third community opening this month after Nanjing and Qingdao.——Shanghai Chongming International Nursing Community (Phase I). After the project opens, it will form a linkage with Shanghai Putuo Community, which opened in September this year. The “one city, three parks and three housing” model explored by China Pacific Insurance in Shanghai is gradually turning from a blueprint into a reality. This also marks that together with the Hangzhou community and Nanjing community that are already in operation, a strong diversified and high-quality elderly care service supply capability has been formed in the Yangtze River Delta to match the “big health, big region, big data” strategy proposed by China Pacific Insurance. Land.

Leverage the advantages of the Island of Longevity to create a healthy and vibrant ecological care community

The community is located in the Dongtan area of ​​Chongming Island, a world-class ecological island. It is surrounded by Dongtan Wetland Park, Dongtan Migratory Bird Sanctuary, Chinese Sturgeon Sanctuary, etc., and has a unique ecological environment. Therefore, the community started from the three aspects of nourishing the body, nourishing the mind, and nourishing the spirit, and created a “Tree of Life” nourished by the natural, humanistic, and ecological elements of Dongtan Wetland. The building fully integrates Jiangnan artistic conception and Shanghai-style culture, and has the density and density of Jiangnan gardens. It also has the characteristics of the horizontal and vertical interweaving of Shanghai lanes. Shanghai Chongming Community includes 4 professional service venues, 2 leisure resort centers, 15 warm nursing apartments, 11 health gardens, 1 health management center, and supporting community neighborhood centers and nutritious meal centers, fully considering social interaction , activities, catering, conferences, and recuperation needs. Currently, only one phase is open, and it will be fully opened with the advancement of transportation construction such as Chongming Rail Transit and the creation of the health and wellness ecology of the entire region.

A variety of activities held in CPIC Home Chongming Community

Coming to Chongming Community is like living in an ecological oasis. Elderly people who can take care of themselves can choose to live in a long-term apartment. Leyang Resort Center can provide short-term vacation for the whole family, including post-operative recovery, light care and recuperation. Customers can stay in Qinghu Apartment. While being nourished by nature, the health management center of CPIC Home Chongming Community can also provide curative health management and wellness services. The community has introduced a variety of advanced physiotherapy equipment at home and abroad, including micro-hyperbaric oxygen chamber, dry hydrotherapy massage bed, decompression and relaxation chamber, space balance chamber, air fat dissolving, traditional Chinese medicine fumigation instrument, etc., and is equipped with general practitioners, nurses and other professionals. Medical staff provide 24/7 medical support.

Chongming Island is also an “outdoor sports paradise”. There are bicycle theme parks, sports training bases, etc. on the island, and it also regularly holds events such as road running, marathons, and island-wide cycling. CPIC Home Chongming Community takes green, ecological, organic, sports, LOHAS, and health as its business philosophy to create a vibrant community of health, elderly care, and wellness. During the trial operation period, the 6th Chongming District Winter Long-Distance Race and the 2023 Chongming Employees Winter Long-Distance Race, sponsored by the Shanghai Sports Federation and the Shanghai Chongming District People’s Government, kicked off enthusiastically in the community, attracting nearly 700 road runners from across the city. Enthusiasts participate.

CPIC Blue creates a new ecology of big health public welfare and upgrades brain health public welfare projects

CPIC Blue Charity Foundation donates dementia charity support project to Chongming District

At the moment when the first phase of CPIC Home Chongming Community opened, CPIC Blue Charity Foundation’s “Guarding Memory, Protecting Love” Alzheimer’s Screening Chongming Special Event (2024) also held a launching ceremony and donated dementia charity support to Chongming District The project includes 5 brain health public welfare service stations, 100 person-time early screening training and 60 public welfare activities. CPIC Blue Public Welfare Brain Health Service Station was also the first to be launched in CPIC Home Chongming Community.

The “one city, three parks and three care” model has been implemented, and CPIC’s solution better serves the “big city elderly care”

Currently, CPIC Home has 2 communities in Shanghai officially in operation, including Shanghai Putuo Community, which provides high-quality intermediary, nursing and dementia care services for the elderly in urgent need, and Shanghai Putuo Community, which provides self-care, sojourn and light care customers. Shanghai Chongming Community provides elderly care and health care services. CPIC’s planned layout in the suburbs of the same city is aimed at the active self-care elderly care industry, and its urban layout is aimed at the disabled and dementia elderly people’s health care industry, thereby providing full-age coverage for the elderly “55 to 99 years old+” Care services have changed from a beautiful blueprint to a vivid reality.

CPIC’s “one city, three parks, three care” model has been implemented in Shanghai

Younger elders can live in Chongming Community for a short period of time. While appreciating the natural and cultural customs of the ecological island and enjoying star hotel-style services, they can fully recuperate their body and mind and prepare for “aging gracefully”; middle-aged and independent elders can live in Chongming Community. Live for a long time, receive a combination of Chinese and Western elderly care services and international standards, and live their old age in the “Land of Longevity”; the elderly and disabled elders can be referred to the Putuo Health Care Community through the internal channel of CPIC Home to receive professional care that combines medical care and nursing care. services and make it easier for relatives to visit nearby.

In addition, in the first half of this year, China Pacific Insurance also launched a high-quality inclusive senior care community in Jing’an District, Shanghai. It has formed a mismatched development and complementary advantages with Putuo Health Care Community and Chongming Senior Care Community. It has “improving the senior care system and striving to solve the problem of senior care in big cities”. “difficult problems” to provide more practical CPIC solutions.

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